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      This is a working draft sample of the "Album Titles Index" chapter in my forthcoming book, (ca. 2028), FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography. Song title track lists on albums will not be listed in the book, only on the Web site. The links on this page go to the discography for each artist or group that is listed at this site.
      Song titles on 45 rpm records will NOT be listed in this book. See the "09-28-2004 Note:" for why not.

(t) = a complete track list of this album can be found on the Web site

Title Artist
Across the Fields various artists (t)
Apple Cellar Tapes various artists (t)
Autumn Leaves Jackie Allen and Judy Roberts
Beneath the Northern Sky Fred Alley
Cool Breeze Through the 'Ears Craig Alan
Coup Stick Warrior Acoustic Warriors
Electric Blues: The EP Single Chris Aaron Band
Faith In Gravity Eddie Allen (t)
Get Folked: Live at Charlotte's Web various artists (t)
Heart To Soul B Alford (t)
John Altenburgh, Vol. II John Altenburgh
Landscapes: Bass Meets Voice Jackie Allen
Merry Go Round B Alford (t)
Mississippi Man Chris Aaron Band
Never Let Me Go Jackie Allen
Old City John Altenburgh
Santa Baby Jackie Allen and Judy Roberts
Simply Christmas Scott Alarik (t)
Simply Folk Sampler, A various artists (t)
Trempealeau Hotel, The Eddie Allen (t)
Which? Jackie Allen
Wisconsin Christmas, A John Altenburgh
Wolf River Songs various artists (t)

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