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          This site is a very strong supporter of Cari D. Burstein's "Campaign for a Non-Browser Specific WWW" . There is nothing at this Lynx-friendly site that requires a specific browser. Granted, my favorite browser is Netscape, primarily because of Microsoft Internet Explorer's unacceptably unreliable visited links change colors disfunctionality. However, there is no emphasis on Netscape or any other browser, except Lynx. Almost every page is checked regularly for readability with Lynx. This is because any page that is Lynx-friendly is fully readable by screen readers for the blind. See my Image Site Only page for more detail about Web accessibility, and This Site's FAQ for a partial list of browser specific features you will NOT find here.

"desktop" friendly site

      This is a "desktop" friendly site. I set a "viewport" meta tag as Google suggested, but otherwise I have not found any training facilities close to Ripon, WI where I can go to learn how to use my text editor to convert my over 95% text site with its over 1,000 pages into one that is more "mobile" friendly. My only mobile devices are two 7" Kindle Fires (2nd & 4th generation). I do not own a web displaying cell phone, so I would be unable to test anything that might look better on a 3" or 4" screen, even if I learned how to do that. Sorry!

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