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  • Albert Ayler: His Life & Music., 264Kb Text.
  • Perry Como Discography
  • Miles Davis Discography.
  • Eric Dolphy Discography.
  • Jazz Discography by Tom Lord, The. 100 years of jazz records on one CD-ROM - All you need to know about virtually any jazz record ever released.
  • Johs Bergh's book "Norwegian Jazz Discography 1905-1998" For the first time a complete discography of Norwegian jazz has been published on the Internet. This Web version is part of a larger cooperation between The Norwegian Jazz Archives and the National Library of Norway, Rana Division. The purpose of the project is to present a Norwegian jazz history on the Internet. This will be an advanced and updated database of jazz recordings with Norwegian musicians. The catalogue will have links to other forms of documentation: biographies, photographs, video and sound clips.
    ".......it is a big undertaking that should swell the pride of Norwegians who can now grasp the depth to which their artists have penetrated the Jazz world." (--Cadence, USA)
    "........an expertly produced reference book which merits a place in your jazz library." (--Jazz Journal, England).
  • Discography of Sparks recordings on CD, with cover graphics and a track listing for each CD
  • Wisconsin Folklib, Recordings released by Big Bands from Wisconsin that play non-rock, popular dance music comparable to the Glenn Miller Orchestra of the 1940's.

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