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    - Index for "Traditional Musicians of the Central Blue Ridge"
      by Marty McGee

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#wm - Marty McGee, "Traditional Musicians of the Central Blue Ridge: Old Time, Early Country, Folk and Bluegrass Label Recording Artists with Discographies"

      This page is an Index of every recording artist listed in this book.

      Note: I am a private collector indexing books I own, and not a Library. I cannot respond to questions about information in these books, nor supply photocopies of copyrighted entries in them.
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  1. Jimmy Arnold, ,wm13-4
  2. Clarence "Tom" Ashley, ,wm14-9
  3. E.C. (Estil) & Orna Ball, ,wm19-22
  4. H.M. Barnes' Blue Ridge Ramblers, ,wm22-4
  5. Big Country Bluegrass, ,wm24-5
  6. Frank Blevins and His Tar Heel Rattlers, ,wm25-8
  7. Frank Bode, ,wm28-3
    The Ballard Branch Bogtrotters, - (see: Fields Ward)
  8. Ronnie Bowman, ,wm30-1
  9. Rafe Brady, ,wm32
  10. Otis Burris, ,wm32-3
  11. Senator Robert Byrd, ,wm33-4
    Camp Creek Boys - (see: Kyle Creed, Fred Cockerham)
  12. Alex Campbell & Ola Belle [Reed], ,wm34-7
  13. Carolina Night Hawks, ,wm37-40
  14. The Carolina Tar Geels, ,wm40-5
  15. The Church Brothers, ,wm45-9
  16. Fred Cockerham, ,wm50-3
  17. Kyle Creed, ,wm53-5
  18. Da Costa Woltz's Southern Broadcasters, ,wm56-7
  19. Luther Davis, ,wm57
  20. Alec (Uncle Eck) Dunford, ,wm58-60
  21. The Easter Brothers, ,wm60-3
  22. Ernest East and the Pine Ridge Boys, ,wm63-4
    Norman Edwards - (see: J.P. Nester and Norman Edwards)
  23. Benton Flippen, ,wm65-6
  24. The Foot Hill Boys, ,wm67
  25. Grayson and Whitter, ,wm67-72
  26. Clarence Greene, ,wm72-5
  27. Albert Hash, ,wm75-9
  28. Wayne Henderson, ,wm79-83
  29. The Highlanders, ,wm83-4
  30. The Hill Billies, ,wm84-9
  31. Hill Brothers and Simmons, ,wm89-91
  32. Abe Horton, ,wm91-2
  33. Ben Jarrell, ,wm93
  34. Tommy Jarrell, ,wm93-7
  35. Frank Jenkins, ,wm97-8
  36. Oscar Jenkins, ,wm99
  37. David Johnson, ,wm99-101
  38. Herb Key, ,wm101-3
  39. Steve Kilby, ,wm103-4
  40. James King, ,wm104-6
  41. Joe Edd King, ,wm106
  42. The Konnarock Critters, ,wm106-8
  43. L.W. Lambert, ,wm108-10
  44. Last Run, formerly Ric-O-Chet, ,wm110-3
  45. The Laurel Fork Travelers, ,wm113-4
    Lonesome Pine Fiddlers - (see: Larry Richardson)
  46. Lulu Belle and Scotty, ,wm114-7
  47. Emmett Lundy, ,wm118-9
  48. Ted Lundy, ,wm119-21
  49. Spencer Moore, ,wm122-3
  50. The Mountain Ramblers, ,wm123-6
    Glen Neaves - (see: The Virginia Mountain Boys)
  51. J.P. Nester and Norman Edwards, ,wm126-7
  52. The New Ballard's Branch Bogtrotters, ,wm128-31
  53. North Caroline Ridge Runners, ,wm131-2
  54. Bob Paisley, ,wm133-4
  55. Roscoe and Leone Parish, ,wm134-5
  56. Pipers Gap Ramblers, ,wm135
  57. Frank Proffitt, ,wm135-7
  58. Holland Puckett, ,wm137-9
  59. The Red Fox Chasers, ,wm140-2
    Ola Belle Reed - (see: Alex Campbell & Ola Belle [Reed])
  60. Jack Reedy, ,wm142-4
  61. Larry Richardson, ,wm144-5
    Ric-O-Chet - (see: Last Run)
  62. Enoch Rutherford, ,wm145-6
  63. The Shady Mountain Ramblers, ,wm147-8
  64. Jim Shumate, ,wm148-9
  65. Skeeter and the Skidmarks, ,wm149-51
  66. The Slate Mountain Ramblers, ,wm151-2
  67. The Smokey Valley Boys, ,wm152-4
  68. John Kilby Snow, ,wm155-6
    The Southern Mountain Boys - (see: Bob Paisley Ted Lundy)
  69. Ernest V. "Pop" Stoneman, ,wm156-67
  70. The Sweet Brothers, ,wm167-9
  71. Robert Sykes and the Surry County Boys, ,wm169-71
    T   U  
  72. The Virginia Mountain Boys, ,wm171-2
  73. Dock Walsh, ,wm173-7
  74. Fields Ward, ,wm178-180
  75. Wade Ward, ,wm180-4
  76. Doc Watson, ,wm184-92
  77. Ephraim Woodie and the Henpecked Husbands, ,wm192-5
  78. Art Wooten, ,wm195-7
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