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      Someone once asked, "What affiliations and/or credentials do you have to warrant my taking the FolkLib Index seriously?" Saying I am just a music fan and have never been employed by any "for-profit" company in the music industry is only part of the story.

"The Midnight Special" on WFMT-FM, 98.7 - Wikipedia
Program Hosts:
    Mike Nichols 1953-195?
    Norm Pellegrini 1951-1994
    Ray Nordstrand 1953-1996
    Rich Warren 1996-date (had assisted and/or co-hosted the show since 1974)

      My Folk Music "fandom" began in 1958 as a Junior at Highland Park (IL) High School when I discovered the "The Midnight Special" on WFMT in Chicago. The late Norm Pellegrini and the late Ray Nordstrand opened up a whole new world of wonderful music to me that I have been purchasing and listening to ever since. Concerts at Orchestra Hall, the Gate of Horn, The Fickle Pickle, the Arie Crown Theater, the Ravinia Festival and other venues in the Chicago area started my lifelong (at least so far) support of live music. Never a performer or an instrumentalist, I have been singing in various choruses and Church choirs almost continuously since seventh grade, including the choirs at Churches on the Fort Leonard Wood and Kitzingen, Germany Army posts (1964-66), and since 1972, the Chancel Choir at the First Congregational Church of Oshkosh.

      After I got out of the Army and moved to Oshkosh in 1966, other than buying and listening to records, choral participation, concerts at my three kid's "10)" schools and maybe half a dozen other concerts like Simon and Garfunkel, the Statler Brothers and the Morgan Brothers, my involvement with music was minimal for the next 25 years.

      This all changed in September-October 1991 when the Arlo Guthrie, Leo Kottke, Paul Cebar and the Milwaukeeans and Lou & Peter Berryman concerts at our Grand Opera House rekindled the flame. A co-worker clued me on to an FTP site (anybody remember those predecessors to the Web?) out of UW-Parkside in Kenosha, WI called the "Internet Music Archives". Lyrics, performing artist picture files, official record company album Press Releases and discographies could be found there in abundance, all contributed by music fans from all over the world. I submitted my first discography for installation in November 1991. By January 1995, when I started creating my Web site, another sixty or so of my discography files went on-line at UW-Parkside.

      The initial version of the FolkLib Index went public on 11-25-1995 and was a spare-time project until I retired on 8-30-2002 after thirty years in the computer department at UW Oshkosh. Then it went full-time. Having attended so many concerts and music festivals in Wisconsin since 1991, I had accumulated quite a collection of recordings by local Wisconsin artists. In November 2002, serious research started with the planned goal of publishing a book in 2028 which will document as many recordings by current and former Wisconsin resident non-Pop/Rock musicians as I can find. There are many wonderful and talented musicians who have lived in Wisconsin and they generally have not gotten the recognition that they deserve. I hope my book will help get the word out about the great musical performers we have here: FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography

      My active support of live music translates into an average seventy-five to a hundred concerts and music festivals a year (e.g. per year 2000-2007: 79, 81, 130, 103, 112, 133, 115, and 123 ). As of 12-01-2008 , I have "Concert Log" records of 1,286 concerts/festivals attended since 9-21-1991. Probably over ninety per cent of these concerts are by Wisconsin musicians. Plus, I do what I can to support and promote local acoustic music societies with membership dues:

      Wisconsin Society Memberships:
Wisconsin Area Music Industry (WAMI) - Index
Black Hawk Folk Society (BHFS) - life - Index
Fondy Acoustic Music Alliance [Archive] (FAMA) 1996-2009 - Index
Green Apple Folk Music Society (GAFMS) - Index
Madison Folk Music Society (MadFolk) - life - Index
Milwaukee Area Bluegrass Music Association [Archive] (MABMA) - Index
Southern Wisconsin Bluegrass Music Association, Inc. (SWBMAI) - Index
      Former FAMA, MABMA and Oshkosh Symphony Orchestra Webmaster: Their Web sites were maintained at this domain temporarily as part of the FolkLib Index Hosting Service until they could create a Web site of their own.
      Out of state:
Folk Alliance (FA) - life - Index
Folk Alliance Region Midwest (FARM) - Index
      Membership Conferences attended: Madison (1996), Lake Geneva (1999, 2003, 2004)
International Bluegrass Music Association (IBMA) - Index
      [Print Media & Education membership category]
      Other related:
Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) - Index
      Membership Conference attended: Madison (1999), Future: Milwaukee May 5/02-05/2007 [Archive]
      Music articles have appeared in:
March 1998, "Green Apple Newsletter"
"Fireball Mail" (SWBMAI newsletter)
Fall 2003, "ARSC Journal"
"ARSC Newsletter"
      Planned publication (ca. 2028 )
FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography
      Published interviews of the Webmaster / reviews of the FolkLib Index:
by Peter Berryman, in the August 2001, "MadFolk News"
by Jeff Potts, on page B6 of the 4-10-2004 "Oshkosh Northwestern"
      Current music magazine subscriptions:
      [sources of some of the information on this Web site, in addition to the newsletters from the above Society memberships]
Midwest Folk R.I.P. (Terry Corr)
      Unfortunately, it only lasted for 7 issues, Summer 2003 - Winter 2004.
Rick's Cafe R.I.P. (Rick Tvedt) [1-17-2003 - 1/2007]
Tell it Like it is (Wisconsin Blues Society) (Tom Radai)
Bluegrass Music News (SPBGMA)
Bluegrass Music Profiles (BMP)
Bluegrass Unlimited
Dirty Linen R.I.P. 1/2010
Discoveries R.I.P. (never subscribed to, merged into Goldmine)
Fingerstyle Guitar
Old-Time Herald
Performing Songwriter R.I.P. 6/2009
Sing Out!
Women in Bluegrass Bulletin
    "R.I.P." = ceased publication ... interesting, not one of them sent me a refund check for undelivered issues.

Other companies I am directly affiliated with

See how my Web site used to look... [Archive]   (11/25/1995 - 12/17/2000) [Archive]   (7/04/2000 - date)

      So, does the above answer the question, "What affiliations and/or credentials do you have to warrant my taking the FolkLib Index seriously?" That is up to you to decide. I am committed to the support and promotion of Folk musicians in general, and Wisconsin Music and Wisconsin Musicians in particular. I take the accurate documentation of the Folk Music and local Wisconsin music scene via this Web site very seriously.

      Who woulda thunk it! Thanks to his first ever recording session at the Paradigm Coffee House in Sheboygan on 10-10-2006, this Webmaster is an actual recording artist, and did background vocals on Celia Farran's 2007 "Red Alabaster & Blue" CD! Unfortunately, his name got mispelled incorrectly in the liner notes. So there is no proof that he ever appeared on any recording with his name spelled correctly [sigh].

Please send additions and/or corrections to Doug Henkle:
P.O. Box 331, Ripon, WI 54971-0331

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