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First Congregational Church, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
Past Sermons 2000-2004

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      This historical page lists past sermon titles 2000-2004 for the First Congregational Church of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. The complete text of some of them are installed on-line. This information comes from either Church Service Bulletins I have saved, or from Sermons that have been installed on the FCC Web site.

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Sermons by Rev. Carol Dibiasio-Snyder or Rev. Ralph Dibiasio-Snyder, except as noted
12-26-2004 - Sermon:
12-19-2004 - Sermon:
12-12-2004 - No Sermon: Chancel Choir: Magnificat - My Soul Doth Magnify the Lord, by Dietrich Buxtehude
12-05-2004 - Sermon: All Are Welcome . . . Except Maybe John [Archive]
11-28-2004 - Sermon: A Little Child Shall Lead Them [Archive]
11-21-2004 - Sermon: Why Are We Unhappy? Too Many Choices [Archive]
11-14-2004 - Sermon: Wow!
11-07-2004 - Sermon: [title not printed in Bulletin]
10-31-2004 - Sermon: No Fear
10-24-2004 - Sermon:
10-17-2004 - Sermon: The Good Life, the God Life, and Justice for All [Archive]
10-10-2004 - Sermon: Resident Aliens
10-03-2004 - Sermon: To the Ends of the Earth
09-26-2004 - Sermon:
09-19-2004 - Sermon: Does God Cry? [Archive]
09-12-2004 - Sermon: Lost and Found
09-05-2004 - Sermon:

08-29-2004 - Sermon:
08-22-2004 - Sermon:
08-15-2004 - Sermon: Keeping On Keeping On [Archive]
08-08-2004 - Sermon:
08-01-2004 - Sermon: The Burden of Bulging Bank Accounts
07-25-2004 - Sermon:
07-18-2004 - Sermon:
07-11-2004 - Sermon:
07-04-2004 - Sermon: God of Earth and Altar [Archive]
06-27-2004 - Sermon: 10 Things I Learned During Medical Leave
06-20-2004 - Sermon:
06-13-2004 - Sermon:
06-06-2004 - Sermon: WMDs: Words of Mass Destruction or Deliverance

05-30-2004 - Sermon: Confusion -> Division or Clarity -> Unity
05-23-2004 - Sermon: Hot Fudge Sunday Christians
05-16-2004 - Sermon: C'mon Over . . . !
05-09-2004 - Sermon:
05-02-2004 - No Sermon: [confirmation meditation]
04-25-2004 - No Sermon: Voices of Hope: Readings by Janet Peterson and Kay Sanders
04-18-2004 - Sermon:
04-11-2004 - No Sermon
04-04-2004 - No Sermon
03-28-2004 - No Sermon: Sermon in Scripture, Song and reflection
03-21-2004 - Sermon: Hunger No More: Spiritual Hunger
03-14-2004 - Sermon: Hunger No More: Hunger for Peace and Justice
03-07-2004 - Sermon:
02-29-2004 - Sermon: The Passion of Christ, Gay Marriage & Problem of Hunger
02-22-2004 - Sermon: Jesus Goes to the Movies: "Billy Elliot"
02-15-2004 - Sermon: Jesus Goes to the Movies: The Man in the Moon
02-08-2004 - Sermon:
02-01-2004 - Sermon: Leap Year With Luke: A Tough Hometown Crows!
01-25-2004 - Sermon: Grace: the Heart of the Gospel, the Heart of Life
01-18-2004 - Sermon: Leap Year With Luke: Jesus Heals
01-11-2004 - Sermon: Leap Year With Luke: Our Sacraments - Baptism
01-04-2004 - Sermon: Leap Year With Luke: Our Sacraments - Communion

