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      This page lists only the musicians with feature stories in each issue of Performing Songwriter Magazine. Other articles about venues, festivals, etc. are not listed.

      D.I.Y. = Every magazine, starting with Issue #2, has 12 reviews selected from all the new releases received by the magazine in the previous month. These Top 12 Independent Recordings are by a performing songwriter who has "done-it-yourself" - produced and distributed your own full-length recording. At the end of each year 12 artists from the 72 that appeared in the "Top 12 DIY" sections are chosen to appear on the magazine's annual Compilation CD [Archive]. Ten D.I.Y. CD's have been released since 1994.

  1. 1(1), Jul/Aug, 1993
    Pat Alger, Vance Gilbert, John Gorka, Nanci Griffith, Janis Ian, Jonell Mosser, Tricia Walker, Lari White, Kate Wolf
  2. 1(2), Sep/Oct, 1993
    Chuck Cannon, Shawn Colvin, Catie Curtis, Don Henry, Patty Larkin, Mark Luna, Aimee Mann, Vicki Randle, David Wilcox
    D.I.Y. Catie Curtis, Betty Elders, Andy King, Kathy Kreger, Michael McNevin, Hunter Moore, Tom Prasada-Rao, Tony Vila, Little Toby Walker and The Rocket, Tricia Walker, Susan Graham White, 5 Chinese Brothers

    (to be continued)

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