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          This page lists articles in print which I have written or articles about the FolkLib Index written by others. The articles are listed in publication chronological order and are by me unless noted otherwise. Bold links are those which have been installed on-line by their authors or by the magazine where they were published. All articles installed here are exactly as published, unless the original article had a misprint or error at the moment in time it was published which is noted by "[SIC...]" with the correction. As I cannot update the paper copy of an article, no attempt will be made to update my on-line mirror copy of it either. If the "last updated" date at the top of an article changes, it will only be because a link on that page had to be updated. The number in an article's page title, for example, "(#1)" indicates the order the page was installed on-line, and not the order it was written or published. It's only purpose is to make every page title unique.

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