Sermons by Rev. Carol Dibiasio-Snyder or Rev. Ralph Dibiasio-Snyder, except as noted
12-28-2003 - Sermon:
12-21-2003 - No Sermon: Angels: Heralds of Hope, by Children and Teens
12-14-2003 - No Sermon: Chancel Choir Advent Presentation: The Three Kings, by Anders Ohrwall
12-07-2003 - Sermon: God of Comfort
11-30-2003 - Sermon:
11-23-2003 - Sermon: Thank you . . . Dr. Adkins?
11-16-2003 - Sermon: Out on a Limb: The Palestinian Conflict
11-09-2003 - Sermon: The Guiding God?
11-02-2003 - Sermon: My Life Goes On in Endless Song, by Nick Page
10-26-2003 - Sermon:
10-19-2003 - Sermon: Half Empty
10-12-2003 - Sermon: A Sermon in Song
10-05-2003 - Sermon: Mind Your Manners
09-28-2003 - Sermon: On Gifts, and Buildings, and Wisdom
09-21-2003 - Sermon: The Power and Peril of Words
09-14-2003 - Sermon: The Questionable Blessing of Being Chosen
09-07-2003 - Sermon: Quick to Listen, Slow to Speak

08-31-2003 - Sermon:
08-24-2003 - Sermon:
08-17-2003 - Sermon:
08-10-2003 - Sermon:
08-03-2003 - Sermon:
07-27-2003 - Sermon: Where Are Your Sandals?
07-20-2003 - Sermon:
07-13-2003 - Sermon:
07-06-2003 - Sermon: The Story of the Amistad
06-29-2003 - Sermon: Sunday Morning Weeping
06-22-2003 - Sermon: David and Goliath Revisited
06-15-2003 - Sermon: The Still Speaking God
06-08-2003 - Sermon:
06-01-2003 - Sermon:

05-25-2003 - Sermon: Will the Truly Virtuous Please Sit Down?
05-18-2003 - Sermon: [title not printed in Bulletin]
05-11-2003 - Sermon:
05-04-2003 - No Sermon: Confirmation
04-27-2003 - Sermon:
04-20-2003 - Sermon: [title not printed in Bulletin]
04-13-2003 - No Sermon: Drama: The Cry of the Whole Congregation: Worship for the Way of the Cross
04-06-2003 - Sermon: Wheat, Plowshares, Seeds, and Swords
03-30-2003 - Sermon: I'm Hurting - What are you gonna do about it God? [Archive]
03-23-2003 - No Sermon: Handmaid of the Lord (dramatic presentation by Janet Peterson)
03-16-2003 - Sermon: Where Hope is Found [Archive]
03-09-2003 - Sermon: Creativity: God's Gift to Us: Images of Christ in Poetry
03-02-2003 - Sermon: Rest: Exploring the Meaning of Sabbath [Archive]
02-23-2003 - Sermon: The Human Past and God's Now Future
02-16-2003 - Sermon: Jonah, Your Story Never Gets Old [Archive]
02-09-2003 - No Sermon: Music by Dorothy Zerbe and Andrew Nelson
02-02-2003 - Sermon: Jesus Goes to the Movies: To Kill a Mockingbird
01-26-2003 - Sermon: Jesus Goes to the Movies: Marvin's Room [Archive]
01-19-2003 - Sermon: Jesus Goes to the Movies: Changing Lanes [Archive]
01-12-2003 - Sermon: Jesus Goes to the Movies: Tender Mercies [Archive]
01-05-2003 - Sermon: Gifts . . . Gifts . . . Gifts! [Archive]

