The Big Bands Database by Murray L. Pfeffer

(last updated .08-25-2013)

      This site has copies of selected information extracted from The Big Bands Database created by [the late (1926-2008)] Murray L. Pfeffer, which used to be located at On 2-07-2011 I first noticed the site and its hundreds of pages were gone. This broke my 34 links to that site. The information was far too valuable to be permanently lost, so instead of just deleting all the links, I decided to start installing here each page I link to. It will take awhile to add just those pages. As far as I can tell, nothing on the site had been updated since about 2008, and some pages had had no updates since 2006.

      Murray L. Pfeffer passed away in 2008. Except for the fact that he lived somewhere in the state of New York, I know nothing else about him. I hadn't received any E-Mail from him since 2004. His only known E-Mail address was . It is invalid. Please do NOT send anything to it.

      Except for redirecting internal links, deleting links which do not exist on this domain, and adding a "(last updated date)" and a couple of explanatory links at the top of each page, none of the original content written 1988-2008 by Murray L. Pfeffer has been changed in any way. For example, broken links he had have not been corrected. Except for this start page, all other pages and all displayed graphics installed in the subdirectory are
© Copyright 1988-2008 Murray L. Pfeffer. All Rights Reserved.

      Notes: 1) At this time, only the pages I link to have been installed here. 2) Because of possible copyright violations, there have never been any sound or video files of any kind installed on this domain, so sound and video files are NOT included in any "Big Bands Database" page installed here. I can and do link to such files on other sites, but they cannot be installed here. I leave it to others to make sure all copyright use payments to each copyright holder have been made for those files.

      Below is a list of each page where I linked to one of Murray's pages, and the pages that have been installed here:

Wisconsin Big Bands Discography
Wisconsin Country Musicians: Pee Wee King
Index for Big Band & Swing Band Books
Birthday Lists
      Broken links on these pages have not been fixed yet, work in progress:
Lists of Artist Home Pages
Wisconsin Big Bands
Wisconsin Jazz Musicians
Wisconsin Polka Bands
Wisconsin Pop and Rock Musicians
Wisconsin Session Players
Wisconsin Music Site Map

      I would like to thank Robert Lenhart, Gary Meyers and Henry Mason for notifying me that Murray had passed away, and especially Henry Mason for the link to the information about his grave site at Calverton National Cemetery in Calverton, NY .

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