Fast Folk and Coop Database, with artist crossreferences, by Steven Alexander

created by Steven Alexander

Discography for The CooP and Fast Folk recordings

(last updated .07-13-2016)

Various||February 1992|CooP|SE 101

Various|The New Interpreters|March 1982|Coop|SE 102

Various||April 1982|Coop|SE 103

Various|The Political Song Revisited|May 1982|Coop|SE 104

Various|Traditional Music Revisited|June 1982|Coop|SE 105

Various|Street Singing|July 1982|Coop|SE 106

Various||August 1982|CooP|SE 107

Various|Live at The SpeakEasy|September 1982|CooP|SE 108

Various||October 1982|Coop|SE 109

Various|Women in Song|November 1982|CooP|SE 110

Various||December 1982-January 1983|Coop|SE 111

Various|1st Anniversary|February 1983|Coop|SE 201

Various|Story Songs|March 1983|Coop|SE 202

Various|Humor in Song|April 1983|Coop|SE 203

Various|The Political Song|May 1983|Coop|SE 204

Various|Love Songs|June 1983|Coop|SE 205

Various|Traditional Songs|July/August 1983|Coop|SE 206

Various||September 1983|Coop|SE 207

Various||January 1984|Fast Folk|FF 101

Various|Live at the SpeakEasy|February 1984|Fast Folk|FF 102

Various|White Rabbit|March 1984|Fast Folk|FF 103

Various|Live at the Bottom Line, January 1984|April 1984|Fast Folk|FF 104

Various||May 1984|Fast Folk|FF 105

Various|Blues|June 1984|Fast Folk|FF 106

Various|Quixotic||Fast Folk|FF 107

Various|Women in Song|October 1984|Fast Folk|FF 108

Various|Caught Napping|November 1984|Fast Folk|FF 109

Various||December 1984|Fast Folk|FF 110

Various||January 1985|Fast Folk|FF 201

Various||February 1985|Fast Folk|FF 202

Various|Love and War|March 1985|Fast Folk|FF 203

Various|The Boston Area|April 1985|Fast Folk|FF 204

Various|Live at Arlington Town Hall|May 1985|Fast Folk|FF 205

Various|Oh, Say Can You See?|June 1985|Fast Folk|FF 206

Various|Caffe Lena 25th Anniversary|September 1985|Fast Folk|FF 207

Various||October 1985|Fast Folk|FF 208

Various|Women in Song|November 1985|Fast Folk|FF 209

Various||December 1985|Fast Folk|FF 210

Various|Toward a New Beginning|January 1986|Fast Folk|FF 301

Various|Street Stories|February 1986|Fast Folk|FF 302

Various||March 1986|Fast Folk|FF 303

Various|Boston One|April 1986|Fast Folk|FF 304

Various|Boston Two|May 1986|Fast Folk|FF 305

Various|Live at the Bottom Line 1986|August/September 1986|Fast Folk|FF 306, 307

Various|Season's Greetings|October 1986|Fast Folk|FF 308

Various|Songs of Tradition|November 1986|Fast Folk|FF 309

Various||December 1986|Fast Folk|FF 310

Various|Everything To Love|January 1987|Fast Folk|FF 401

Various|Songs from the Pioneer Valley, Massachusetts|February 1987|Fast Folk|FF 402

Various|Live at the Hoot|Summer 1987|Fast Folk|FF 403

Various|An Evening in Greenwich Village|April 1988|Fast Folk|FF 404

Various|Sixth Anniversary Issue|Fall 1988|Fast Folk|FF 405-406

Various|Cross Country|February 1989|Fast Folk|FF 407

Various|Toronto|August 1989|Fast Folk|FF 408

Various|Los Angeles|September 1989|Fast Folk|FF 409

Various|Second Annual Greenwich Village Folk Festival|October 1989|Fast Folk|MR82811 FF 410

Various|Human Pride|December 1989|Fast Folk|FF 501

Various|Live At The Bottom Line/1988|January 1990|Fast Folk|FF 502

Various|Live at the Bottom Line 1989|February 1990|Fast Folk|FF 503

Various|New Voices|December 1989|Fast Folk|FF 504

Various|On the Banks of the Guadelupe|Summer 1990|Fast Folk|FF 505

Various|Emotional Vices|January 1991|Fast Folk|FF 506

Various|Live 2/24/90|1991|Fast Folk|FF 507

Various|Detours|May 1991|Fast Folk|FF 508

Various|Live at the Postcrypt Coffeehouse, Columbia University|1992|Fast Folk|FF 509

Various|Live at the Bottom Line, 1991|1992|Fast Folk|FF 510

Various|Shut Up and Sing the Song~The Songwriter's Exchange Part 1|1992|Fast Folk|FF 601

Various|Mike Porco: In Memoriam|June 1992|Fast Folk|FF 602

Various|Tenth Anniversary Fast Folk Revue~Part 1~Live at the Bottom Line|October 1992|Fast Folk|FF 603

Various|Tenth Anniversary Fast Folk Revue~Part 2~Live at the Bottom Line|October 1992|Fast Folk|FF 604

Various||September 1992|Fast Folk|FF 605

Various|Boston Revisited|October 1992|Fast Folk|FF 606

Various|Songs from the Garden State|November 1992|Fast Folk|FF 607

Various|Keep on Keepin' On|December 1992|Fast Folk|FF 608

Various|Lost in the Works: New York Revisited|January 1993|Fast Folk|FF 609

Various|Lost in the Works: Toronto Revisited|January 1993|Fast Folk|FF 610

Various||April 1993|Fast Folk|FF 701

Various|Live at The Bottom Line 1993|May 1993|Fast Folk|FF 702

Various|Eugene, Oregon|May 1993|Fast Folk|FF 703

Various|The Old Vienna Tapes Vol. 2|May 1993|Fast Folk|FF 704

Various|Summer 1993|July 1993|Fast Folk|FF 705

Various|Philadelphia Phast Pholks|July 1993|Fast Folk|FF 706

Various|Guerilla Recording|October 1993|Fast Folk|FF 707

Various|Los Angeles 1993|November 1993|Fast Folk|FF 708

Various|High Falls, 12240|January 1994|Fast Folk|FF 709

Various|The Maine Festival 1993|July 1994|Fast Folk|FF 710

Various|Falling into the Ocean|May 1994|Fast Folk|FF 801

Various|Live at the Bottom Line 1994|November 1994|Fast Folk|FF 802

Various|Hear in Rhode Island: A Festival of Original Music from Ocean State Artists|May 1995|Fast Folk|FF 803

Various|New Voices NYC|October 1995|Fast Folk|FF 804

Various|Undercurrents - Singer-Songwriters from the Hudson Valley Musicians Alliance|November 1995|Fast Folk|FF 805

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