Sermons by Rev. Carol Dibiasio-Snyder or Rev. Ralph Dibiasio-Snyder, except as noted
12-29-2002 - Sermon:
12-22-2002 - Sermon: Perspectives on Christmas
12-15-2002 - Sermon: Celebrating the Birth of Christ Around the Globe [in song]
12-08-2002 - Sermon: The Holy Family: A Conversation Between Mary and Joseph [Archive]
12-01-2002 - Sermon: The Holy Family in Works of Art
11-24-2002 - Sermon: The Generous Poor [Archive]
11-17-2002 - Sermon: Out on a Limb: Patriotism and Faith
11-10-2002 - Sermon: Nurturing Family Faith: Making Peace in Our Families
11-03-2002 - Sermon: In Praise of the Saints [Archive]
10-27-2002 - Sermon: Easier Said Than Done [Archive]
10-20-2002 - Sermon: The God Who Gets in Your Wallet and Your Politics [Archive]
10-13-2002 - Sermon: Left Behind: Best Left Behind [Archive]
10-06-2002 - Sermon: Nurturing Family Faith: Multi-cultural Families in the Bible
09-29-2002 - Sermon: Where's YOUR Bible!? [Archive]
09-22-2002 - Sermon: Random Acts of Kindness . . . of Grace? [Archive]
09-15-2002 - Sermon: If You're Counting, You're Not Forgiving [Archive]
09-08-2002 - Sermon: Where Two or Three Are Gathered . . . [Archive]
09-01-2002 - Sermon: [title not printed in Bulletin]

08-25-2002 - Sermon:
08-18-2002 - Sermon:
08-11-2002 - Sermon:
08-04-2002 - Sermon:
07-28-2002 - Sermon:
07-21-2002 - Sermon:
07-14-2002 - Sermon:
07-07-2002 - Sermon:
06-30-2002 - Sermon: Is This A Test?
06-23-2002 - Sermon:
06-16-2002 - Sermon:
06-09-2002 - Sermon: God Sets the Parameters
06-02-2002 - Sermon: It Is Good!

05-26-2002 - Sermon: The Three Faces of God
05-19-2002 - Sermon: Power Birth
05-12-2002 - Sermon: The Community of Unity
05-05-2002 - Sermon: Finding the Unknown God (Psalm 139:1-12 [responsively, Psalter #765], Acts 17: 16-34)
04-28-2002 - Sermon: The Nowhere Man and the Peculiar People (Joshua 24:13-15, I Peter 2:2-10)
04-21-2002 - Sermon: Exponential Loss / Exponential Abundance (Job 38:1-38;40:1-5) Earth Sunday (no "Lord's Prayer")
04-14-2002 - Sermon: Slow Food (Acts ?, Luke 24:13-35)
04-07-2002 - Sermon: A Story: Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes (Psalm 133, Matthew 9:5)
      A time to say good-bye and a time to say hello:
      Co-Pastor's Statement: Carol and Ralph DiBiasio-Snyder went on Sabbatical [Archive] from April 8th through August 8th, 2002.
      Sabbatical Pastor's Statement: Rev. Dave Steffenson
03-31-2002 - Sermon: Risen One, Stay With Us (Romans 12, selected verses)
03-24-2002 - Sermon: O My Lord, Please Send Someone Else (Exodous 3:1-10) - Confirmation Meditation
      Confirmands: Christopher John Bauknecht, Maxwell James Grill, Alice Beryl Hoffmeister, Cory Mendes, Allison Lorraine Mulvey, Joshua Oxley, Sean Pattee, Bridget Michael Thorpe-Kavanaugh, Emily Erin Nicole Westover
03-17-2002 - Sermon: Evolution; What's the Fuss All About? (Genesis 1)
03-10-2002 - Sermon: Christian Education: Not Just for Kids, by guest FCC member Lay Academy Ministers: Dorry Wilner, Jeff Pommerening, Gary Wilner, Sandie Miller (Matthew 7:24-29, Luke 10:38-42, Romans 12:1)
03-03-2002 - Sermon: Beyond Table Grace: Do Dogs Go to Heaven?
02-24-2002 - Sermon: Beyond Table Grace: Adults as Spiritual Guides (Deuteronomy 6:4-9, Matthew 4:23-5:11)
02-17-2002 - Sermon: Beyond Table Grace: Growing Spirituality in Church and Home (Luke 14:12-24)
02-10-2002 - Sermon: Youth sermons by Chris Hallquist, Emily Westover and Alice Hoffmeister (Luke 10:25-37)
02-03-2002 - Sermon: Exploring the Chalice Hymnal: The Welsh Tradition [Hymns #233, #542, #12, #634, #717] (Psalm 19:1-10, Philippians 4:4-9)
01-27-2002 - Sermon: Exploring Our New Hymnal: Songs From Recent Decades [Hymns #?] (Revelation 4)
01-20-2002 - Sermon: Seeing and Seeing Clearly, by Jack Frohn, Guset Speaker (I Corinthians 1:18-25, Mark 8:22-26)
01-13-2002 - Sermon: Exploring the Chalice Hymnal: The German Hymn Tradition [Hymns #25, #565, #202, #715] (Psalm 46, Romans 5:1-8)
01-06-2002 - Sermon:

Sermons by Rev. Carol Dibiasio-Snyder or Rev. Ralph Dibiasio-Snyder, except as noted
12-30-2001 - Sermon:
12-23-2001 - Sermon:
12-16-2001 - Sermon:
12-09-2001 - Sermon: Out on a Limb: The Christian and War
12-02-2001 - Sermon:
11-25-2001 - Sermon: Gospel Hymn Sunday
11-18-2001 - Harvest Sunday
11-11-2001 - Sermon: Out on a Limb: Our Overloaded Lives
11-04-2001 -
      Rev. Tom Richard, Executive Secretary of the National Association of Congregational Christian Churches, will be our guest preacher today, leading us to the Table of the Lord.
10-28-2001 -
      Consecration Sunday! A Dixieland Jazz group will lead us in joyful song. We will also remember those who have passed from our midst to the next world, giving thanks for their lives and many gifts to us. A great Celebration Luncheon will follow the service.
10-21-2001 -
      Our various ministry groups will be telling us about their work, and how our money pooled together allows us to accomplish much not just here but around the world. Jeremiah will tell us about stewardship of the heart.
10-14-2001 -
      Jeremiah's words on making a home in a foreign land lead us into thoughts about how we are to be stewards of God's gifts to us who are strangers in a foreign world. A skit will challenge us to think about stewardship of every kind. And new members will be received too.
10-07-2001 -
      On World Communion Sunday our children worship with us the entire hour, and join in the celebration of the Lord's Supper. A guest drummer will help us learn an exciting and uplifting song from South Africa.
09-30-2001 -
      Carol will be making a pot in the chancel as Ralph talks about Jeremiah's visit to the potter's shop, and announces a startling message to the nation. Our Third Graders receive their Bibles today too! Sermon: On Clay, and Pots, and the Glory of God
09-23-2001 - The Missions: Experiences at each of the Mission Ministries: Urban Homeworks, Oasis of Love, Streetlight Ministries, Redeemer Residence, AIDS Shelter
09-16-2001 - Reflections: On the Week Just Past and the Weeks to Come
09-09-2001 - Communion Meditation: When God Comes Calling
09-02-2001 - 9:30 am Worship.

08-26-2001 - 9:30 am Worship. Sermon: The Bible and Time Magazine
08-19-2001 - 9:30 am Worship.
08-12-2001 - 9:30 am Worship.
08-05-2001 - 9:30 am Worship.
07-29-2001 - 9:30 am Worship.
07-22-2001 - 9:30 am Worship.
07-15-2001 - 9:30 am Worship.
07-08-2001 - 9:30 am Worship.
07-01-2001 - 9:30 am Worship. Sermon: The Bible and Time Magazine
06-24-2001 - 9:30 am Worship - Sandie Miller, guest Lay Minister - Sermon: Cheetos and Note Cards
06-17-2001 - 9:30 am Worship, Baptism. Sermon: The Bible and Time Magazine . . . Or Maybe Not
06-10-2001 - 9:30 am Worship - guest Minister, Jack Frohn
06-03-2001 - 9:30 am Worship, Communion Sermon: The Bible in One Hand, Time Magazine in the Other (Acts 2:1-21)

