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      Musician's Birthdays - Folk Music, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Country Blues, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarists, etc. and specific bibliographic source references for detailed information about the listed artists and groups. Not all of the listed books and magazines are completely indexed. I hope everyone finds something useful. Please send additions and/or corrections to:

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artist or group name birth date death date birthplace link to FolkLib Index entry d. death place Note 1: bibliography sources birth (maiden) name aka "also known as", pseudonyms this artist recorded under Note 2: (groups this artist was/is in) Note 2: see ... (artists that were in this group at one time or another) [reason for listing] {"Sing Out!" obituary article title} How to use the source references on these pages: for example, ~Adams, Bryan ,dg7,fo6,gl6 I feel it would serve no useful purpose to link all of the literally thousands of references to the book each one refers to, plus it would make it very difficult to edit these pages. Therefore, to make use of the above book references, append a "#" and each two letter code to the Bibliography page URL. For the above references, will link you to the bibliographical information about each book where the information for Bryan Adams can be found on the page listed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- B Birth Death Birthplace (see #G Name Source(s) mm-dd-yyyy mm-dd-yyyy for U.S. state codes) ---------------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------- BA - |top/bottom of page|All "B" artists/groups|Copyright Notice| ~Babayof, Noa - -198? city?, Israel ,sl194 ~Babcock, Maltbie Davenport 8-03-1858 5-18-1901 Syracuse, NY Index d. Naples, Italy ~Babin, Victor 12-13-1908 3-01-1972 Moscow, Russia Index|,pn13,po17-8,pp26,pq20 d. Cleveland, OH Viktor Genrikhovich Babin ~Baby Sitters, The .... Index|,bk ~Baccaloni, Salvatore 4-19-1900 12-31-1969 Rome, Italy Index d. New York, NY ,km2:292,kn1:268,ko27,kp28,kq28-9 ~Bach, Carl Philipp Emanuel 3-08-1714 12-14-1788 Weimar, Germany Index ~Bach, Johann Sebastian 3-31-1685 7-28-1750 Eisenach, Saxe-Eisenach, Germany Index ~Bach, Oz 6-24-1939 Huntington, WV Index ~Bacharach, Burt 5-12-1928 Kansas City, MO Index Burt F. Bacharach ~Bachemin, Moe 12-01-1935 city? Index ~Bachman, Randy 9-27-1943 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Index Randolph Charles Bachman ~Backer, Steve - - city? Index|,os215-22 ~Backroom Boys .... ,vy314 ~Bacon, Ernst 5-26-1898 3-16-1990 Chicago, IL Index ~Bacsik, Elek 5-22-1926 2-14-1993 Budapest, Hungary Index ~Bacquier, Gabriel 5-17-1924 Beziers, France Index ,km2:450-1,kn1:272,ko27,kp28,kq29 Gabriel-Augustin-Raymond-Theodore-Louis Bacquier ~Bad Boy .... Index|,iv167 ~Bad Livers .... Index|,fq32,ge17 ~Baden Powell 8-06-1937 9-26-2000 Varre-Sai, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Index|,qv29,rc50 d. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Roberto Baden Powell de Aquino ~Baer, Aaron - -1976 Kimberly, WI Index ~Baez, Joan 1-09-1941 Staten Island, NY Index|,aa22|,af60,am29,ao16,aq71,ar22,as31,av676,az19,ba23,bg25,bk ,bn28-31,bs49,bu25,bv26,bw31,cj23,cx500,df172,dg31-2,fh485,fm736,fo45 ,fq32,fy167,ge18,gl43,iy12,vy16-7,wa9 Joan Chandos Baez ~Baggelaar, Kristin - - Long Island, NY Index|,aa Kristin Anna Baggelaar ~Bahcall, Klara Fenyo - - Budapest, Hungary Index ~Bailes Brothers .... Index|,fu39,gj23,wa10 ~Bailes, Frankie 12- -1921 7- -2005 High Point, NC Index [Songwriter] Frances ?, m. Walter Bailes 1/1946 ~Bailes, Homer 5-08-1922 Index ~Bailes, John (Johnny) 6-24-1918 12-21-1989 city? Index ~Bailes, Kyle 5-17-1915 3-03-1996 city? Index ~Bailes, Walter 1-17-1920 11-27-2000 Kanawha County, WV Index|,by19 Walter Butler Bailes ~Bailey, Charlie 2-09-1916 12-21-1989 city? Index|,by19 ~Bailey, Danny 12-01-1919 Happy Valley, TN Index|,fu40 ~Bailey, David M - - Beirut, Lebanon Index ~Bailey, DeFord 12-14-1899 7-02-1982 Bellwood, TN Index|,bm17-8,fu41 d. ? ~Bailey, DeFord Jr. 1-03-1932 Nashville, TN Index ~Bailey, James 3-22-1957 city? Index|,by19 ~Bailey, Jay 1-24-1935 Cordell, OK Index ~Bailey, Mildred 2-27-1907 12-12-1951 Tekoa, WA Index|,oi40-1 d. Poughkeepsie, NY Mildred Rinker ~Bailey, Norman 3-23-1933 Birmingham, U.K. Index ,km2:489,kn1:279,ko28,kp28,kq29,kr20 Norman Stanley Bailey ~Bailey, Razzy 2-14-1939 Lafayette, AL Index|,bn31-2 ~Bailey, Richard 9-11-1961 city? Index ~Bailey, Robert - - Trinidad Index ~Bailey, Roy - - London, U.K. Index|,ax40,vy17 ~Bain, Aly 5-15-1946 Lerwick, Shetland, Scotland Index|,vy16 ~Bair, Fred 6-10-1915 New York, NY Index ~Baird, Dan 12-12-1953 San Diego, CA Index Daniel John Baird ~Baker, Bill 7-05-1936 Pound, VA Index|,by20,fh486,fu43 ~Baker, Chet 12-23-1929 5-13-1988 Yale, OK Index|,oi42-3 d. Amsterdam, Holland Chesney H. Baker ~Baker, Del 3-20-1899 - - city? Index ~Baker, Duck 7-30-1949 Washington, DC Index|,as32,sl194-5,vy18 Richard Royall Baker IV ~Baker, Duck & Molly Andrews .... Index|,fq34 ~Baker, Ernest "King" 5-30-1939 Natchez, MS Index ~Baker, Etta 3-31-1915 9-23-2006 Caldwell County, NC Index ,bk,cx348,fq35,ga10,gh18,hb12,vy18,wa10-11 Etta Reid, daughter of Boone Reid) ~Baker, Janet 8-21-1933 Hatfield, Yorkshire, U.K. Index ,km2:502,kn1:281,ko28,kp28,kq30,kr20 ~Baker, Jessie 2-07-1991 Martinsville, IN Index ~Baker, Kenny 6-26-1926 7-08-2011 Burdine, KY near Jenkins Index d. Nashville, TN ,aa25,bk,by20,fq35,fu44,ge19,gj25,wa11 Kenny Clayton Baker ~Baker, Kevin 11-17-1978 Pulaski, WI Index ~Baker, LaVern 11-11-1929 3-10-1997 Chicago, IL Index|,gh18,hb13 d. New York, NY Delores Williams ~Baker, Lefty 1-07-1942 Roanoke, VA Index ~Baker, Norbie 1-28-1929 1-28-1995 city? Index Norbert Piotrowski or Norbert Piekarski ~Baker, Sam - - Itasca, TX ,sl195 ~Baker, Theodore 6-03-1851 10-13-1934 New York, NY Index d. Dresden, Germany ,xa118,wx103,wy103,wz118 ~Baker, Vern - - city? Index|,qh167 ~Baksa, Robert 2-07-1938 New York, NY Index Robert Frank Baksa ~Balancing Act, The .... ,sl195-6 ~Balatka, Hans 2-26-1825 4-17-1899 Olomouc, Czech Republic Index d. Chicago, IL ~Baldassari, Butch 12-11-1952 1-10-2009 Scranton, PA Index d. Nashville, TN ,by21,cx485,fh618,gj25,hx151 Paul Wadey Jerome Baldassari ~Baldry, Long John 1-12-1941 7-21-2005 East Haddon, Northamptonshire, U.K. d. