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      (Recordings by Wisconsin resident musicians 1948-2005)

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Table of Contents

      This was a test page originally planned in November 2002 to become the "Name Index" chapter in my forthcoming book, (ca. 2028), FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography. - (01-18-2005 change). However, in the book, the names of musicians will be listed as,
      lastname, firstname
They are listed here as,
      firstname lastname
so this page can serve as a helpful index for those who search for these people on the Web site as "firstname lastname" only. Hundreds of artists can only be found if you search for them as "lastname firstname" , because that is the only way they appear in the Index.

      As explained on the book's home page, one "large project" I have to do is document each recording by all the artists/groups who will be listed in the book. As I add the documentation to the Web site, I will add each title to an off-line Inventory list which will become the "Wisconsin Discography" itself. As the book progresses, all names in the off-line Inventory will be added here so any reader can see what I have done so far - (01-18-2005 change).

Note: the complete title of this chapter will be,
      Combined Name Index of this book and other general Wisconsin Discography books
however, the "Combined" part (the indexing of other books) will not be put on-line before the book is published in 2007.

      no known recordings = if no recordings of any kind can be found for these artists and/or groups by 12-31-2005, they will not be listed in the book.

Note: Effective 01-18-2005, corrections will be made, if necessary, but no further name additions will be made to this page. I do not have time to maintain this page and the new page installed today, which will be the eventual source of the "Name Index",
the Wisconsin Artist/Group Master Name Index
      Known cities of residence will be listed in each artist's or group's discography entry, but not in the "Name Index". The real name of a pseudonym (alias, stage name, etc.) will be listed in the "Name Index", but not vice versa. For example,
    McNally, Aaron (Aaron Baer) - yes
    Baer, Aaron (Aaron McNally) - no
    American Standard Band, The (Chris Aaron Band) - yes
    Aaron Band, Chris (The American Standard Band) - no
All known pseudonyms for an artist or band will be included in their discography entry.

URL: http://www.folklib.net/book/wi_book23.shtml
Please send additions and/or corrections to Doug Henkle: henkle@pobox.com
P.O. Box 331, Ripon, WI 54971-0331

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