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Our Story

    The members of Ageless Harmony all began performing for audiences late in life.  Although they had always enjoyed music of all types (but especially traditional music), they had never considered performing for others until they were all well past middle age.  It just goes to show that it is never too late!

    Ageless Harmony, a family group, included Juanita Jahn, Raymond Jahn, and their daughter, Mary Park.  Ray Jahn, father of Mary, passed away in May of 2011.  Juanita Jahn, mother of Mary, passed away in 2015.  They are greatly missed!

Ageless Harmony played tunes from America’s musical past as well as modern folk music.  Mary Park also performed songs that she composed in the folk tradition. Their sound included the full, rich tone of the autoharp and the unique sound of the mountain dulcimer played by Mary, with Juanita backing her up on the guitar. Ray kept the beat on his washtub bass.  Members of the audience were encouraged to clap your hands and sing along.