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada John William Baldry ~Baldursson, Siggi - - city? Index|,iv167 ~Bales, Allen 4-05-1945 city?, WI Index ~Bales, Barry 8-23-1969 Kingsport, TN Index ~Balfa Brothers, The .... Index ,aa25,cx400,fq36,fu45,ge20,gj25,wa11-12 ~Balfa Toujours .... Index|,fq36 ~Balfa, Dewey 3-20-1927 6-17-1992 Big Mamou, LA Index|,cx400,se56 d. Eunice, LA {Cajun Fiddler} ~Balfa, Harry - -1931 city? Index ~Balfa, Will - - 2-06-1979 city? Index ~Balfe, William 5-15-1808 10-20-1870 Dublin, Ireland Index Michael William Balfe ~Ball, E.C. 10-01-1914 Rugby, VA Index|,bk Estil C. Ball ~Ball, E.C. & Orna .... Index|,cx485,fh618,fq37,wa12,wm19-22 ~Ball, Earl - -1928 - -2008 city? Index|,qh167-8 ~Ball, Marcia 3-20-1949 Orange, TX Index|,dg33,ga11,gh20,hb15 ~Ball, Orna - -1907 city? Index Orna Reedy ~Ball, Patrick 3-27-1950 San Francisco, CA Index|,cx538,fq38 ~Balliett, Whitney 4-17-1926 2-01-2007 Manhattan, NY Index|,ns,4cy,4cz d. New York, NY Whitney Lyon Balliett ~Balsley, Philip 8-08-1939 Augusta County, VA Index Philip Elwood Balsley ~Baltimore Consort .... Index|,fq38 ~Bamber, Walt - -1918? 4-15-2003 city? Index ~Bambrick, Winifred Estella 2-21-1892 4-11-1969 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Index d. Montreal, Quebec, Canada ~Bamford, A.V. 5-05-1909 7-08-2003 Havana Cuba Alfred Vincent Bamford ~Band, Heinrich - -1821 - -1860 city? Index ~Band, The .... Index ,bk,bn33-5,bw32,fo49,fq39,fy168,gj25,iy15,vy18-20 ~Bandy, Moe 2-12-1944 Meridian, MS Index|,bn35-7,fu47-8 ~Banhart, Devendra 5-30-1981 Houston, TX ,sl196-7 ~Banjo Dan & the Mid-Nite Plowboys .... Index|,by21,cx485,fh618-9 aka Midnight Plowboys ~Banks, Robin 11-25-1963 Chatham, New Brunswick, Canada Index ~Bannon, R.C. 5-02-1945 Dallas, TX Index|,bn37-8,fu48-9 Daniel Shipley ~Barbecue Bob 9-11-1902 10-31-1931 Walnut Grove, GA Index d. Atlanta, GA or Lithonia, GA? ,an228,bb13,bk,ce46,cx348,ga12,gh22,hb16 Robert Hicks ~Barber, Ava 6-28-1954 Knoxville, TN Index|,bn38-9,fu49 ~Barber, Samuel 3-09-1910 1-23-1981 West Chester, PA Index ~Barbieri, Fedora 6-04-1920 Trieste, Italy Index ,km2:699,kn1:314,ko31,kp32,kq32 ~Barbosa-Lima, Carlos 12-17-1944 Sao Paulo, Brazil Index|,qk105-16 ~Barbour, Fiddlin' Burk 7-20-1910 Pittsylvania County, VA Index|,fu50 ~Bardens, Peter - - city? Index|,ai20 ~Bare Fat .... Index|,ha364 ~Bare Necessities .... Index|,fq41 ~Bare, Bobby 4-07-1935 Ironton, OH Index|,bm18-9,bn39-41,fu50-2 Robert Joseph Bare ~Barely Works .... Index|,vy20 ~Barenberg, Russ 10-08-1950 city? Index ,ab16,aq156,by22,cx485,fh619,fq41,ge22,gj31 ~Baring-Gould, William S. 1-01-1913 1-01-1967 city? Index William Stuart Baring-Gould dates from: Goodreads ~Barker, Danny 1-13-1909 3-13-1994 New Orleans, LA Index d. New Orleans, LA Daniel Moses Barker ~Barker, Horton 8-23-1889 city?, TN Index|,au35,bk ~Barker, Les 1-30-1947 Manchester, U.K. Index|,fq42,sl10-13,vy20 ~Barker, Sally 9-19-1959 Barrow upon Soar, Leicestershire, U.K. Index|,sl13-14,vy20-2 ~Barnes' Blue Ridge Ramblers, H.M. .... ,ln94-5,wm22-4,8q23-5 ~Barnes, Danny 12-21-1961 Temple, TX Index ~Barnes, Max D. 7-24-1936 1-11-2004 Hardscratch, IA Max Duane Barnes ~Barnett, Wanda 10-09-1957 city? Index ~Barr, Tina Louise - - Modesto, CA Index|,fq42 ~Barra MacNeils, The .... Index|,fq43 ~Barrand, Tony 4-03-1945 city?, U.K. Index|,bk Anthony Grant Barrand ~Barrett, Majel .... (see: Majel Roddenberry) ~Barrier Brothers .... Index|,by22,fu55,gj32 ~Barrier, Barry 10-10-1960 city? Index ~Barrier, Ernest 1-23-1925 2-03-1994 Hardin County, TN Index ~Barrier, Henry Ray 3-04-1939 9-02-2003 Hardin County, TN Index ~Barrier, Herman 1-23-1920 9-05-1988 Hardin County, TN Index ~Barris, Sally 4-20- Chaska, MN Index ~Barrueco, Manuel 12-16-1952 Santiago de Cuba, Cuba Index|,ll9-12 ~Bartley, Geoff - - city? Index|,cx501,fh486 ~Bartok, Bela 3-25-1881 9-26-1945 Nagyszentmiklos, Hungary Index|,yq141-5 d. New York, NY Bela Viktor Janos Bartok ~Bartoli, Cecilia 6-04-1066 - - city? ,4aa55-8 ~Barton, Cathy 6-12-1955 Fort Benning, GA Index ~Barton, Cathy & Dave Para .... Index|,fh486,fm736,fq43 ~Barton, Lou Ann 2-17-1954 Fort Worth, TX Index ~Bashell, Louie 7-01-1914 12-17-2008 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Bashful Brother Oswald 12-26-1911 10-17-2002 Sevierville, TN Index|,bk,by48,cx485,fh619,fl203,fu56-7,ge22,gj32 aka Pete Kirby Beecher Ray Kirby ~Bashir, Munir - - 9-29-1997 city? Index [Iraqi master of the Oud] d. Budapest, Hungary ~Basho, Robbie - -1941? 2-27-1986 Baltimore, MD Index|Articles/Reviews|Sources Daniel Robert Robinson, Jr. ~Basie, Count 8-21-1904 4-26-1984 Red Bank, NJ Index|,oi44-8,or112-123 d. Hollywood, FL William James Basie ~Basin Brothers .... Index|,fq44 ~Bass, Fontella 7-03-1940 12-26-2012 St. Louis, MO Index d. St. Louis, MO ~Bastianini, Ettore 9-24-1922 1-25-1967 Siena, Italy Index d. Sirmione, Italy ,km2:898,kn1:347,ko35,kp36,kq34 ~Batteau, Robin 1-12-1948 Boston, MA Index ~Battin, Skip 2-18-1934 7-06-2003 Gallipolis, OH Index d. Salem, OR Clyde Battin ~Battlefield Band .... Index ,ax58,cx868,fq45,iy19,su7-8,vy22-3,wa13 ~Batyko, Bobby 2-14-1955 city?, NJ Index ~Baucom, Terry 10-06-1952 city? Index ~Bauer, Billy 11-14-1915 6-16-2005 New York, NY Index|,qk87-97,qv46 ~Baum, Gary 10-02- city? Index ~Bay, Mel 2-25-1913 5-14-1997 Bunker, MO Index Melbourne E. Bay ~Bayes, Nora - -1880 - 3-19-1928 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Bayne, Pauline Shaw - - city? Index| ~Bayou Seco - - city? Index|,fq46 aka Bayou Eclectico ~Bazilian, Eric 7-21-1953 city? Index Eric M. Bazilian BE - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Be Good Texans, The .... ,sl197 ~Beach Boys .... Index|,fx328-32,3e11-20,8h24-9,8i31-7 ~Beal, Elmer - - city? Index|,fp6 ~Beall, Mary Kay - -1943 Akron, OH Index ~Beamer, Keola 2-18-1951 HI Index|,fq47 Keolamaikalani Breckenridge Beamer ~Beastie Boys, The .... Index|,ff742-55 ~Beatles, The .... Index ,3e21-40,3i49-50,8h30-8,8i37-45 Rough Guide to The Beatles The Beatles: A Bio-Bibliography ~Beau, Heinie 3-08-1911 4-19-1987 Calvary, WI Index|dh130-1 Henry John Beau ~Beau, Steve - - Fond du Lac, WI Index ~Beausoleil .... Index ,bj,cx400,dg46,fo62,fq48,ge24,iy21,wa14 ~Beavers, Clyde 6-08-1932 Tennage, GA Index|,bm19-20 ~Bebey, Francis 7-15-1929 - - Douala, Cameroon ,4ac44-8 ~Becaud, Gilbert 10- -1927 12-18-2001 Toulon, France Index Francois Silly ~Bechet, Sidney 5-14-1897 5-14-1959 New Orleans, LA Index|,ns31-41,oi49-52 d. Paris, France Sidney Joseph Bechet ~Beck 7-08-1970 Los Angeles, CA Index|,iy24 Beck Hansen ~Beck, Christian 9-05-1981 city? Index ~Beck, John Ness 11-11-1930 6-25-1987 Warren, OH Index d. Columbus, OH ,pq31,qd55,vs29,vt35 ~Beckerman, Wendy - - city?, NJ Index|,fh486,fm737 ~Beckett, Barry 2-04-1943 6-10-2009 Birmingham, AL ~Beckley, Gerry 9-12-1952 Fort Worth, TX Index ~BecVar, Brian - - Louisville, KY Index|,hm25 ~BecVar, Bruce - -1953 Louisville, KY Index|,ab20,cx538,hm25-6 ~Bee Gees, The .... Index|,ff486-506 ~Bee, Molly 8-18-1939 Oklahoma City, OK Index|,bm20,bn41-2,fu58-9 Molly Beachboard ~Beeching, Jenny 9-19-1950 Romford, Essex, U.K. ,sl14,vy23 ~Beeler, Jim - -1938 - -2004 Old Kissee Mills, MO Index|,qh169 ~Beers Family, The .... Index|,az30,bk ~Beers, Bob "Fiddler" - -1920 5-26-1972 city? Robert Harland Beers ~Beers, Evelyne - - - - city? Bob Beers wife ~Beers, Martha - - - - city? Bob & Evelyne's Beers daughter ~Beethoven, Ludwig van 12-17-1770 3-26-1827 Bonn, Cologne, Germany Index|,vl32 ~Bedard, Irene 7-22-1967 Anchorage, AK Index ~Beggars Hill .... ,vy314 ~Behm, Don 12-23- city? Index ~Behm, Gene 8-14- city? Index ~Behnke, John A. 9-28-1953 Evanston, IL Index|,qd58 ~Beiderbecke, Bix 3-10-1903 8-06-1931 Davenport, IA Index|,oi53-5,or47-60 d. New York, NY Leon Beiderbecke ~Beimborn, Dan - - city? Index|Periodicals ~Beirut .... ,sl197 ~Beisswenger, Drew - -1956 city? Index|,qh Donald Andrew Beisswenger ~Belafonte, Harry 3-01-1927 New York, NY Index ,aa30,af92,am44,au39,bd97,bn42-5,bu33,bv33,bw37,cj39,cn19 ,dg48,fq50,iy26,vy23-4,wa14 Harold George Belafonte, Jr. ~Belew, Adrian 12-23-1949 Covington, KY Index|,iv121 Robert Steven Belew ~Belew, Carl 4-21-1931 10-31-1990 Salina, OK Index|,bm20-1,fu60 d. ? Carl Robert Belew ~Bell, Carey 11-14-1936 5-06-2007 Macon, MS Index d. Chicago, IL Carey Bell Harrington ~Bell, Delia 4-16 Bonham, TX Index Delia Nowell ~Bell, Digby - -1851 - -1917 Milwaukee, WI Index|,kd36 ~Bell, Delia & Bill Grant (see Bill Grant & Delia Bell) ~Bell, Derek 10-21-1935 10-17-2002 Belfast, Northern Ireland Index|,cx868,fq51,hm26-7 d. Pheonix, AZ George Derek Fleetwood Bell ~Bell, John L. - -1949 Kilmarnock, Ayrshire, Scotland Index John Lamberton Bell ~Bell, Tony 9-24- city? Index ~Bell, Vince - - Dallas, TX Index|,fq53,iy29 ~Bellamy Brothers .... . . Index|,bn45-6,fu60-2 ~Bellamy, David 9-16-1950 Darby, FL Index David Milton Bellamy ~Bellamy, Howard 2-02-1946 Darby, FL Index Homer Howard Bellamy ~Bellamy, Peter 9-08-1944 9-19-1991 city? Index|,ax18-9,cx868,sc27,vy24 ~Belle, Gloria 6-09-1939 city? Index ~Bellson, Louis "Louie" 7-06-1924 2-14-2009 Rock Falls, IL Index|,nu2-31,oi56-7 d. Los Angeles, CA Luigi Paulino Alfredo Francesco Antonio Balassoni ~Beltran, Robert 11-19-1957 Bakersfield, CA [Star Trek Voyager, Chakotay] Robert Adame Beltran ~Belushi, John 1-24-1949 3-05-1982 Chicago, IL Index d. Los Angeles, CA ~Benatar, Pat 1-10-1953 Brooklyn, NY Index Patricia Mae Andrzejewski ~Benatar, Ralph - - Lubumbashi, Zaire Index|,hm27 ~Benbow, Steve 11-29-1931 London, U.K. ,vy24-5 ~Bence, Bob 9-19-1963 Atlanta, GA Index ~Benet, Eric 10-15-1966 Milwaukee, WI Index|,iv131 Eric Benet Jordan, m. actress Halle Berry 1/2001 ~Benford, Mac 4-18-1940 city? Index ~Benford, Mac & The Woodshed All-Stars .... Index|,fq53 ~Benford, Tommy 4-19-1905 3-24-1994 Charleston, WV Index|,ns45-51 d. Mount Vernon, NY Thomas Benford ~Bengtson, Rose 5-19-1960 Middleton, CT Index ~Benner, Albert - -1955 city? Index ~Bennet, Lester - -1913 - -1988 city? Index|,qh170 ~Bennett, Jay - - 5-24-2009 city? Index ~Bennett, Richard - -1961 Johnson City, TN Index|,hx37,sl50 ~Bennett, Richard Rodney 3-29-1936 - - city? ,4aa59-63 ~Bennett, Robert Russell 6-15-1894 8-18-1981 Kansas City, MO Index ~Benoit, Emile 3-24-1913 9-03-1992 Black Duck Brook, Newfoundland, Canada Index d.Stephenville, Newfoundland, Canada Emile Joseph Benoît ~Benoit, Tab 11- -1967 Baton Rouge, LA Index ~Bensman, David A. 5-01-1913 5-03-1963 city? Index Founder Polkaland Records ~Benson, Ed - - city? Index|,qk142-7 ~Benson, George 3-22-1943 Pittsburgh, PA Index|,cc65-66,mx323-335,my137-142,oi58-9 ~Bensusan, Pierre - -1958 Algeria Index|,ab21,ai22,bj,cx538,fq54 ~Benton, Buster 7-19-1932 1-20-1996 Texarkana, AR Index d. Chicago, IL Arley Benton ~Berendsen, Herbert 11-17- city? Index ~Berezan, Jennifer - - city? Index|,fh486 ~Berganza, Teresa 3-16-1935 Madrid, Spain Index ,km3:331,kn1:419,ko44,kp44,kq40,kr27 Teresa Vargas ~Bergen, Edgar 2-16-1903 9-30-1978 Chicago, IL Index|,-- d. Las Vegas, NV Edgar John Bergen [ventriloquist (Charlie McCarthy, Mortimer Snerd)] ~Berger, Erna 10-19-1900 6-14-1990 Cossebaude, near Dresden, Germany Index d. Essen, Germany ,km3:335,kn1:419,ko44,kp44,kq40 ~Berger, Jean 9-27-1909 5-28-2002 Hamm, Westphalia, Germany Index ~Berger, Karl 3-30-1935 Heidelberg, Germany Index|,os163-73 ~Berger, William 1-25-1961 Los Angeles, CA Index|,ru ~Bergerson, Norma - -1936 Index ~Bergerson, Ove - -1925 Index ~Bergerson, Renee - -1967 city? Index ~Bergerson, Russell - -1965 city? Index ~Berghout, Phia (Sophia Rosa) 12-14-1909 3-22-1993 Amsterdam, Netherlands Index d. Doorn, Netherlands ~Bergin, Mary 9-13-1949 Dublin, Ireland Index|,ax75,bj,fq55 ~Bergman, Alan 9-11-1925 Brooklyn, NY Index ~Bergman, Marilyn 11-10-1929 Brooklyn, NY Index ~Bergmann, Tina 2-21-1971 Charlevoix, MI Index|,fq55 ~Bergonzi, Carlo 7-13-1924 Vidalenzo, near Cremona, Italy Index ,km3:345,kn1:421,ko44,kp44,kq41,kr28,4aa63-6 ~Berigan, Bunny 11-02-1908 6-02-1942 Fox Lake, WI Berigan, Bunny or Hilbert, WI d. New York, NY Index|,0005,gv94,hy103,ir292-303,iv167,ju42-3,jy88,pf31 Rowland Bernard Berigan ~Berki, Tamas 5-16-1946 Budapest, Hungary Index|,pf31 ~Berlin, Irving 5-11-1888 9-22-1989 Tyumen, Russian Empire Index d. New York, NY ~Berline, Byron 7-06-1944 Caldwell, KS Index ,bg149,bk,bn46-8,by25,cx485,fh619,fl26,fq56,fu63-4,ge28,gj36,wa14-5 ~Berlioz, Hector 12-11-1803 3-08-1869 La Cote-Saint-Andre, France Index|,vl33-4 ~Berman, Leslie - - city? Index|,bj149,du ~Berman, Shelley 2-03-1926 9-01-2017 Chicago, IL Index|,bw39 d. Bell Canyon, CA Sheldon Leonard Berman ~Bern, Dan - - Mt. Vernon, IA Index|,fq56|Periodicals ~Bernadette - - Donegal, Ireland Index Bernadette Tinney ~Bernadot, John 3-01-1945 Winona, MN Index ~Berner, Geoff 11-26-1971 Vancouver, Ontarion, Canada ,sl197-8 ~Bernhardt, Clyde 7-11-1905 5-20-1986 Goldhill, NC Index|,pf31 d. Newark, NJ Edric Barron ~Bernhardt, Warren 11- -1938 Wausau, WI Index ~Bernstein, Elmer 4-04-1922 8-18-2004 New York, NY Index|,le26-7 d. Ojai, CA ~Bernstein, Leonard 8-25-1918 10-14-1990 Lawrence, MA Index,vi61-4,vl34 Louis Bernstein ~Berntsen, Bertel - -1891 Flekkefjord, Norway Index ~Berquist, John 8-03-1946 5-12-2016 Eveleth, MN Index d. Eveleth, MN ~Berrier, Barry 10-10-1960 Mount Airy, NC Index|,jw13,jx13,lz602 ~Berry, Bill 7-31-1958 Duluth, MN Index|,iv143 William Thomas Berry ~Berry, Chu 9-13-1908 10-30-1941 Wheeling, WV Index|,pf31 d. Conneaut, OH Leon Brown ~Berry, Chuck 10-18-1926 3-18-2017 St. Louis, MO Index d. St. Charles, MO ,bw39,ff21-6,fn17,fo71,fy172,gl78,hb26 Charles Edward Anderson Berry ~Berry, Emmett 7-23-1915 - - Macon, GA Index|,pf31 ~Berry, Walter 4-08-1929 Vienna, Austria Index ,km3:451,kn1:447,ko47,kp47,kq43 ~Berryhill, Cindy Lee - - Los Angeles, CA Index ,cx501,fh486,fm737,fq56,gl80,sl198 ~Berryman, Lou and Peter .... Index|,cx501,fq57,fh486|Periodicals ~Berryman, Lou 1-30-1947 Appleton, WI Index Louise Noffke ~Berryman, Peter 4-07-1947 Philadelphia, PA Index ~Bertoncini, Gene 4-06-1937 New York, NY Index|,iz63,qk155-64,qv58 ~Beschta, Jerry - -1946 Watertown, WI Index ~Best, Carroll - -1931 5-08-1995 Index Hugh Carroll Best, Jr. ~Bestor, Don - - - - city? Index|,jy496 ~Bettner, Joan - - Dodgeville, WI Index BI - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Biagini, Henry - - - -1944 city? Index|,jy503 ~Bibb, Eric 8-16-1951 New York, NY Index ~Bibb, Leon 2-07-1922 10-23-2015 Louisville, KY Bibb, Leon - -1935? Index d. Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada ,aa31,av678,bi134,bj142 ~Bibey, Alan 8-24-1964 city? Index ~Bickford, Mary Ellen - - city? Index|,3w ~Biff U. Blumfumgagnge 1-17-1964 Milwaukee, WI Index Dave Morlock ~Big and Bob - (see: Piper Road Spring Band) ~Big Bad Voodoo Daddy .... Index|,le27 ~Big Blow & the Bushwackers .... Index|,fq58 ~Big Brother & The Holding Company .... Index|,dz56,8h46-9,8i58-9 ~Big Country Bluegrass .... Index|,hx39,wm24-5 ~Big Huge, The .... ,sl199 ~Big Lost Rainbow .... ,sl199 ~Big Three .... Index|,fm235 ~Bigard, Barney 3-03-1906 6-27-1980 New Orleans, LA Index|,oi60-1 d. Culver City, CA Leon Albany Bigard ~Biggs, E. Power 3-29-1906 3-10-1977 Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, U.K. Index d. Boston, MA Ernest Power Biggs or Edward George Power Biggs? ~Bikel, Theodore 5-02-1924 7-21-2015 Vienna, Austria Index d. Westwood, CA ,aa32,af110,au43,bd103,bk,bn48-9,cx857,fm737,fq58,vy25 Theodore Meir Bikel ~Bilides, Sophia - - city? Index|,cx501,fh487 ~Bilik, Jerry H. 10-07-1933 New Rochelle, NY Index|,pq42 ~Billings, William 10-07-1746 9-26-1800 Boston, MA Index d. Boston, MA ~Bilyeu, Glen - -1919 - -1977 city? Index|,qh171 ~Bilyeu, Willy (Willie) - -1902 - -1973 city? Index|,qh171 William Efton Bilyeu ~Binder, Milo - - city? Index|,cx501,fh487 ~Bing Brothers, The .... Index|,fq59 ~Bing, Dave 5-05-1955 Huntington, WV Index|,fq60 ~Binkley Brothers Dixie Clodhoppers .... ,wa15-6 ~Bird, Andrew 7-11-1973 Chicago, IL ,sl199-200 Andrew Wegman Bird ~Bird, Tony 2-18-1945 Malawi, Africa Index|,fh487,fm737,fq60 ~Birkhead, Iiton O. - -1865 city? Index|,qh172 ~Bish, Diane 5-25-1941 city?, KS Index|,qd78,vs41 Diane Joyce Bish ~Bishop, Elvin 10-21-1942 Tulsa, OK Index|,af110,al8,am52,ar36,as52,az34,ba40,bg44,bk,bl9,bw40 ,cn22,dg60,fi27,fo78,ga17,gh36,gl85,hb31 (Paul Butterfield Blues Band) ~Bishop, Joni - - city?, NC Index|,fq61 ~Bishop Sir Richard 8-19-1960 Saginaw, MI ,sl200 ~Bisiker & Romanov .... ,vy25 ~Bissex, Rachel 12-27-1956 2-20-2005 Boston, MA Index|,sl200-1 ~Bitgood, Roberta 1-15-1908 4-15-2007 New London, CT Index d. New London, CT Roberta Bitgood Wiersma ~Bizet, Georges 10-25-1838 6-03-1875 Paris, France Index BL - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Black 47 .... Index|,fq62 ~Black Ace 12-21-1907 11-07-1972 Hughes Springs, TX Index d. Fort Worth, TX Babe Kyro Lemon Turner ~Black Elk 12- -1863 8-17-1950 Little Powder River, WY Index Oglala Lakota Sioux holy man ~Black Family, The .... Index|,fq62 ~Black Velvet Band .... ,vy25 ~Black, Baxter - - city? Index|,bj ~Black, Bob 6-14-1949 city? Index ~Black, Clint 2-04-1962 - - Houston, TX ,4ac52-5 ~Black, Daniel - -1979 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Black, Frances 6-25-1960 Dublin, Ireland Index|,iy31 ~Black, Mary 5-22-1955 Ireland Index|,fq63,iy32,vy25-6 ~Blackburn, Sean - - 9-29-2005 city? Index ~Blackgirls .... ,sl201 ~Blackhawk - (see: Richard "Blackhawk" Kapusta) ~Blackley, Becky 6-10-1947 Long Island, NY Index|,fq64 ~Blackstone, Orin 2-19-1907 3-07-1980 Mount Pleasant, TX Index d. New Orleans, LA Clarence Oren Blackstone ~Blackwell, Ed - -1927 New Orleans, LA Index|,oi62-3 Edward Joseph Blackwell ~Blackwell, Francis "Scrapper" 2-21-1903 10-07-1962 Syracuse, NY Index|,gh37,hb33 d. Indianapolis, IN ~Blag Dahlia 5-08-1966 city? Index|,um312 Paul Cafaro ~Blair, Ron 9-16-1952 San Diego, CA Index Ronald Edward Blair ~Blair, Seth - - Seattle, WA Index ~Blair, Sunny 7-16-1931 7-6-1966 Jefferson County, AR Index Sullivan Jackson ~Blake, Arthur "Blind" - -1890 - -1933 Jacksonville, FL Index d. CA ,af115,aj11,an415,bb23,bk,bl10,cx352,fi29,fq65,ga21,gh38,hb36,iy39 Arthur Phelps ~Blake, Eubie 2-27-1883 2-12-1983 Baltimore, MD Blake, Eubie 2-27-1887 Index|,oi64-6 d. New York, NY James Hubert Blake ~Blake, Nancy 6-11-1952 city? Index|,cx486,fh619,gj39 Nancy Short ~Blake, Norman 3-10-1938 Chattanooga, TN Index ,as56,az36,ba43,bk,bn50-2,cx486,fh619,fq64,fu70-1,ge32,gj39,iy34,wa16 ~Blake, Norman with Tony Rice .... Index|,cx486,fh619 ~Blake, Ran 4-20-1935 Springfield, MA Index|,oi67-8,os175-87,sn194-202 ~Blakey, Art 10-11-1919 10-16-1990 Pittsburgh, PA Index d.New York, NY ,cc69,mx103-111,my46-49,oi69-71 Arthur Blakey ~Blanc, Ernest 11-01-1923 Sanary-sur-Mer, France Index ,km3:678,kn1:496 ~Blanc, Wally - - city?, WI Index ~Blanchard, Red 7-24-1914 2-24-1980 Pittsville, WI Index|#fu72 Donald F. Blanchard ~Bland, Bobby "Blue" 1-27-1930 6-23-2013 Rosemark, TN Index d. Germantown, TN ,bw41,cx352,dg64,fn18,fo85,ga20,gh39,hb34,iy35 ~Bland, James A. 10-22-1854 5-05-1911 Flushing, NY Index d. Philadelphia, PA ~Blank, Les 11-27-1935 4-07-2013 Tampa, FL Index d. Berkeley Hills, CA Leslie Harrod Blank Jr. ~Blanton, Jimmy 10- -1918 7-30-1942 Chattanooga, TN Index,oi72-3 d. Los Angeles, CA James Blanton ~Blasters, The .... Index|,bw41,fo86,gx21,it29 ~Blazonczyk, Eddie Jr. - -1967 city? Index ~Blazonczyk, Eddie Sr. 7-12-1941 5-21-2012 Chicago, IL Index ~Blegvad, Peter 8-14-1951 New York, NY Index|,iy37 ~Bleizi, Ruz - - city? Index|,cx868 ~Blevins, Frank 2-25-1912 7-27-2001 Smyth County, VA ,hg38-9,8q26-8 Walter Franklin Blevins ~Blevins, Frank & His Tar Heel Rattlers ,ln108,wm25-8 ~Blevins, Scotty 1-18-1954 Austell, GA ~Bley, Carla 5-11-1938 Oakland, CA Index,cc69-70,mx420-432,my176-181,oi74-5 Carla Borg ~Bley, Paul 11-10-1932 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Index|,oi76-7,sn158-166 ~Bleyer, Archie 6-12-1909 3-20-1989 Corona, Long Island, NY Index d. Sheboygan, WI m. Janet Ertel ~Blind Blake (see Blake, Arthur "Blind") ~Blind Blake Higgs - -1915 - -1986 city? Index d. city? Blake Alphonso Higgs ~Blind Boys of Alabama, The .... Index|,iy40 ~Bliss, Laurel 