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Working draft "Preface" in my forthcoming book, (ca. 2028),

FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography
(Recordings by Wisconsin resident musicians 1948-2005)
by Douglas H. Henkle

      This book will contain a list of recordings released by current and former Wisconsin resident musicians starting from the LP era (1948) up until 12-31-2005, the book project's end-of-research cutoff date. The current plan is to write and publish the book in 2007.

      Unlike some other references, this will not be a "selected discography". It will be the author's best effort to compile a "complete" discography for each listed artist/group. This will include every commercially released album (LP/CS/CD), EP, 8-track and video (VHS/DVD), all session work on someone else's album, all appearances on a various artists collection, and all books and songbooks written by and/or about the artist/group known to the author.

      Famous musicians from Wisconsin, and Rock and Roll bands who were based in Wisconsin, and whose recordings are already listed in books or easily available magazine articles written by others, will not be covered here. All the Pop/Rock musicians in the first six books below will be listed by name with a reference to where their discography can be found. See the tentative Table of Contents for the bibliographies and also the indexes by album title, city, instrument and musical genre planned for the book.

  1. "They Couldn't Tame Us: The Wisconsin 60's Rock Discography", by Tom W. Tourville (1992) - wanted
  2. "Lost and Found, Vol. 2 (Minnesota and Wisconsin)" by Jim Oldsberg, Mark Prellberg & Tom Halfpap (1994) {A}
  3. "Do You Hear That Beat: Wisconsin Pop/Rock in the 50's & 60's", by Gary E. Myers (1994) {A}
  4. "An American Rock History, Vol. 5: - The Midwest - Minnesota and Wisconsin (1960-1997), including the twin cities and Milwaukee the beer capital of the world", by Hugh MacLean and Vernon Joynson (2000) {A}
  5. "Famous Wisconsin Musicians", by Susan Masino (2003) {A}
  6. "The Illustrated History of Wisconsin Music (1840-1990)", by Michael G. Corenthal (1991) {A}
          There are no other known Wisconsin state discographies in print except the following:
  7. "Yodeling in Dairyland", by James P. Leary (1991), p. 63 Selected Discography {A}
  8. "Down Home Dairyland: A Listener's Guide", by James P. Leary and Richard March (1996), p. 190-205 "III. Recorded Performances" {A}

      Whose recordings will and will not be listed in this book, and why, is detailed in the Book Selection Criteria chapter.

      The primary purpose of this book is to document the wealth of wonderful music that has been, and continues to be recorded and released by local Wisconsin musicians. The intended readers are, 1) those who have no access to the Internet at all, and 2) those who do, but who do not know about the "FolkLib Index" Web site and the informational service the author has tried to provide since 1995. Although the information and links on the Web site supplement this book, the goal of this book is to contain sufficient information to be useful to musicians, record collectors, music fans, researchers and others, with or without the Internet. If you discover a familiar name that you never knew lived in Wisconsin, or if you can walk into a music store with this book and find the listed title you are missing, then the author's purpose has been served.

      How you can help with this book: Look at the artists and groups and their recordings listed on my Wisconsin Discographies page. Please write if you know details about similar recordings, or missing or incorrect information about those listed.

      New information received on or before 12-31-2005 from readers of these working draft pages (about recordings currently not listed on the Web site) will be added to the Web site, and will be included in the book. All information received on or after 1-01-2006 will be added to the Web site, but probably will not be included in the book.

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