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      This page lists site evaluations (aka a Website Review) of this domain, "", created by a growing number of on-line companies whose only purpose is to evaluate your domain and then try to sell you their one time or ongoing services to fix all the things they found wrong with your site. These various "" evaluations have been very helpful and have provided several suggestions which I have implemented to improve my site. However, as a long retired UW-Oshkosh computer programmer, I cannot afford to pay anyone tens or hundreds of dollars per month to fix everything that is wrong.** There is no FREE way for me to fix everything.
   "" evaluations
** = as noted elsewhere, this site sells nothing and earns no income from anyone for anything.

Below are known site problems I do not know how to fix by myself:

"" evaluations, in name order of the company that created these pages: [w/the date they were added to this page]
  1. [*]
  2. HubSpot's Website Grader [*]
  3. Web of Trust [*]
  4. WooRank [4-11-2015]
      * = this list used to be on my Home Page. I did not keep track of when I added the first three I started linking to.

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