11-06-1951 city? Index ~Blizard, Ralph 12-05-1918 12-03-2004 Kingsport, TN Index|,fq66,ge34 ~Bloch, Ernest 7-24-1880 7-15-1959 Geneva, Switzerland Index| ~Block, Adrienne Fried 3-11-1921 4-05-2009 New York, NY Index|,yi d. New York, NY ~Block, Allan 10-06-1923 10-23-2013 Oshkosh, WI Index d. Francestown, NH ,bk|,cx352,cx757,ej89 ~Block, Ron - -1964 Inglewood, CA Index Ronald Franklin Block ~Block, Rory 11-06-1949 New York, NY or Princeton, NJ ? Index|Articles/Reviews|Sources ,vy26 Aurora Block ~Bloedow, Mark E. 3-28-1966 Oshkosh, WI Index|,qd82 ~Blom, Kevin - -1969 city? Index ~Blom, LeRoy - -1924 city? Index ~Blom, Lisa - -1967 city? Index ~Blom, Mark - -1963 city? Index ~Blondie (the band) .... Index|,3e41 ~Blood Oranges .... Index|,fq67,gj40 ~Bloom, Jane Ira 1-12-1955 Boston, MA Index|,oe124-7 ~Bloom, Kath - - New Haven, CT ,sl201-2 ~Bloom, Luka 5-23-1955 Newbridge, Ireland Bloom, Luka 5-23-1955 Kildare, Ireland Index|,dg68,fm737,fo91,fq68,iy44,sl18-19 Barry Moore ~Bloomfield, Michael 7-28-1943 2-15-1981 Chicago, IL Index d. San Francisco, CA ,af122,al11,am57,an53,ao42,ar41,as59,az39,ba47,bc170-9,bg51,bk,bl11 ,bu41,bv38,bw42,cj48,cn23,cx352,dg68,fi31,fo92,fq69,fy175,ga23 ,gh40,gl95,hb37,su260-7 ~Blow, Kurtis 8-09-1959 Harlem, NY Index|lb Kurt Walker ~Blowzabella .... Index|,cx868,fq71,sl19-20,vy26-7 ~Blue Grass Boys .... Index|,bk ~Blue Highway .... Index|,fq71,gj41,hx13 ~Blue Ridge Rangers .... Index|,by39,cn23 ~Blue Rose .... Index ,by30,cx486,fh620,gj42,jw15,jx16,sa70 ~Blue Sky Boys .... Index|,bk,cn23,cx433,fl29,fq72,fu72,ge37,gj42 ~Blue, David 2-18-1941 12-02-1982 Providence, RI Index d. New York, NY ,cx501,fh487,fm738,vy27 S. David Cohen ~Bluegrass Album Band .... Index|,by31,cx486,fh620,gj42 ~Bluegrass Alliance .... ,by31,fu73 ~Bluegrass Cardinals .... Index|,by33,cx487,fh620,fq72,fu74,ge37,gj43 ~Blues Toads - (see: Wolverine Willy and the Blues Toads) ~Bluestein Family, The .... Index|,by42 ~Bluestime .... Index|,hb138,ip148 ~Blumenfeld, Hugh 10-11-1958 Jamaica, Queens, NY Index ,cx501,fh487,fm738,fq72,sl202 ~Blythe, Arthur 5-07-1940 Los Angeles, CA Index|,oi78-9 Arthur Murray Blythe BO - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Bo Diddley 12-30-1938 6-02-2008 Macomb, MS Index|,fq219 d. Archer, FL Ellas Bates, changed to Ellis McDaniel ~Boarman, Andy 10-11-1910 8-26-1999 Hedgesville, Berkeley County, WV Index d. Hedgesville, WV Andrew Forrest Boarman ~Boatwright, Ginger 9-21-1944 Columbus, MS Index|,cx487,fh620,fu76,gj43 Ginger Kay Hammond ~Boatwright, Helen 11-17.1916 Sheboygan, WI Index ~Bob Delyn .... ,sl20-1,vy28 ~Bobs, The .... Index|,fx522 ~Bochsa, Robert Nicholas C. 8-09-1789 1-06-1856 Montmedy, France Index d. Sydney, Australia ~Bode, Frank #1 3-16-1939 1-09-2017 Greensboro, NC ,wm28-3 d. Toast, NC Franklin Lewis Bode ~Bode, Frank #2 8-07-1923 11-22-1980 Brisbane, CA d. Brisbane, CA Uffe Baadh ~BoDeans, The .... Index|,cx50,dg71,fh45,fm53,fo99,gl104,iv147-8 ~Boerner, Greg 11-29-1967 Augusta, GA Index ~Boeykens, Pauline (Louise) 11-25-1962 Detroit, MI Index ~Bogan, Lucille 4-01-1897 8-10-1948 Amory, MS Index d. Los Angeles, CA ,cx353,fh409,ga26,gh47,if21-7,3u21-7 Lucille Armstrong or Bessie Jackson ~Bogan, Ted 5-10-1910 1-30-1990 Spartanburg, SC ~Bogan, Ted 5-10-1910 1-29-1990 Index d. Detroit, MI ~Bogdanov, Vladimir - -1965 city? Index|,gm ~Boggs, Dock 2-07-1898 2-07-1971 West Norton, VA Index d. Needmore, VA ,aa34,av679,az40,ba50,bk,bm23,bn54-5,fl31,fq73,fu77,iy46,vy28,wa16-7,yq75-8 Moran Lee Boggs ~Bogguss, Suzy 12-30-1956 Aledo, IL Index|,fl32,ft37,fu78,ge39,gf14,gj43 Susan Kay Bogguss ~Bogle, Bob 1-16-1934 6-14-2009 Wagoner, OK ~Bogle, Bob 1-16-1934 Portland, OR Index d. Vancouver, WA Robert Lenard Bogle ~Bogle, Eric 9-23-1944 Peebles, Scotland Index ,af130,ax63,cx501,fh487,fp6,fq73,iy47,sl21-2,vy28 Index|,hm30 ~Bohle, Bruce - - city? Index|,wz,xa ~Bohme, Kurt 5-05-1908 12-20-1989 Dresden, Germany Index d. Munich, Germany ,km3:800,kn1:523,ko54,kp54,kq50 ~Bohn, David - -1965 Manitowoc, WI Index ~Bohn, James - -1970 Manitowoc, WI Index ~Boiled Buzzards .... Index|,fq74 ~Boiled in Lead .... Index|,fq75,vy28 Index|,aa35,ax120,az41,ba50,bk,fp7,fq76 ,wa17 m. Carol S. Rohl ~Bok, Gordon 10-31-1939 city?, PA ,vy28/30 ~Bok, Trickett & Muir .... Index|,fq77 ~Bolcom, William 5-26-1938 Seattle, WA Index William Elden Bolcom ~Boldachev, Sasha 1-21-1990 St. Petersburg, Russia Index ~Bolick, Bill 10-28-1917 3-13-2008 Hickory, NC Index ~Bolick, Earl 11-16-1919 4-19-1998 Hickory, NC Index d. Suwanee, GA ~Bollerud, "Loose" Bruce - -1934 near Blanchardville, WI Bollerud, "Loose" Bruce or - -1935? ?Hollandale, WI Index| ~Bolton, Cathy 8-25- L'Anse, MI Index ~Bolton, Michael - -1953 - - city? ,4ab71-4 Michael Bolotin ~Bolton, Polly 4-27-1950 ,fq78,sl22-3,vy30 ~Bon Iver - - Raleigh, NC ,sl202-3 Justin Vernon ~Bon Jovi, Jon 3-02-1962 Sayreville, NJ Index|,ff756-67 Jon Bongiovi, Jr. ~Bond, Carrie Jacobs 8-11-1862 12-28-1946 Janesville, WI Index d. Glendale, CA ~Bond, Johnny 6-01-1915 6-12-1978 Enville, OK Index|,bm23,fu79-80 d. ? Cyrus Whitfield Bond ~Bond, Peter 12-16-1945 Stockton-On-Tees, County Durham, U.K. ,vy30 ~Bondowski, Lester 1-25- city? Index ~Bonds, Jonathan Clarence "JC" - -1939 Arlberg, AR Index ~Bonds, Son 3-16-1909 8-31-1947 Brownville, TN Index|,gh49 d. Dyersburg, TN ~Bondy, A.A. - - Birmingham, AL ,sl203 ~Boninsegna, Celestina 2-26-1877 - -1947 city? Index ,kn1:537,ko56,kq51 ~Bonisolli, Franco 5-25-1937 10-30-2003 Rovereto, Italy Index d. Vienna, Austria ,kn1:538,kq51 ~Bonne, Clara 11-07-1901 Hurley, WI Index ~Bono 5-10-1960 - - Dublin, Ireland ,4ab74-8 Paul Hewson ~Bono Vox 5-10-1960 Dublin, Ireland Index|,ff727-41 Paul David Hewson ~Bono, Sonny 2-16-1935 1-05-1998 Detroit, MI Index d. South Lake Tahoe, CA Salvatore Phillip Bono ~Bonoff, Karla 12-27-1951 Los Angeles, CA Index|,bw44,fo103,fq78,ge41 ~Bookbinder, Roy 10-05-1941 New York, NY Index ,aa36,an59,as66,bk,bl13,fq79,ga27,gh50,hb41,vy30 aka Roy Book Binder ~Boone Creek .... Index|,by42,cx487,fh620,fq80,ge42,gj45 ~Boone, Steve 9-23-1943 city?, NC Index ~Boosinger, Laura 12-27-1957 city? Index|,fq80 ~Booth, Dan - - city?, AK Index ~Booth, L.J. - - city? Index m. Leslie Tucker 8-22-1996 - 1997 (div.) ~Booth, Tony 2-07-1943 Tampa, FL Index|,bm24,fu84-5 ~Boothill Foot-Tappers, The .... ,sl23,vy30-1 ~Borac, Luiza - - Pitesti, Romania Index ~Borca, Karen 9-05-1948 Green Bay, WI Index ~Borden, Tammy - - city? Index Tammy Tomtschik ~Bordon, Wayne 10-15-1915 12-05-1995 Ewing, NB Index ["Bluegrass Unlimited" staff] ~Borge, Victor 1-03-1909 - - Copenhagen, Denmark ,4ab81-5 Borg Rosenbaum ~Borodin, Alexander 11-12-1833 2-27-1887 Saint Petersburg, Russia Index ~Bortniansky, Dmitry 10-28-1751 10-10-1825 Hlukhiv, Russia (now Ukraine) Index d. St. Petersburg, Russia ,cs218,gr207,lp146-7,qd92,vf186,vg154,vh154,vj116-7,xa260,wx215,wt59,wu95 ,wv82,wy215,wz260 Dmitry Stepanovych Bortniansky ~Bostic, Mary Burzlaff - - city? Index|,4ec ~Bothy Band, The .... Index|,cx869,fq81,iy49,wa17-8,vy31 ~Botti, Chris 10-12-1962 Portland, OR Index Christopher Stephen Botti ~Bottine Souriante, La .... Index|,cx869,cx874 ~Bottle Hill .... Index|,aa37-8 ~Boucher, Anthony 8-21-1911 4-29-1968 Oakland, CA Index d. Oakland, CA William Anthony Parker White ~Bouchillon, Chris 8-21-1893 9- -1968 city? Index ~Boudreaux, Victor - - Casa Grande, AZ Index ~Boulding, Philip 7-13-1953 city? Index ~Bourgeois, Anna Stong 7-21-1970 12-17-2004 Toledo, OH Index|,if,3u d. Laramie, WY Anna Marie Stong ~Bouvee, Bob & Gail Heil .... ,fh487,fq82 ~Bowdler, Thomas 7-11-1754 2-24-1825 Box, near Bath, Somerset, U.K. Index d. Swansea, Wales ~Bowen, Jimmy 5-21-1963 ~Bowen, Robin Huw 6-07-1957 Liverpool, U.K. Index|,fq83 ~Bowerbirds ..... ,sl203 ~Bowers, Bryan 8-18-1940 Yorktown, VA Index ,ba53,bk,bn62-3,by44,fq84,fu87,gj46,iy50,wa18 ~Bowie, David 1-08-1947 1-10-2016 Brixton, London, U.K. Index d. New York, NY ,ff382-402,mo302-5,3e42-6,7c66-8,7d82-4,7e107-9,8i71-4,4aa83-6 David Robert Jones ~Bowie, Lester 10-11-1941 Frederick, MD Index|,oi80-3 ~Bowlin, Robert 9-22-1955 Pocahontas, AR Index ~Bowlly, Al 1-07-1898 4-17-1941 Lourenco Marques, Portuguese Mozambique Index d. London, U.K. Albert Allick Bowlly ~Bowman, Don 8-26-1937 6-05-2013 Lubbock, TX Index|,bm24,fu88 Rubel Don Bowman ~Bowman, Euday L. 11-09-1887 5-26-1949 Fort Worth, TX Index d. New York, NY Euday Louis Bowman ~Bowman, Glenn - - 12-31-1995 city? Index ~Bowman, John R. 9-15-1950 Index ~Bowman, Ronnie 7-09-1961 Mt. Airy NC Index|,wm30-1 ~Box, Cleeson - -1919 city? Index|,qh172 ~Boy George 6-14-1961 Bexley, Kent, U.K. Index George Alan O'Dowd ~Boyd, Jim - -1956 6-22-2016 Edwards Air Force Base, CA Index d. Inchelium, WA ~Boyd, Liona 7-11- London, U.K. Index|,cx611,fh1211 ~Boyd, Rich - - Boulder, CO Index ~Boyens, Phyllis - - 12-09-2009 city? Index ~Boyle, Maggie 12-24-1956 Battersea, London, U.K. Index|,sl23-4,vy31 ~Boys from Indiana .... Index|,by45,fq84,fu91,ge45 ~Boys of the Lough, The .... Index ,aa38,ax84,az45,ba57,bk,cx869,fq84,iy52,vy31-2,wa18 BR - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Bracey, Ishmon 1-09-1901 2-12-1970 Byram, MS Index d. Jackson, MS ,aj7,an64,bb26,bk,cx353,ga28,gh53,hb43 ~Brackeen, Joanne 7-26-1938 Ventura, CA Index|,oe178-82 Joanne Grogan ~Bradbury, William B. 10-06-1816 1-07-1868 York, ME Index William Batchelder Bradbury ~Bradley, Dale Ann and Coon Creek .... ,hx15 ~Bradley, Owen 10-21-1915 1-07-1998 Westmoreland, TN (TX?) Williams Owen Bradley ~Brady, Geoff - - Pontiac, MI Index ~Brady, Paul 5-19-1947 Strabane, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland ,fq87,sl24-5,vy32-4,wa18-9 ~Bragg, Billy 12-20-1957 Barking, Essex, U.K. Index ,cj59,dg79,fo114,fq88,gl118,iy53,sl25-7 Steven William Bragg ~Brahms, Johannes 5-07-1833 4-03-1897 Hamburg, Germany Index|,lp149-67 ~Brand, Oscar 2-07-1920 9-30-2016 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Index d. Great Neck, NY ,aa39,af152,au46,az46,ba58,bi103/163/166,bj111/167,bn67-8,cx501,fh487,fm738 ,fq88,iy55,vy34-5,wa19,yq215-9 ~Brandenberger, Kirk 8-16-1935 city? Index|,by46 ~Brandmeier, Jonathan 7-15-1956 Fond du Lac, WI Index Jonathon Francis Brandmeier ~Brandywine Bridge .... ,sl25 ~Brandywine Singers, The .... Index|,fh488,fm738 ~Branigan, Dick 6-20-1932 7-20-2011 Brooklyn, NY Index d. Oshkosh, WI Richard Joseph Branigan ~Branscum, Glen 11-26-1928 4-05-2011 Okemah, OK Index d. Mountain View, AR Glen David Branscum ~Branscum, Nellie - - city? Index Tury Compton, m. 4-10-1981 Glen Branscum ~Branscum, Scott E. - -1953 Blytheville, AR Index Scott Eugene Branscum ~Brass Monkey .... ,vy35 ~Brassens, Georges 10-22-1921 10-29-1981 Sete, France Index ~Brasfield, Rod 9-22-1910 4-12-1958 Centerville, TN ,dv46,fl37,fu95 Rodney Leon Brasfield ~Braun, Harold A. 1-19-1932 2-15-2009 Underhill, WI Index ~Braun, Rick 7-06- Allentown, PA Index ~Brave Combo .... Index|,fq90 ~Braxton, Anthony 6-04-1945 Chicago, IL Index|,oi84-6,os199-214 ~Brazelton, Kitty - -1951 Cambridge, MA Index ~Breau, Lenny 8-05-1941 8-12-1984 Auburn, ME Index|,cx921,fh693,gv132,hy149 d. Los Angeles, CA Leonard Breau ~Bream, Julian 7-15-1933 Battersea, London, U.K. Index|,fi41,ll13-9 ~Brecht, Bertolt 2-10-1898 8-14-1956 city? Index ~Breckman, Andy - - ,cx501,fh488 ~Breed, Paul F. - -1916 - -1985 city? Index|,4bn d. city? ~Breeden, Leon 10-03-1921 8-11-2010 Guthrie, OK Index|,nu32-61 d. Dallas, TX Harold Leon Breeden ~Breid, Michael "Arkansas Red" 9-18-1944 Kansas City, MO Index ~Breitzman, Joy 10-03- city? Index ~Brel, Jacques 4-08-1929 10-09-1978 Schaarbeek, Brussels, Belgium Index|,iy57-8 d. Bobigny, France Jacques Romain Georges Brel ~Bresh, Thom 2-23-1948 Hollywood, CA Index|,bn68-9,fu95 ~Brett, Jeremy 11-03-1933 9-12-1995 Berkswell Grange, Warwickshire, U.K. Index d. London, U.K. Peter Jeremy William Huggins [the definitive Sherlock Holmes] ~Brett, Paul 6-20-1948 Fulham, London, U.K. ,vy35 ~Brewer & Shipley .... Index|,bn69-71,iy58-60 ~Brewer, Gary 4-19-1965 city? Index ~Brewer, Jim 10-03-1920 6-03-1988 Brookhaven, MS Index|gh56-7,ii66 d. Chicago, IL James Brewer ~Brewer, Michael 4-14-1944 Oklahoma City, OK Index ~Brewer, Pap 12-27-1906 9-04-1993 Justis Siding, NC Index|,fq91 d. Roan Mountain, TN Finley Jerome Brewer, Sr. ~Brewer, Spencer - - city? Index|,cx540,hm32-3 ~Brewer, Tingstad & Rumbel .... Index|,hm33 ~Brickman, Marshall 8-25-1941 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Index|,bk ~Brickman, Scott 12-28-1963 Oak Park, IL Index ~Bridges, Jeff 12-04-1949 Los Angeles, CA Index Jeffrey Leon Bridges ~Bridges, Robert 10-23-1844 4-21-1930 Walmer, Kent, U.K. Index d. Boars Hill, Berkshire, U.K. Robert Seymour Bridges ~Briggs, Anne 9-29-1944 Toton, Nottinghamshire, U.K. Index|,cx869,fq91,vy35-6 ~Briggs, Rick 8-23-1961 Huntersville, NC Index ~Bright Fiddle Band, The Fletcher .... Index|,fq91 ~Bright Morning Star .... Index|,fq92 ~Bright, Roger 2-12-1937 8-28-2001 city? Index d. Boulder, CO ~Brim, Grace - -1924 - -1999 Index|,sp8 ~Brimstone, Derek 8-29-1932 London, U.K. ,vy36 ~Briscoe, Mary 3-30-1875 - -19?? High, AR Index| ~Britt, Elton 6-27-1913 6-22-1972 Marshall, AR ~Britt, Elton 7-07-1917 6-23-1972 #bm Index|,bm24-5,fu98 d. ? James Elton Baker [James Britt Baker #bm] ~Britt, Gena 4-11-1972 Index ~Britten, Benjamin 11-22-1913 12-04-1976 