"FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography" - Chapter 1
      (Recordings by Wisconsin resident musicians 1948-2005)

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      This is a working draft sample of Chapter 1 in my forthcoming book, (ca. 2028), FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography. This is tentatively what the alphabetical list of Wisconsin recordings will look like.

      Name = Artist/Group names in italics will be listed elsewhere alphabetically by last name or group name. Names NOT in italics are either not known to have ever lived in Wisconsin, or are Wisconsin musicians with no known solo recordings or session work or solo tracks on a Various Artists Collection.

      Label = The complete catalog (as far as I know about) of label names in italics will be listed in the Wisconsin Label Discography chapter.
(Weary Wolf LP: WWW-DCT-004)
(LP: no #) - if no label is mentioned, the title was self-released or the label is unknown

      Tentative format for individual musicians: Items will be included or left out if not applicable or are unknown. Aliases or stage names, e.g. Johnny Onenote, will be listed if their real name is also known. If a group member's or session player's name is obviously not their real name, and their real name is unknown, in order to protect their desire for privacy, they will not be mentioned anywhere in the book. If a solo recording artist has no known real name, in order to protect their desire for privacy, they will also not be mentioned anywhere in the book.
      The primary entry for any name listed in italics can be found under that name. If a group member name is not in italics, they never lived in Wisconsin. If a group name is not in italics, it was never based in Wisconsin.
      name, {real birth name or stage name} [city(ies) lived in (both Wis. and non-Wis.)], (member#1, member#2), birth/death date/places
      Lastname, Firstname [Milwaukee / Oshkosh] (group#1 1970-74, group#2 1975-1990) b. 1-01-1960 Milwaukee, d. 1-01-1990, Waukesha

      Tentative format for Groups:
      Group name [Milwaukee] active 1975-1990 (member#1, member#2)
      Group member names will be listed alphabetically and will include everyone who was a regular member of the group at one time or another. Membership lists will be included only if the group had 10 or fewer members at any given point in time. For example, every member of a large chorus or orchestra will not be listed. If known, the years each member was in the group will be listed at their individual musician's entry.


Unrecorded Performing Artists

      no known recordings = if no recordings of any kind can be found for these artists and/or groups by 12-31-2005, they will not be listed in the book. More names will be added here as work progresses on the book.

Anonymous Artists

      These are recording artists who, according to the liner notes for the albums on which they perform, wish to remain anonymous. This book will list individual musicians alphabetically by their last name. If I cannot find out what their last name is, I will respect their right to privacy. There is no on-line Session Work discography for them, and they will not be mentioned anywhere in the book.

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