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U.S. Scott #801 FDC Cachets:
Puerto Rico Territorial

Part of the U.S. First Day Cover Cachet Display Catalog
by Douglas H. Henkle, AFDCS LM #137, henkle@pobox.com

(last updated .02-10-2021)

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      U.S. Scott #801 was issued on 11-25-1937 at San Juan, PR - (3¢)
      Puerto Rico Territorial
      Minkus CM188 [2003 Krause-Minkus Catalog, p. 210]

      A work in progress, the goal of this page is to display all First Day Cachets for U.S. Scott #801. Except as noted by "{A}" (my personal collection), all other displayed covers were found on the Web.

U.S. Scott #801-nn = each cachet's Planty Catalog number
XIII:nn = the page number(s) this cachet is listed in Mellone's Planty Encyclopedia of Cacheted First Day Covers, Volume XIII, 2nd ed., 1998
     [The 1st ed. of Planty's Photo Encyclopedia of Cacheted F.D.C.s, Volume VII, 1981, cannot be indexed because it has no page numbers.]
  1. U.S. Scott #801-56, XIII:33-34, Risko Art Service (Risko Art Studio) -- (eBay)
          #799-56 -- #800-56 -- #802-56
    Risko Art Service on Scott #801
  2. U.S. Scott #801-101, XIII:55, B.R. McIntyre, ACE #88 ***
          #799-101 -- #800-101 -- #802-101
  3. U.S. Scott #801-102, XIII:56, Louis G. Nix -- (eBay) ***
    Louis G. Nix on Scott #801

  4. U.S. Scott #801-NIP8, Not in Planty (add-on), Melissa Fox -- (eBay)
          #799-NIP8, not reported -- #800-NIP8, not reported -- #802-NIP8, not reported
    Scott #801-NIP8 - Melissa Fox
  5. U.S. Scott #801-NIP9, Not in Planty, Monmouth County Philatelic Society -- {A}
          #799-NIP9, not reported -- #800-NIP9 -- #802-NIP9, not reported
    Scott #801-NIP9 - Monmouth County Philatelic Society on Scott #801 Scott #801-NIP9 - Monmouth County Philatelic Society on Scott #801

  6. (CC-NIP) Corner Cards, all Not in Planty

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