05-27-2001 - Sermon:
05-20-2001 - Sermon: One Thing
05-13-2001 - Sermon: Sing Psalms and Hymns and Spiritual Songs
05-06-2001 - Sermon:
04-29-2001 - Sermon:
04-22-2001 - Sermon:
04-15-2001 - Sermon: Wood, Nails and Colored Eggs
04-08-2001 - Sermon: The Story of the Arrest, Trial and Death of Jesus
04-01-2001 - Sermon: Journey to Wholeness: The Arts and Spiritual Wholeness
03-25-2001 - Sermon:
03-18-2001 - Sermon: Journey to Wholeness: Mental and Spiritual Health
03-11-2001 - Sermon: Journey to Wholeness: Growing Spirituality in God's Creation
03-04-2001 - Sermon: Seedfolks
02-25-2001 - Sermon: Who Can You Trust These Days
02-18-2001 -
      What can we say about life after death? Are we eternal beings, or mere mortals who live out our brief span and then are no more? Sermon: If I Should Die Before I Wake
02-11-2001 -
      And just who is this Holy Spirit? We will think together on the Third Person of the Trinity, and what that Person has to do with faithful living. We will have special musical guests from Athens, Georgia: The Georgia Guitar Quartet! Sermon: There's a Ghost in the Church
02-04-2001 -
      Who was Jesus, and what is he up to today? The "Generation to Generation Singers" will be leading our music ministry, and we celebrate the Lord's Supper. Sermon: WDJD?
01-28-2001 -
      Are we humans nearly divine or fundamentally sinful? What makes us distinctly "human" and how does that effect our relationship with God? Mark Bloedow will be our guest organist today. Sermon: Does Anyone Believe Anything Anymore? Fallen and Can't Get Up?
      After church there will be a potluck dinner, followed by a meeting of the congregation.
01-21-2001 -
      "When Good Things Happen to Bad People." If God is good, then why is there so much sorrow and tragedy in the world? Is God to blame . . . or someone else? Sermon: Does Anyone Believe Anything Anymore? When Good Things Happen to Bad People
      On 01-14 we begin a sermon series called, "Does Anyone Believe Anything Anymore?" Do Congregationalists believe anything these days? What do we affirm about the Christian faith? Or is a Congregationalist simply someone "who believes whatever they want?" Before we are Congregationalists, we are Christians. And Christians, while they have surely differed widely from one another through the ages, affirm some basic beliefs. But just what are those?
01-14-2001 -
      Today we think about the sort of God Christians affirm. Sermon: Does Anyone Believe Anything Anymore? No God? Goddesses? Your God? My God? Good God!
01-07-2001 - Sermon: What's An Epiphany?

Sermons by Rev. Carol Dibiasio-Snyder or Rev. Ralph Dibiasio-Snyder, except as noted

12-31-2000 -
      Another informal, family service to end the year and look forward to the new year ahead.
12-24-2000 -
      Christmas Eve! In the morning we will have an informal worship time, singing carols and listening to a Christmas story. In the evening you may come at 5:00 for a family-oriented candlelight service, or at 7:30 for a traditional service of lessons and carols, ending with all joining in the ringing of bells in candlelight.
12-17-2000 -
      Today, the third Sunday of Advent, our children lead us in worship, presenting a pageant that tells us the simple story of the coming of Jesus at Bethlehem.
12-10-2000 -
      On this second Sunday of Advent, our Chancel Choir, led by Joanne Peterson, will be presenting several special anthems for the Christmas season.
12-03-2000 -
      This is the first Sunday of Advent, and we will begin our wait for Christmas by celebrating Communion together. Our theme for the day: Joy!
12-02-2000 -
      All ages gather this morning for a pot-luck breakfast, followed by the annual "Hanging of the Greens," as we decorate our church for the Advent season.
11-26-2000 -
      The subject today is the biblical figure Ruth, as we prepare for Advent the following Sunday. A baptism will be celebrated during the service as well.
11-19-2000 - 3:30 pm -
      We will be hosting a presentation called The Gift of Planning, with resource persons Rev. Tom Willadsen and Doug Seefeld talking about planning for one's funeral. This is free and open to the public.
11-19-2000 -
      Nick Hockings, a member of the Lac du Flambeau tribe and popular speaker at schools and churches, will be leading our worship with a native American emphasis.
11-12-2000 -
      The first of our "Young Preachers" Sundays will feature input from two of our high school students, Renee Gratz and Daniel Riess, speaking on the topic of prayer in public schools. Also, we will receive ten new members into our fellowship.
11-05-2000 -
      The "Generation to Generation Singers" will be leading us in a new style of music, as we celebrate the Lord's Super and make our financial commitments to the church for the year ahead. A Celebration Luncheon follows the service. Sermon: Dayenu!
10-29-2000 - Sermon: Drawing Outside of the . . . Boat
10-22-2000 - Sermon:
10-15-2000 - Sermon: More Than All We Can Ask or Imagine
10-08-2000 -
      The theme today is "politics" and faith. In this election year, what principles might guide us as citizens and as committed Christians when we make our political decisions?
10-01-2000 -
      The story of Esther in the Hebrew Scriptures leads us into the celebration of World Communion Sunday, with all our children present.
      Today we remember that growing in Christ means growing all our lives long, from our baptism as children, through our last days. This is Christian Education Week, and following the service there is a special reception for our new Director of Religious Education, Jeff Pommerening. We will also be saying "Thank you" to the people who filled that position for a year, and to our departing Jubilee Singers director, Jeff Dyer. Sermon: Learning for Eternity
09-17-2000 -
      We celebrate and dedicate the many spiritual gifts represented in our church, as we begin our various ministries for the year. Gifts and Talent Coordinator Liz Kaprelian will participate in the service, and the sermon scripture for the morning is Jeremiah 1:4-8. Sermon: The Times They Have A-Changed
09-10-2000 -
      Church School, Choirs, and the 10:30 worship hour resume today as we begin our year with the theme, Generation to Generation: Sharing God's Blessings This year we are emphasizing our ministry to and with and through our young people. The service includes the celebration of the Lord's Supper, starting the new church year around the sacred Table.
09-03-2000 - Sermon: Labor in Love, based on Matthew 13:1-9, 18-33

08-27-2000 - 6:30 pm -
      A community wide service at this church celebrating all of our teachers as they begin a new year.
08-27-2000 - Sermon: Table Full of Fools, based on Luke 14:16-24.
08-20-2000 - Sermon: Keeping On Keeping On, based on Luke 18:1-8 and 11:5-13.
08-13-2000 -
      Today's parable: The Parable of the Wise and Foolish Bridesmaids. (Matthew 25:1-13)
08-06-2000 -
      The Rev. Eric Burnard, guest preacher, will be preaching a sermon based on some questions that have come from the congregation.
07-30-2000 - Sermon: Treasure Trove and Priceless Pearl (Matthew 13:44-46)
07-23-2000 - Sermon: The Parables of Jesus: New Wine, New Bottles (Luke 5:29-39)
07-16-2000 - Sermon: Do the Right Thing (Matthew 7:21-29)
07-09-2000 - Sermon: The Parables of Jesus: Lazarus in Paradise (Luke 16:19-31)
07-02-2000 - Sermon: Are You Kidding, Jesus? (Luke 6:1-13)
06-25-2000 - Sermon: "The Parables of Jesus: A Lesson in Humility" (Matthew 25:31-46)
06-18-2000 - Sermon: A Parable Turned Inside Out (Luke 10:25-37)
06-11-2000 - Sermon: "The Parables of Jesus: You Won't Believe This One!" (Matthew 20:1-16)
06-04-2000 - Sermon: "Let's Be Corinthians" by Guest Minister, Rev. Jack Frohn

05-28-2000 -
      Memorial Day Weekend. This summer there will be videos for the children in the Video Room-201, as the adults continue their worship in the sanctuary. Sermon: Let Our Light Shine for All the World to See! by Guest Minister, Rev. Fred R. Trost, Wisconsin Conference Minister, UCC
05-21-2000 -
      Confirmation Sunday. The Jubilee Singers and Bell Choir will join in celebrating our youth as several confirm the faith for themselves. "I Thank My God Every Time I Remember You"
05-14-2000 -
      Mothers Day. Today led by Gifts and Talents Coordinator, Liz Kaprelian, we celebrate the many spiritual gifts the members of this faith community have used this past year. The Angel Choir will sing with its usual enthusiastic joy! "Faith of Our Mothers"
05-07-2000, 3:00 pm -
      In the afternoon, at 3:00, at Christ Lutheran Church, our church will be participating in the first of a series called The Gift of Planning. The topic today will be end of life directives, and the facilitator is Ann Marshall of our church, and a social worker at Mercy Medical Center.
05-07-2000 -
      We celebrate the Lords Supper - the first such observance on a Sunday morning since the first Sunday in Lent. "Table Talk"
04-30-2000 - Sermon: "FCC: Who Are We and Where Are We Going?"
Our Lenten Theme-2000 -
      "How Can You Give When Your Soul is Empty? Radical Ways to Refuel" - With our church's vision for this year focusing on outreach, we are taking the weeks of Lent to remember the importance of taking care of ourselves, in order to do that outreach. Living the Christian life demands that we balance the inward and outward flows of growth for ourselves and service to others. During Lent we will look at ways of doing that.
04-23-2000 -
      "He is Risen!" Come and join in singing again glad "alleluias" as we celebrate the triumph of Christ over the grave! Our children of course join in the celebration too, and remain with their families through the service. Come and be inspired by the array of spring flowers, glorious Easter music, and by hearing again the story of the resurrection of Christ our Lord. Sermon: All Will Be Made Alive!
Good Friday, 04-21-2000, 1:00 pm -
      You are invited to join in an ecumenical Good Friday service at First United Methodist Church (On Linwood Avenue, not far from North High School). Several churches are joining together for this service of readings, music, and meditation. This year in addition to the reading of Scripture and the singing of Lenten hymns, we will be using a number of visual images - artists' interpretation of the events of Good Friday - to encourage and guide our meditation in the silence of this solemn service of remembrance. Child care is available during the service.
Maundy Thursday, 04-20-2000, 7:30 pm -
      This is a centuries-old traditional "Tenebrae" service in which we remember Jesus' Last Supper with his disciples (we will observe the sacrament of Holy Communion) and then his betrayal, as candles are extinguished one by one, until we are left in darkness.
04-16-2000-2:00 pm -
      Palm Sunday - The story of Christ's arrest, trial, and crucifixion will be movingly and beautifully told through Bach's masterpiece, "The Passion According to St. John," presented by the Oshkosh Chamber Singers under the direction of Dr. Carl Chapman, with soloists and orhestra. Tickets are $10, and are available through the church office, or at the door.
      To prepare for that event, three educational sessions have been scheduled for Sunday mornings at 9:30 am. On April 2nd Ralph DiBiasio-Snyder will look at the scriptural texts; Dr. Chapman will speak about the musical characteristics of the piece April 9th; and Dr. William Urbrock on April 16th will deal with Bach's commentary on the story as seen in the chorales within the work. All are invited to attend!
04-16-2000 -
      Palm-Passion Sunday is the day we remember both the "triumphal entry" by Jesus into Jerusalem, cheered by the crowds waving palm branches, and also the events that took place later that Holy Week: the arrest, trials, and crucifixion. In the service today we "strip" the chancel, symbolically remembering the betrayal of Jesus, until in the end the chancel is barren of all but a shrouded cross. "The Story of the Arrest, Trial and Death of Jesus"