Lowestoft, Suffolk, U.K. Index Edward Benjamin Britten, Baron Britten of Aldeburgh ~Britton, Jim 6-07-1972 Index ~Brock, Karl 6-17-1930 Great Bend, KS Index ~Brock, Zach - -1974 - - Lexington, KY Index ~Brockhaus, Harland H. 12-08-1932 12-25-2004 Hustisford, WI Index d. Watertown ~Brody, Don - - 12- -1997 Index ~Brodsky, Chuck 5-20-1960 Philadelphia, PA Index|,fq92 ~Brokering, Herbert 5-21-1926 11-07-2009 Beatrice, NE Index d. Bloomington, MN ~Bromberg, David 9-19-1945 Philadelphia, PA Index ,aa42,af159,ao52,ar51,as74,az48,ba61,bg65,bk,bn72-3,cn28 ,cx501,fh488,fi43,fm738,fo117,fq93,fy180,ge47,gj50,vy36,wa19-20 ~Bronson, Bertrand - -1902 3-14-1986 city? Bertrand Harris Bronson ~Brooke Medicine Eagle 4-24-1943 city? Index ~Brooke, Jonatha 1-23-1964 city?, IL Index},pt44-67 ~Brookmeyer, Bob 12-19-1929 Kansas City, KS Index|,oi87 Robert Brookmeyer ~Brooks & Dunn .... Index|,fl37,ft38,fu99,-- ~Brooks, Eben - - city? Index Eben Rosenberger ~Brooks, Garth 2-07-1962 Yukon, OK Brooks, Garth 2-02-1962 #4aa Tulsa, OK ,cx434,dg82,dv132,fl39,fo118,ft39,fu101,ge48,gf17,gj52,4aa83-6 ~Brooks, Lonnie 12-18-1933 Dubuisson, LA Index|,gt,ja24 Lee Baker Jr. ~Brooks, Robert 6-23-1970 Greenwood, SC Index Robert Darren Brooks ~Brooks, Ronnie Baker 1-23-1967 city? Index|,ja24 ~Brooks, Tim 4-18-1942 city? Index ~Brooks, Wayne Baker 4-30-1970 city? Index|,ja24 Wayne Baker ~Broonzy, Big Bill 6-26-1898 8-15-1958 Scott, MS Index|,aa44,af161,al19,am70,an68,au49,az431,ba61,bb28,be87,bk,bl15 ,bn73-5,ce67,cx354,dg82,fq93,ga31,gh58,hb48,wa20-1 William Lee Conley Broonzy ~Brother Boys .... ,fq94,gj53 ~Brother Oswald, Bashful - (see: Bashful Brother Oswald ~Brothers Four, The .... Index ,aa45,bn75-6,bv42,bw48,cn29,dg83,fh488,fm738,fq94 ~Broudy, Saul - - city? Index|,by48,cx502,fh488 ~Brouwenstijn, Gre 8-26-1915 12-14-1999 Den Helder, Netherlands Index d. Amsterdam, Netherlands ,km4:436,kn1:615,ko65,kp64,kq58 Gerda Demphina Brouwenstijn ~Brouwer, Leo 3-01-1939 Havana, Cuba Index|,ll20-4 Juan Leovigildo Brouwer Mezquida ~Brovsky, Michael - -1942 Colorado Springs, CO Index ~Brown, Alison 8-07-1962 Hartford, CT Index|,by49,cx487,fh620,fq95,ge51,gj54,gx30 (Union Station 1989-1991) ~Brown, Bonnie 7-31-1937 Sparkman, AR Index ~Brown, Charles 9-13-1922 1-21-1999 Texas City, TX Index,gh61,hb49,mx351-363,my149-154,so6 ~Brown, Clarence "Gatemouth" 4-18-1924 9-10-2005 Vinton, LA Index ,af163,an76,bk,bl19,cx354,fo120,fq95,ga34,gh62,hb50,su180-7 ~Brown, Clifford 10-30-1930 6-26-1956 Wilmington, DE Index|,cx502,ej35,fh488,fm738,fp7,fq97,ge51 Greg Allen Brown (or Greg Dane Brown?), m. 11-21-2002 Iris DeMent ~Brown, Herschel - - city? Index|,fq97 aka J.H. Brown ~Brown, Hylo 4-20-1922 1-17-2003 River, KY Index Frank Brown ~Brown, James 5-03-1933 12-25-2006 Barnwell, SC Index|,4aa90-5 d. Atlanta, GA ~Brown, Jim Ed 4-01-1934 6-11-2015 Sparkman, AR ~Brown, Jim Ed 3-01-1934 #bm Index d. Franklin, TN ,bm25-6,fu103 James Edward Brown ~Brown, Kenny - -1953 city?, AL Index|,ja43 ~Brown, Les 3-14-1912 1-04-2001 Reinerton, PA Index d. Pacific Palisades, CA ,cb68,cc78,dh144,dj158,dp109,mo344,nx83,pb68,qv85,qw68,rc158,uu628-9,wl144 ,3m48-9,3s50-1,3t49 Lester Raymond Brown ~Brown, Liza (Eliza) - - city? Index|,if28-30,3u28-30 aka Ozzie McPhearson ~Brown, Maxine 4-27 1932 Sampti, LA Index ~Brown, Milton & the Musical Brownies .... Index|,fq98 ~Brown, Milton 9-08-1903 4-13-1936 Stephenville, TX Index ~Brown, Paul 5-02-1952 New York, NY Index|,fq98 ~Brown, Ray 10-13-1926 Pittsburgh, PA Index|,oi91-2 Raymond Matthews ~Brown, Richard "Rabbit" - -1880 - -1937 near New Orleans, LA Index ~Brown, Robert "Washboard Sam" 7-15-1910 - -19?? Walnut Ridge, AR Index ~Brown, Toni 11-16-1938 Madison, WI Index ~Brown, Tony 12-11-1946 Greensboro, NC Index ~Brown, Wayne Roland - - New Zealand Index ~Brown, Willie Lee 8-06-1900 12-30-1952 Tunica, MS Index|,aj7,an89,bk,gh67,hb56 d. Clarksdale, MS ~Browne, Jackson 10-09-1948 Heidelberg, West Germany Index ,af168,bn77-9,bw49,cj64,dg90,fo125,fq99,fy181,gl128,pq63 ~Browne, Michael Jerome - -1960 South Bend, IN Index ~Browns, The .... Index|,bn79-80 ~Brozman, Bob 3-08-1954 4-24-2013 New York, NY Index|,fq100,ga38,wa21-2 d. Ben Lomond, CA ~Brubeck, Dave 12-06-1920 12-05-2012 Concord, CA Index|,oi93-5,sn102-112,4ab100-4 d. Norwalk, CT David Warren Brubeck ~Bruce, Ian 1-21-1956 Rutherglen, Glasgow, Scotland ,vy36 ~Bruce, Vin 4-25-1932 Cut Off, LA Index|,cx400,fu108,gj58 ~Brueggen, Gary W. 10-06-1972 Viroqua, WI Index ~Bruland, Mark - - Detroit, MI Index ~Brumley, Albert E. 10-29-1905 11-15-1977 Spiro, OK Index|,wa22 d. Powell, MO ~Brunnings, Florence E. 2-16-1916 5-23-2003 city?, MA Index|,ad d. Weymouth, MA Florence Estelle Brunnings ~Bruno, Karen - - Danbury, CT Index ~Bruscantini, Sesto 12-10-1919 Portocivitanova, Macerta, Italy Index ,km4:516,kn1:624,ko66,kp65,kq58 ~Brusky, Jim - - 9-24-2005 city? Index ~Brusky, Tom 8-06-1964 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Bruso, Nora Jean - - Greenwood, MS Index Nora Jean Wallace ~Bruson, Renato 1-13-1936 Este, near Padua, Italy Index ,km4:517,kn1:624,kp65,kq58 ~Bruton, Stephen - - 5-09-2009 Fort Worth, TX Index ~Bruyninckx, Walter 8-27-1932 city?, Belgium Index ~Bryan, Cliff - -1927 city? Index|,qh173 ~Bryan, James 11-24-1953 Gadsden, AL Index|,cx487,fh620,fq100 ~Bryant, Boudleaux and Felice .... Index|,fl44,fu110 ~Bryant, Boudleaux 2-12-1920 6-25-1987 Shellman, GA Index|,gj59 Diadorius Boudleaux Bryant, m. Felice Bryant, 9-05-1945, Newport, KY ~Bryant, Felice 8-07-1925 4-22-2003 Milwaukee, WI d. Gatlinburg, TN Index|,gj59|Periodicals Matilda Genevieve Scaduto, m. Boudleaux Bryant, 9-05-1945, Newport, KY BU - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Bub, Mike 11-13-1964 Index ~Buchanan, Ian - - city? Index|,bi ~Buchanan, Jim 1-01-1941 city?, NC Index|,bk ~Buchanan, Roy 9-23-1939 8-14-1988 Ozark, AR Index|,gh68,hb56 d. Reston, VA ~Buchman, Rachel 7-03-1956 New York, NY Index|,fq101 ~Buck, Mike 6-17-1952 Austin, TX Index ~Buck, Rob 8-01-1958 12-19-2000 Jamestown, NY Index d. Pittsburgh, PA Robert Buck ~Buckhannon Brothers, The .... Index|,fq102 ~Buckinghams, The .... Index|,jo39-40 ~Buckley, Jeff 11-17-1966 5-29-1997 Memphis, TN Index|,fq102 ~Buckley, Tim 2-14-1947 6-29-1975 Washington, DC Index|,fo129,fq104 d. Santa Monica, CA ~Buckner, Clay 11-10-1952 Titusville FL Index ~Buckner, Richard - - Chico, CA Index|,fm739,fq104,ge56,gj60 ~Buckwheat Zydeco 11-14-1947 Lafayette, LA Index ,cx400,dg94,fo129,fq105,gh69,vy37-8 Stanley Dural, Jr. ~Bud & Travis .... Index|,bs73,bt120,cn3022 ~Budimir, Dennis 6-20-1938 Los Angeles, CA Index|,qk117-28,qv92 ~Bue, Mary 5-12-1981 city? Index ~Buffalo Gals, The .... ,wa23 ~Buffalo Springfield .... Index|,af176,bk,dg95,fo129,fq105,fy183,gj60,gl134 ~Buffett, Jimmy 12-25-1946 Pascagoula, MS Index ,bm26-7,bw50,fo130,fq106,fu112-3,fy183 ~Buffett, Peter - - Omaha, NB Index|,cx540,hm34 ~Bufwack, Mary A. - - city? Index|,dy,8p ~Buirski, Felicity 12-09-1952 Kent, U.K. ,sl27,vy38 ~Bulinski, Bill - - city? Index|,jh ~Bull City Red - - Durham, NC Index|,bl23 George Washington ~Bull, Ole 2-05-1810 8-17-1880 Bergen, Norway Index d. Lysoen, Norway Ole Bornemann Bull ~Bull, Sandy 1-01-1941 4-11-2001 New York, NY d. Nashville, TN Index|,af177,as83,az54,ba69,bk,cx501,fh488,fm739,fy183,gl137 ~Bulla, Jenny Anne - -1982 city? Index ~Bulla, Luke - -1981 city? Index ~Bulla, Luke and Jenny Anne .... Index|,fq107,jw18,jx20 ~Bullas The .... Index|,hx18-9 ~Bullen, Richard - -1984 Bedfordshire, U.K. Index ~Bullock, Robin 4-19-1964 Washington, DC Index|,fq107 ~Bully Wee Band .... ,vy38-9 ~Bumble Bee Slim 5-07-1905 4- -1968 Brunswick, GA Index|,gh70,hb59 d. Los Angeles, CA Amos Easton ~Bumbry, Grace 1-04-1937 St Louis, MO Index ,km4:601-2,kn1:639,ko70,kp69,kq58-9,kr38 Ann B. Melzia ~Bumgarner, Samantha - -1878 - -1960 Silva, NC ,wa23 Samantha Biddix ~Bunkhouse Orchestra .... Index|,bj ~Bunnell, Dewey 1-19-1951 Harrogate, Yorkshire, U.K. Index ~Bunnett, Jane 10-22-1956 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Index,-- ~Bunting, Edward - -1773 12-21-1843 County Armagh, Ireland Index|,yq22-5 d. Dublin, Ireland ~Burch, Curtis 1-24-1945 city? Index ~Burgundy Grapes .... ,sl28 ~Burgess, John - - city? Index|,ax46 ~Burgh, Steve 12-17-1950 2-07-2005 Trenton, NJ Index ~Burke, Joe - - city? Index|,ax77,cx869,wa23-4 ~Burke, Kevin 6-09-1950 London, U.K. Index|,ax73,bj,cx869,fq107,wa24 ~Burkhardt, Michael Alvin 3-27-1957 Sheboygan Index|,qd116 ~Burland, Dave 7-12-1941 Barnsley, South Yorkshire, U.K. Index|,fq110,vy39-40 ~Burleigh, Glenn - - Guthrie, OK Index Glenn Edward Burleigh ~Burnett & Rutherford .... Index|,wa24-5 ~Burnett, Chester Arthur - (see: Howlin' Wolf) ~Burnett, Richard D. 10-08-1883 1- -1977 Elk Spring Valley, KY Index|,wa24-5 d. city? ~Burnett, Robert (Bob) - -1940 city? Index ~Burnett, T-Bone 1-14-1948 St. Louis, MO Index|,fq111 John Henry Burnett ~Burnham, C.V. - - - - city? ,qd116 ~Burns Sisters, The .... Index|,fq111 ~Burns, Jeffrey Phillips - - St. Louis, MO Index ~Burns, Jethro 3-10-1920 2-04-1989 Conasauga, TN Index|,aq156,bk,cx435,fu116,gj63 d. Knoxville, TN? Kenneth C. Burns ~Burns, Robert 1-25-1759 7-21-1796 Alloway, Scotland Index,su1 ~Burnside, R. L. 11-21-1926 9-01-2005 Harmontown, MS Index d. Memphis, TN ,bc44-7,bk,bl23,ga39,gh71,hb61,su58-61 ~Burnt Toast & Jam .... Index|Periodicals ~Burrell, Kenney 7-31-1931 Detroit, MI Index|,oi96-7 Kenneth Earl ~Burrows, Gene 9-12-1928 9-14-1992 Bedford County, VA Index ~Burrows, Lee - - - -2003 city? Index ~Burrows, Stuart 2-07-1933 Cilfynydd, Wales Index ,km4:645,kn1:652,ko71,kp70,kq59,kr39 James Stuart Burrows ~Burton, Gary 1-23-1943 Anderson, IN Index|,oi98-9 ~Burton, Pat - - city? Index|,by53 ~Burton, Pat & the Bray Brothers .... Index|,cx487,fh620 ~Burzio, Eugenia 6-20-1882 5-18-1922 Poirino, Italy Index ,km4:649,kn1:653,kq59 ~Busby, Buzz (Buss) 9-06-1933 Eros, LA Index|,fu117 Bernarr Busbice ~Busch, Thomas 8-06-1964 Cuba City, WI Index ~Buschmann, Nora - -1969 Berlin, Germany Index ~Bush, Johnny 2-17-1935 Houston, TX Index|,bm27,fu118 John Bush Shin III ~Bush, Sam 4-13-1952 Bowling Green, KY ,by54,fq112,ge62,hx83 ~Bushwackers, The .... Index|,sk353-4,vy39/41 ~Buskin, David 12-13-1943 New York, NY Index|,fq113 ~Butcher, Allen K. - -1933? 1-22-2006 city? Index d. Arlington, VA ~Butcher, Paul 9-05-1954 city? Index ~Butler, Bruce "Snoball" 11-19-1945 10-14-2005 Siletz Reservation, Siletz, OR Index d. Newport, OR ~Butler, Carl and Pearl Lee .... Index|,bm27-8,fu118-9 ~Butler, Carl 6-02-1927 9-04-1992 Knoxville, TN Index d. ? Carl Roberts Butler ~Butler, Ed 8-24-1953 Baltimore, MD Index ~Butler, Joe 9-16-1943 Glen Cove, NY Index ~Butler, Pearl Lee 9-30-1927 3-03-1989 Nashville, TN Index d. ? Pearl Dee Jones ~Butterfield, Paul 12-17-1942 5-04-1987 Chicago, IL Index d. North Hollywood, CA ,af183,an99,az57,bd213,bk,bl25,cj71,cx355,dg99,fo136,fq113,fy183 ,ga40,gh74,gl141,hb63 ~Butterfield Blues Band, Paul .... Index ~Buttery, Guy 11-26-1983 Durban, Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa Index|,cx869 ~Butts Band, The .... ,mo380 ~Butts, Steve - -1940 city? Index ~Buxtehude, Dietrich - -1637 5-09-1707 Helsingborg, Sweden Index d. Lubeck, Germany ~Buzzcocks, The .... ,mo380 BW - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Bwchadanas .... ,vy314 BY - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Byaela, Jane - - city? Index|,cx502,fh489,fm739 ~Byard, John "Jaki" 6-15-1922 2-11-1999 Worcester, MA Index|,mo380-1,oi100-1,sn185-93 d. New York, NY John Arthur Byard, Jr. ~Byas, Don 10-21-1912 8-24-1972 Muskogee, OK Index|,mo381,oi102-3 d. Amsterdam, Holland Carlos Wesley Byas ~Bygraves, Max 10-16-1922 8-31-2012 Rotherhithe, London, U.K. ,mo381 d. Hope Island, Queensland, Australia Walter William Bygraves ~Byk, Louie, Jr. 11- -1936 Milwaukee, WI Index Louis Bykowski ~Bykowski, Robert - -1938 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Byles, Kerrie "Chubby" Junior 7-17-1948 Kingston, Jamaica ,mo381-2 Kerrie Byles Jr. Kerrie Byles (Keith Byles #mo) ~Byrd, Billy 2-17-1920 8-07-2001 Williamson County, TN Index d. Nashville, TN ~Byrd, Bobby 8-15-1934 9-12-2007 Toccoa, GA Index d. Loganville, GA Bobby Howard Byrd ~Byrd, Charlie 9-16-1925 12-02-1999 Chuckatuck, VA Index|,bw51,mo382 d. Annapolis, MD Charlie Lee Byrd ~Byrd, Donald 12-09-1932 2-04-2013 Detroit, MI Index|,oi104-5,mo382 d. Dover, DE Donaldson Toussaint L'Ouverture Byrd II ~Byrd, Gary - -1954 Buffalo, NY ,mo382 ~Byrd, Jerry 3-09-1920 4-11-2005 Lima, OH ,mo383 d. Honolulu, HI Gerald Lester "Jerry" Byrd ~Byrd, Robert C. 11-20-1917 6-28-2010 North Wilkesboro, NC Index d. Fairfax County, VA Cornelius Calvin Sale, Jr. (renamed to Robert Carlyle Byrd by his adoptive parents) ~Byrd, Roy - (see: Professor Longhair) ~Byrds, The .... Index|,af187,az57,bk,bw52,by54,cj72,dg101,fl48,fo138,fq116,fu122 ,fy184,ge64,gj65,gl145,mo383-5,wa25 ~Byrne, Bobby 10-10-1918 11-25-2006 Columbus, OH ,mo385 d. Irvine, CA ~Byrne, David 5-14-1952 Dumbarton, Scotland Index|,lf126-8,mo385 ~Byrnes, Edd "Kookie" 7-30-1933 New York, NY ,mo385-6 ~Byrne, Eugene - - Dublin, Ireland Index ~Byrne, Richard - - city? Index|,aa46,ao352 ~Byron, David 1-29-1947 Essex, U.K. ,mo386 ~Bystander .... ,mo386 ~Bystanders .... ,mo386 ~B'zz .... ,mo386

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