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(last updated .05-24-2022)

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      This page features First Day Cover Cachetmakers and stamp issue subjects who have had their names misspelled many times, in published catalogs and all over the Web. If your website still uses one of these misspellings, please correct your listing. Thank you.

Aero Print -- Artopages -- John Ericsson -- House of Farnam -- George H. Laffert -- Albert B. Parsons -- Charles J. Peirce

{...} = display source
  1. Aero Print (Robert C. Thompson) -- NOT Aeroprint {#740-749-24}
          per First Cachets (2006), p. 27, #703-25g, #703-25h and #750a-7
  2. Art Craft -- NOT Artcraft or ArtCraft
  3. Artopages Cachets by Alton A. Weigel and Jim Novotny -- NOT Artopage [SIC]
          My mistake, per [#86, 15(3), 5-6/1970, p. 14] about the "Artopage Covers" company, Artopage and Artopages can be used interchangeably.
    Artopages Cachets logo
  4. John Ericsson, Scott #628 -- NOT Ericson and NOT Lief Ericsson, etc.
          Swedish-American inventor of the ironclad USS Monitor (Wikipedia)
  5. Frans M. Geerlings (NOT Fran)
  6. W.M. Grandy (Winfred Milton) (WMG) (NOT Grady)
  7. Ejgil J.S. Halvorsen (Johannes Shiodte) (NOT Elgin or Eigil) (NOT Schiodte)
  8. House of Farnam -- NOT Farnum
          {HF ad from FIRST DAYS #315, 46(8), 12-01-2001, p. 652}
    House of Farnam ad in 12-01-2001 FIRST DAYS
  9. Jack Jelacie -- NOT Velacie {#784-55}
          Identified by Ralph H. Nafziger [#340, 50(1), 1-15-2005, 82 p. 25-29], Jelacie was an employee/artist of the Oregon Cachet and Cover Co. owned by Harry Francis Rogers and Lucy Howie Lloyd Rogers. All three are credited as Cachetmakers of #784-55 -- #785-794-27 -- #799-802-80 -- #803-834-28.
  10. K.M.C. Venture (Bill Olvey (William J.)) -- NOT KMC Venture
  11. N.H. Kiefer -- NOT H.H.
  12. George H. Laffert -- {#799-802-115, "George Laffert"}, NOT Leffert {#756-765-56, "George Leffert First Cachet"} and NOT Lefferts {#798-128, "George Lefferts"}.
          4-25-2020 Update, NOTE: "George P." is probably incorrect whenever and wherever it has been used.
          Crop of a #784-92 cover presumably self-addressed by the Cachetmaker {from a recent H.R. Harmer auction}.
    U.S. Scott #784-92 - addressee
  13. Allen Logan -- NOT Allan {#837-GP7}
  14. Henry M. Luethke -- NOT Luetke {#783-152}
  15. Leon Yussuf Manoukian -- NOT Manovkian {#783-27}
  16. A.E. Owen (Arthur Edmund) -- NOT Owens
  17. Parsons FDC Service (Albert B. Parsons) -- NOT Parson {#799-1} and NOT Parson's {#799-23}
  18. Pavois (Stebbin) (SM Co.) (Stebbin Pavois) -- NOT Pavious {"First Cachets" (2006), p. 70,692}
  19. Charles J. Peirce (Joseph) -- NOT Pierce
          Owner: Oshkosh Cover Service {#739-14} and New Deal Cover Service {#739-21} -- both based in Oshkosh, Wisconsin (eBay / eBay)
    U.S. Scott #739-14 - Oshkosh Cover Service U.S. Scott #784-92 - addressee U.S. Scott #739-21 - New Deal Cover Service
  20. F.R. Rice (Frederick Roger) -- NOT Rogers -- verified by Fred and Wilna C. Rice's tombstone (Find A Grave).
  21. Sun Craft -- NOT Sun-Craft OR Suncraft OR SunCraft
  22. E.G. Wagner -- NOT E.P. {#777-99}
      This Web page is mentioned in the AFDCS Journal FIRST DAYS [#450, 65(1), 1-2/2020, p. 64].
URL: https://www.folklib.net/fdc/fdc-misspellings.shtml
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