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      Musician's Birthdays - Folk Music, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Country Blues, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarists, etc. and specific bibliographic source references for detailed information about the listed artists and groups. Not all of the listed books and magazines are completely indexed. I hope everyone finds something useful. Please send additions and/or corrections to: [email protected]

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artist or group name birth date death date birthplace link to FolkLib Index entry d. death place Note 1: bibliography sources birth (maiden) name aka "also known as", pseudonyms this artist recorded under Note 2: (groups this artist was/is in) Note 2: see ... (artists that were in this group at one time or another) [reason for listing] {"Sing Out!" obituary article title} How to use the source references on these pages: for example, ~Adams, Bryan ,dg7,fo6,gl6 I feel it would serve no useful purpose to link all of the literally thousands of references to the book each one refers to, plus it would make it very difficult to edit these pages. Therefore, to make use of the above book references, append a "#" and each two letter code to the Bibliography page URL. For the above references, will link you to the bibliographical information about each book where the information for Bryan Adams can be found on the page listed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- C Birth Death Birthplace (see #G Name Source(s) mm-dd-yyyy mm-dd-yyyy for U.S. state codes) ---------------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------- CA - |top/bottom of page|All "C" artists/groups|Copyright Notice| ~C&C (C & C) Music Factory .... ,8s111 ~Caballe, Montserrat 4-12-1933 Barcelona, Spain Index ,km4:759,kn1:665,ko74,kp72,kq60,kr40 ~Cables, George - -1944 - - city? ,nw209-10 ~Cacavas, John 8-13-1930 1-28-2014 Aberdeen, SD Index d. Beverly Hills, CA John Harry Cacavas ~Caccini, Francesca 9-18-1587 - -1641? Florence, Italy Index|,pr17-23 ~Cache Valley Drifters .... Index|,by56,cx487,fh620 ~Cactus Brothers, The .... Index|,ge66 ~Cadd, Brian 11-29-1946 Perth, Western Australia Index Brian George Cadd ~Cadence All Stars .... ,nw210 ~Cadwell, Paul 6-09-1889 - -1983 city? Index|,bk ~Cagle, Buddy 2-08-1936 - - Concord, NC ,nd171,vx44 ~Cagno, Gregg - -1969 city? Index ~Cahill, Greg 12-22-1946 city? Index|,by56 ~Cahn, Rolf 8-14-1924 8-01-1994 Dusseldorf, Germany Index ~Cahn, Sammy 6-18-1913 1-15-1993 New York, NY Index|,pn53,po71-2,pp99-100,pq71 d. Los Angeles, CA ~Cain, Benny 5-21-1921 11-08-1998 city? Index ~Cain, Jackie 5-22-1928 Milwaukee, WI Index|Sources Jacqueline Ruth Cain, m. 1949 Roy Kral ~Cain, Jennie Bowman - - - -1976 city? Index d. Baltimore, MD ~Cain, Mike - -1966 - - city? ,nw210-1 ~Cain, Vallie 7-19-1927 4-15-1993 city? Index ~Caiola, Al 9-07-1920 11-09-2016 Jersey City, NJ Index|,qk5-18 Alexander Emil Caiola ~Cajun Moon .... ,vy314 ~Calderazzo, Joey - -1966 - - city? ,nw211 ~California Cajun Orchestra .... Index|,fq119 ~California Ramblers .... ,nw211-1 ~Cale, J.J. 12-05-1938 Oklahoma City, OK Index|,fq118,iy85-7,8s111-2 Jean Jacques Cale ~Cale, John - -1941? city?, Wales, U.K. Index|,iy87-8,8s112-3 ~Calhoun, Andrew 11-30-1957 New Haven, CT Index|Articles/Reviews|Sources m. Kat Eggleston (div.) ~Calhoun, