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          This page lists Wisconsin Venue Histories that have been installed at this site. 6-22-2009: Added all annual Wisconsin Music Festival Histories installed here.

          Please write if you would like the history of your Wisconsin Acoustic, Blues, Jazz, Polka or other genre Venue or Festival installed at this site.

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      moved = Old pages previously maintained when I was the Green Apple Folk Music Society Board Historian (9/2006-9/2008). These pages have been moved, converted to a new format and will continue to be maintained at their new location.
      old = Pages which will also be moved and converted, and maintenance of them will resume when I have time to do so.
      (closed) = Former venues which have either gone out of business or no longer present live music.

  1. Amherst Coffee Co. (closed) - moved
  2. Jensen Theater - moved
  3. Between the Pages (closed) - old
  4. Ecotopia (closed) - old
  5. Foxley's (closed) - old
    Fond du Lac
  6. Tru Blu Lounge
    Green Bay
  7. St. Brendan's Irish Pub - old
    Green Lake
  8. Thrasher Opera House - old
  9. Trilogy Pizza - old
  10. Kaukauna Coffee & Tea (closed) - old
  11. Acoustic Fest (annual festival)
  12. Fox Jazz Fest (annual festival)
  13. Irish Fest (annual festival)
    Mount Morris
  14. Black Hawk Folk Festival (annual festival)
  15. Neenah Jazz Fest (annual festival)
    New London
  16. Wolf River Theater - old
  17. First Tuesdays at the First Congregational Church
  18. Live at Lunch at Grand Opera House Square
  19. Live at Lunch at Mi-Taza Coffeehouse, UW Oshkosh
  20. Oshkosh Irish Fest (annual festival)
  21. Waterfest
              NOTE: OshKosh (or Osh Kosh) are registered trademarks of the OshKosh B'Gosh clothing store. Please do NOT spell the name of our city with a capital "K". Thank you.
  22. Old Time Music & Craft Festival (Shawano Folk Music Festival) (annual festival)
    Two Rivers
  23. Two Rivers Bluegrass
  24. Big Bull Falls Blues Festival (annual festival)

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