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U.S. Postal Card Directory: Part 1 (UXC, UZ)

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      This page lists information about all existing Air Mail Postal Cards (U.S. Scott number #UXC1-#UXC28) and Official Postal Cards (Scott #UZ2-#UZ6) which exist as cacheted First Day Covers. One feature here is the inclusion of Scott, UPSS and Minkus numbers for every issue, as of the March 2019, the only known on-line site to do so. The sources of these numbers are primarily the various 1955-2015 editions of the UPSS United States Postal Card Catalog for most of them, and the seven 1998-2004 editions of the Krause-Minkus Standard Catalog of U.S. Stamps, and the various 1983-2004 editions of Linn's US. Stamp Yearbook for the rest.

      This page is Desktop Friendly. Even if it is possible, I do not know how to make a 10 columns wide table (similar to a spreadsheet) into a mobile friendly page. The table is listed in UPSS Number order. Every UPSS Number is listed here whether it has a corresponding Scott Number or not, and for ease of use the column headers are repeated every ten UPSS Numbers.

Click on the Scott# for the page displaying all First Day Cachets I know about for that issue.


      All USPOD/USPS Postage indicia displayed on this page were cropped from scans of either cancelled First Day Covers (FDC) or other postally mailed covers. All indicia are thumbnails reduced from their actual size, and unlike almost all other displays on this site, clicking on an image does not display a larger version of that image. No larger versions of these cropped indicia images exist on this site.

U.S. Postal Card Directory: UXC
---------------------- Scott# UPSS# Minkus# Denomi-
Title F.D. Date F.D. City Total
UXC1 UXC1 SA1 PCA1 4 cent Eagle in Flight 1-10-1949 Washington, DC 236,620 upss80 p. 157-8
UXC2  UXC2 SA2 PCA2 5 cent Eagle in Flight 7-31-1958 Wichita, KS 156,474 upss80 p. 158
UXC3  UXC3 SA3 PCA3 5 cent Eagle in Flight 6-18-1960 Minneapolis, MN 228,500 upss80 p. 159-60
UXC4 UXC4 SA4 PCA4 6 cent Bald Eagle 2-15-1963 Maitland, FL 216,203 upss80 p. 160-1
UXC5 UXC5 SA5 PCA5 11 cent Flag and "Visit the USA" 5-27-1966 Washington, DC 272,813 upss80 p. 161-2
UXC6 UXC6 SA6 PCA6 6 cent Virgin Islands 3-31-1967 Charlotte Amalie, U.S. Virgin Islands 346,906 upss80 p. 162-3
UXC7 UXC7 SA7 PCA7 6 cent Boy Scout World Jamboree 8-04-1967 Farragut State Park, ID 471,585 upss80 p. 163-4
UXC* UXC8 SA8 PCA8 13 cent Flag and "Visit the USA" 9-08-1967 Detroit, MI 178,789 upss80 p. 164-5
UXC9 UXC9 SA9A PCA9 8 cent Stylized Eagle 3-01-1968 New York, NY 179,923 upss80 p. 165-6
UXC9a UXC9a SA9B PCA9 8 cent Stylized Eagle tagged 3-19-1969 Washington, DC 2,000 upss80 p. 165-6
---------------------- Scott# UPSS# Minkus# Denomi-
Title F.D. Date F.D. City Total
UXC10 UXC10 SA10 PCA10 9 cent Stylized Eagle 5-15-1971 Kitty Hawk, NC 167,000 upss80 p. 166-7
UXC11 UXC11 SA11 PCA11 15 cent Flag and "Visit the USA" 6-10-1971 New York, NY 146,000 upss80 p. 167
UXC12 UXC12 SA12-1
PCA12 9 cent Grand Canyon 6-29-1972 any city upss80 p. 168
UXC13 UXC13 SA12-2
PCA13 15 cent Niagara Falls 6-29-1972 any city upss80 p. 169
UXC14 UXC14 SA13 PCA14 11 cent Stylized Eagle 1-04-1974 State College, PA 160,000 upss80 p. 170-1
UXC15 UXC15 SA14 PCA15 18 cent Eagle Weather Vane 1-04-1974 Miami, FL 132,114 upss80 p. 171-2
UXC16 UXC16 SA15 PCA16 21 cent Angel Gabriel Weather Vane 12-17-1975 Kitty Hawk, NC 113,191 upss80 p. 172
UXC17 UXC17 SA16 PCA17 21 cent Curtis Jenny (JN4H) 9-16-1978 San Diego, CA 174,886 upss80 p. 173
UXC18 UXC18 SA17 PCA18 21 cent Gymnast, 22nd Olympic
Games, Moscow
12-01-1979 Fort Worth, TX 150,124 upss80 p. 174
UXC19 UXC19 SA18 PCA19 28 cent Pangborn, Herndon
and Miss Veedol
1-02-1981 Wenatchee, WA 158,686 upss05, p. 352-3
---------------------- Scott# UPSS# Minkus# Denomi-
Title F.D. Date F.D. City Total
UXC20 UXC20 SA19 PCA20 28 cent Soaring Society 3-05-1982 Houston, TX 106,932 upss05, p. 353-4
UXC21 UXC21 SA20 PCA21 28 cent Olympic Speedskating 12-29-1983 Milwaukee, WI 108,397 linns83 p. 199-200
upss05, p. 354-5
UXC22 UXC22 SA21 PCA22 33 cent China Clipper 2-15-1985 San Francisco, CA 269,229
C115 &
linns85 p. 255-7
upss05, p. 355-6
UXC23 UXC23 SA22 PCA23 33 cent AMERIPEX '86 2-01-1986 Chicago, IL 84,480
C118 &
linns86 p. 185-8
upss05, p. 356-7
UXC24 UXC24 SA23 PCA24 36 cent Douglas DC-3 5-14-1988 San Diego, CA 167,575 linns88 p. 343-6
upss05, p. 357-9
UXC25 UXC25 SA24 PCA25 40 cent Yankee Clipper 6-28-1991 Flushing, NY 24,865 linns91 p. 404-7
upss05, p. 359-60
UXC26 UXC26 SA25 PCA26 50 cent Eagle 8-24-1995 St. Louis, MO 6,008 upss05, p. 360
UXC27 UXC27 SA26 PC301 55 cent Mount Rainier 5-15-1999 Denver, CO 19,658
UC65 &
upss05, p. 361
UXC28 UXC28 SA27 PC357 70 cent Badlands 2-22-2001 Wall, SD 6,000 upss05, p. 361-2
U.S. Postal Card Directory: UZ
UZ1 / O1 / PSC1, issued July 1913, does not exist as a cacheted First Day Cover
---------------------- Scott#
UPSS# Minkus# Denomi-
Title F.D. Date F.D. City Total
UZ1 UZ1 O1 OPC1 1 cent circular scroll work --- --- --- linns83 p. 189-90
UZ2 UZ2 O2 OPC2 13 cent Eagle 1-12-1983 Washington, DC 840,841 (inc.
7 stamps, 1 card
and 1 envelope)
linns83 p. 189-90
UZ3 UZ3 O3 OPC3 14 cent Eagle 2-26-1985 Washington, DC 62,396 linns85 p. 258-9
UZ4 UZ4 O4 OPC4 15 cent Eagle 6-10-1988 New York, NY 133,498 linns88 p. 347-8
UZ5 UZ5 O5 OPC5 19 cent Eagle 5-24-1991 Seattle, WA 23,097 linns91 p. 397-8
UZ6 UZ6 O6 OPC6 20 cent Eagle 5-09-1995 Washington, DC 11,210 UPSS

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