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    - Bibliography (Periodicals)

      (Recordings by Wisconsin resident musicians 1948-2005)

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Table of Contents

      This is a working draft sample of the "Bibliography (Periodicals)" chapter in my forthcoming book, (ca. 2028), FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography. References to magazine articles by and/or about Wisconsin musicians, and reviews of their recordings will be listed in date order under each artist/group name.
      02-11-2005 note: This chapter will not be included in the book. - Why Not?

AG - Acoustic Guitar
AJ - ARSC Journal
BU - Bluegrass Unlimited
DL - Dirty Linen
DSC - Discoveries
FHJ - The Folk Harp Journal
GM - Goldmine
ODN - Oshkosh Northwestern, previously called the Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, the Oshkosh, WI daily newspaper
PS - Performing Songwriter
RKC - Rick's Cafe
SO - Sing Out!
WO - Women "For and About Women in Northest Wisconsin"

(A) = Article
[obit.] = Obituary
all others are album reviews

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