04-09-2000 -
      Music is a way in which many of us find renewal for our souls. The Chancel Choir will present several special pieces to help us be renewed by music (Psalm Paraphrases by Jaroslav Vajda, Music by Heinrich Schutz). "Refueling in Music"
04-02-2000 -
      The topic today concerns making choices in our lives. Most often our choices are not between "good and evil" but among two, or three, or more "goods." The affluence we enjoy brings us many options, and we often find ourselves exhausted, our lives too full. The decisions are hard ones, but decide we must. "Making Hard Choices"
03-26-2000 -
      Today will think about "sabbath" - the importance of rest in our lives, and how we might keep sabbath in these busy days. In the afternoon, at 4:30, there will be a service of healing offered for all seeking a time of quiet prayer. Sermon: Radical Ways to Refuel: Keeping Sabbath
03-19-2000 -
      The theme of the preaching today will be caring for our physical bodies, as an act of worship and obedience to God. Our children will be hearing about the wonderful camp opportunities at Pilgrim Center, Green Lake. "How Can You Give When Your Soul is Empty? Radical Ways to Refuel: Honoring the Body
03-12-2000 -
      On this first Sunday of Lent, the entire church family will worship together, including the celebration of the Lord's Supper. We'll "box up the alleluias" to be kept until we sing "Alleluia" again on Easter Sunday. "A Story: The Apprentice Juggler"
Wednesday, 03-08-2000 -
      Ash Wednesday Fireside Worship, in the Lounge. This quiet service of reflection begins at 7:00 pm, and includes the sharing of ashes to begin the Lenten season.
03-05-2000 -
      Guest preacher (member of our church, and UW Oshkosh Professor of Religion) Bill Urbrock will be bringing the sermon today as pastors Carol and Ralph are out of town. "Shining Moments"
02-27-2000 -
      Ralph goes "out on a limb" in a sermon called "Born Again ... and Again and Again". The topic is how our "mainline" Protestant church compares to more "fundamental" or "evangelical" churches theologically and socially, and what we might learn from more conservative churches, and they from us. A sermon feedback time will follow. Sermon: Out on a Limb: Born Again. . . and Again. . . and Again
02-20-2000 -
      An abbreviated worship service will allow us to begin finding our Vision for the year ahead. All are encouraged to participate as we together seek God's will for us. "What Next?"
02-13-2000 -
      Join us for "Friendship Sunday" and bring along a friend! We celebrate the joys of friendship today, and extend the church's hospitality especially to those who may not have a church home. We will close the service by celebrating the Lord's Supper. "You've Got a Friend"
02-06-2000 -
      Guest preacher (and member of our church) Reverend Jack Frohn will be bringing the sermon today as pastors Carol and Ralph are out of town. "Why Do They Respond Like That?"
01-30-2000 -
      Carol will be telling us the story of the woman with the alabaster jar, found in Luke 7. The church school is also learning this moving story during these weeks. "Dear Miriam" We will be singing our new processional hymn, Rise Up and Sing! On this "Souper Sunday", please bring a food item to donate to the Food Pantry, and $1 to go toward hunger relief. Souper Sunday sponsored by our youth and the Benevolence Committee.
01-23-2000 - Sermon: "The Once and Future Church, Part 2"
01-16-2000 - Sermon: "The Once and Future Church, Part One"
01-09-2000 - Sermon: "Top Story", by guest Minister, The Reverend Alan McCain
01-02-2000 - Sermon: "Behold, I Make All Things New!"

Sermons by Rev. Carol Dibiasio-Snyder or Rev. Ralph Dibiasio-Snyder, except as noted
02-07-1988 - Sermon: Here and Now - A Great Place to Be! [Revisited on 02-03-2008]

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