World Concert Artist Directory (archived)

(last updated .08-22-2013)

      The World Concert Artist Directory [Archive] existed from about 2001-2009. Its sister site, the International Directory of Musicians [Archive] which had identical pages for each musician, also went off-line. Who maintained these sites, and why they went permanently off-line is unknown to me. I had numerous links to both sites. I could have linked to the Internet Archive backup of each page I linked to, however, as has happened numerous times in the past, it is possible that someday the new owners of the original domains will write the Archives and demand that all backup copies be deleted.

      I have reinstalled here in the Folk Library Index (aka FolkLib Index) archived copies of a few original pages I used to link to so they will remain on-line as long as my (1995-date) site exists.

      For example (Dane Richeson):

      [mm-dd-yyyy] = the last time the page was archived. The next time the Internet Archive visited the site, the page had been deleted.

  1. Stephen Butts (Highwaymen) [05-11-2008] - FolkLib Index
  2. Ted Nichelson, harp [2-25-2009] - FolkLib Index
  3. Dane M. Richeson, drums [05-13-2008] - FolkLib Index
  4. Anne Roos, harp [07-04-2008] - FolkLib Index
  5. John Williams, guitar [05-11-2008] - FolkLib Index

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