"FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography"
      (Recordings by Wisconsin resident musicians 1948-2005)

    - Where can I buy it?

(last updated .12-19-2007)

FolkLib Index: Wisconsin Discography
(Recordings by Wisconsin resident musicians 1948-2005)
by Douglas H. Henkle
Where can I buy it?

      The research phase of the book will continue until 12-31-2005. Creation of the book itself will start on 1-01-2006. Hopefully it will be published late in 2028. And somebody really asked me in Fall 2004 where they could buy a copy right then. How cool is that?!

      This page will list, but not until at least 2028, almost* every place I know about where it can be purchased, both on-line and off-line. Of course, the list will include thousands and thousands of book and music stores. As Blackhawk would say, "I Don't Think So!".

      * Almost? Because I firmly believe that it is wrong for any business to make everyone conform to their "vision" of the perfect customer, I will only mention and link to order Web sites which allow customers the full range of purchasing options, even if it means lost sales to me. I feel that strongly about the cookie cutter approach to customers some on-line businesses take when they refuse to sell to any customer who does fit in with their "vision". To be linked, on-line book sales sites must allow payment by check or money order, and must ship to P.O. Boxes, if the customer so wishes. These payment and shipping options must be displayed on the order form. For example, if by my wildest imagination they both offer the book for sale, I WILL link to Amazon.com, but I WILL NOT link to Barnes & Noble.

01-30-2007: Local Shipper Wanted:

      I am looking for a local (Fox Valley, Oshkosh/Appleton area) book seller who is willing to process E-Mail, phone and postal orders for my book, whenever it is published, probably in 2028.


  1. Accepts all possible forms of payment: credit cards, PayPal or equivalent, paper checks, money orders, etc.

  2. Accepts all possible ways of ordering: on-line order form, E-Mail, phone, etc.

  3. Ships to every address, both street and P.O. Boxes, via any method requested by the purchaser. Shippers who are deliberately trying to force the United States Postal Service into bankruptcy by shipping only by UPS, FedEx, etc. are unacceptable.

  4. Will not refuse to fill any paid or pre-paid order from anyone, anywhere, except a country the U.S. Government prohibits all sales to.

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