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Part of the U.S. First Day Cover Cachet Display Catalog
by Douglas H. Henkle, AFDCS LM #137, henkle@pobox.com

(last updated .11-15-2021)

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      U.S Airmail Envelope #UC1 was issued on (see below) at Washington, DC (5¢)
size 13 - 1-12-1929
  size 5 - 2-01-1929
  size 8 - 2-01-1929
      UPSS AM1? / Minkus AEN1

      A work in progress, the goal of this page is to display all First Day Cachets for U.S. Scott #UC1. Except as noted by "{A}" (my personal collection), all other displayed covers were found on the Web.

      Wanted: 300 bpi / 600 pixel wide (or greater) .jpg scan of any unlisted cachet (ALSO any cachet marked ***)
Email it to: henkle@pobox.com
Subject for this page: Doug Henkle unlisted UC1 cachet
      (an email with any other subject or with any other graphical format will be ignored   IF  it has an attachment)

  1. U.S. Scott #UC1-1 - Albert C. Roessler (Charles) - size 5 - 2-01-1929
    UC1 - A.C. Roessler
  2. U.S. Scott #UC1-2 - Albert C. Roessler (Charles) - size 8 - 2-01-1929
    UC? - A.C. Roessler - size 8 - 2-01-1929
  3. U.S. Scott #UC1-3 - unknown - 1-12-1929
    UC1 - unknown - 1-12-1929
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