Kim Robertson Benefit Concert, 10-28-1995

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[Information reprinted from the Oshkosh Kiwanis Noon Club concert flyer.]

Kim Robertson and her Celtic Harp

"Coming Home to Good Times - Jazz Benefit Concert"
with special guests, "Professors of Dixie" ( Al Butcher and G.W. Sandy Schaefer), and Linda Harmon, Ragtime Piano.
October 28, 1995, 8:00 pm at the Grand Opera House, 100 High Avenue, Oshkosh, WI. Sponsored by the Oshkosh Kiwanis Noon Club. This is a benefit for the Music Departments of Oshkosh North and West High Schools and Lourdes Academy. Tickets: $16.00, call (920) 235-2352. Or write the Oshkosh Kiwanis Noon Club.

"Coming Home to Good Times" is a fitting title for this year's Jazz Benefit Concert starring Kim Robertson and her Celtic Harp.

"Coming Home" is a true occasion for Kim. Born in Oshkosh, she is the lovely daughter of Audrey and Ray (ex-Miles Kimball) Robertson who were long-time, civically active "natives" of Oshkosh. They moved to California many years ago.

"Coming Home" for Kim means remembering piano lessons at eight years of age, public school classes, graduating from Oshkosh North High School and UW Oshkosh. Since then she has received international fame as a professional musician and many record albums to her credit. Welcome home, Kim.

Thank you for helping to raise funds for the music departments of Oshkosh North and West High Schools, and Lourdes Academy.

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