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      (Recordings by Wisconsin resident musicians 1948-2005)

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Desiderata (Wanted)

      The purpose of this book from the beginning of work on it (November 2002) has been to present an overview of the recordings made by all current and former Wisconsin resident musicians in every existing genre of music, and publicize the many musicians who have never before been mentioned in any book.

      Here are a few of the things the author would like to see result from the publication of this book.

  1. As I am a Discographer, and not a Biographer, I hope this book will inspire other authors to write articles or books detailing the lives of the otherwise undocumented in print performing musicians listed here.

  2. As I am a Generalist and will continue trying to document every known genre of Wisconsin based music, I hope this book will inspire Specialist authors to freely take my beginning lists of previously unpublished musical genres and write future books like:
        The Complete Discography of Wisconsin Country Music
        The Complete Discography of Wisconsin Barbershop Music
        The Complete Discography of Wisconsin Jazz Music
        The Complete Discography of Wisconsin Classical Music
           Gospel & Contemporary Christian -- Native American Indian -- Polka -- etc.
    When each of the above books is published by other authors, I will refer to them on the Web site in every way appropriate.

  3. I further hope that authors from other states will write similar all genre inclusive state discographies such as this one for Wisconsin. Most state discographies I have actually seen in my research, Non-Wisconsin State Discography Books, have strictly focused on Pop, Rock, Jazz or Country musicians. Not one of them has listed any recordings by Barbershop groups, marching bands, symphony orchestras, elementary and high school choruses, or church choirs.

  4. And finally, my ultimate dream is that someday there will take place the creation and regular use by every performing musician and venue in the state, of the Wisconsin Live Music Clearinghouse ... a one-stop Web site listing every future musical event, concert and festival in every genre of music in the entire state of Wisconsin, from High School musicals, to regular Open Mics and Jam Sessions, to national and international artists performing anywhere in the state.

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