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          From the UW Oshkosh Academic Computing Web site:

Retiree Account Eligibility (as of 7-26-2011) [Archive]
    Eligible Employees
        5. Individuals who have retired from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh (must be requested)

Retiree Account Eligibility (as of 11-29-2016)

          Some of the following is additional information about obtaining and keeping an account after retirement that may not be available on the UW Oshkosh Web site.

          You can do a SET FORWARD to your new E-Mail account before you leave UW Oshkosh and before your account locks. The forward will continue to work until your account is deleted.

          All Faculty/Staff retirees can have their accounts extended beyond retirement, but only if you specifically request it. If your retirement account is not used for six months, it will be locked. If Academic Computing does not hear from you for another six months after that, it will be deleted.

          If you would like to use the computers in any of the Academic Computing Labs on campus, you will need a Network login account which must also be requested.

          For additional information about UW Oshkosh Retiree E-Mail and Network accounts, contact the Academic Computing Help Desk during regular business hours. As you need to show your UW Oshkosh Retiree Titan Card in person, account requests cannot be made over the phone.
      Dempsey 307, M-F 7:45 am - 4:30 pm, or call 424-3020

Other notes:
          Only those who actually retired from UW Oshkosh are eligible for these accounts. If you left UW Oshkosh and then retired from someplace else, you are not eligible.
          Retirement account requests may be made either shortly before retirement, or at any time thereafter. However, if the request is not made before your previous employee E-Mail account has been deleted, none of your old E-Mail messages were backed up, so they cannot be recovered.

          If you have any other questions, see the Academic Computing Home Page.

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