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Mary Park &

Ageless Harmony

Teacher, Workshop Leader, Performer, & Author

Mountain Dulcimer & Autoharp


Teacher Mary has been teaching both mountain dulcimer and autoharp from her home studio since the mid 1990’s.  In this capacity she has successfully worked with many students, including those with little or no music background.  (See "Music Lessons" page)

Workshop Leader Mary is an enthusiastic workshop leader, teaching beginning through advanced levels on either the mountain dulcimer or autoharp.  She always comes prepared with easy to read, instructive handouts that clearly illustrate the content of the class and allow for continuing practice after the class is completed.  Arrangements include both standard notation and tablature.  Venues where Mary has led workshops include:

Ø  Mountain Laurel Autoharp Gathering in New Port, Pennsylvania

Ø  Stringalong in Oconomowoc. Wisconsin

Ø  Fondy Acoustic Music Fest in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Ø  Dulcimer Day in Duluth in Duluth, Minnesota


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Performer - Mary plays and sings mostly tunes from America’s musical past, also known as Old Time or Roots Music.  She produced a CD with her parents in a group named Ageless Harmony.  Their CD is entitled “Give Me the Roses.”  Tunes on the CD include:  Give Me the Roses, Fly Around My Pretty Little Miss, The Water is Wide, Cluck Old Hen, Corinna, and Hard, Ain’t It Hard.


  • Patsy Stoneman (of the famous Stonemans) went out of her way to let the members of Ageless Harmony know that she liked how the group played their music in old, traditional way that she was raised on.

  • Trina Louise Barr in the Summer, ’04 Autoharp Quarterly:  “The fun that the Ageless Harmony trio is having on this CD album is the only ingredient necessary for appreciative listening.  Mary and her parents, Juanita and Ray, are having a great time making music together.  Give Me the Roses is what memories are made of.”

  • Bruce Hahn in the FAMA (Fondy Acoustic Music Alliance) Newsletter:  “The music of Ageless Harmony is always great, but I’m impressed how relaxed and welcoming the trio was...”

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Author -  Mary has authored a number of books for both the autoharp and mountain dulcimer.  These include a comprehensive instruction book for the mountain dulcimer, a book of articles for the beginning autoharp player that were published in the Autoharp Quarterly Magazine, and several books of arrangements for both instruments.   (See ""Products" page)


Contact Information

You can contact Mary Park at: 920-748-6104 or [email protected]