"FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography"
    - Tentative Table of Contents

      (Recordings by Wisconsin resident musicians 1948-2005)

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      This is a working draft of the "Table of Contents" in my forthcoming book, (ca. 2028), FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography.

      links in italics = current Web site pages which will serve as the source of a chapter

Table of Contents (tentative)

  1. Table of Contents
  2. Preface
  3. Book Selection Criteria -- [which artists, recordings and genres will and will not be listed]
  4. Discography Sources
  5. Abbreviations and Acronyms
  6. Desiderata
  7. Acknowledgements
Major Sections
     | Discography | Bibliography | Index | Anonymous | Deleted Chapters |

     1. Wisconsin Discography (sample) - by artist's last name or group's name
         (Subject to the Book Selection Criteria, most of the titles listed at Wisconsin Discographies will be listed in the book.)
     2. Wisconsin Various Artists Collections Discography - by date
     3. Wisconsin Label Discography - by label name (sample)
     4. Various Artists Collections for other states - by state
         [what other states are doing to promote their local acoustic musicians]
     5. Bibliography of discographies in print for famous Wisconsin musicians
     6. Wisconsin State Discography Books
     7. Non-Wisconsin State Discography Books
     8. General Discography Books - by author -- [only books specifically referenced in this book]
         (pre-publication, this page may be merged into the following page)
     9. Complete Bibliography - by Author and Date - Folk Music Bibliography
    10. Complete Bibliography - by Book Code (Only Authors and Titles) - Folk Music Bibliography (by book code)
    11. deleted
    12. Birthdays and Bibliography (Books) - by artist/group
         [only recording artists listed in this book, not the over 8,400 artist/group names on the Web site]
    13. Album Titles Index (sample)
    14. deleted
    15. Label Index - by city
    16. deleted
    17. deleted
    18. Name Index - by city (sample)
    19. Name Index - by instrument (solo instrumentalists: flute, guitar, harp, organ, piano)
    20. Name Index - by musical genre
    20a. Name Index - by school - new 12-05-2007
    21. Anonymous Recording Artists (unknown birth names):
      As all artists in the book will be listed by their last name, these musicians will be listed in a separate appendix by their nickname/pseudonym/non-birth name, with a list of what group(s) they are/were members of, but no discography.
    22. Combined Name Index of this book and other general Wisconsin Discography books

Deleted Chapters which WILL NOT be in the book
    11. Bibliography (Periodicals) - Articles/Reviews, by artist/group and date - Why Not?
    14. Song Titles on 45's Index - Why Not?
    16. Music Stores Index - by city - Why Not?
    17. Recording Studios Index - by city - Why Not?
    Pre-publication Notes (that will not be included in the book)
    Getting Published Bibliography (that will not be included in the book)
    Where can I buy it?

    How you can help with this book

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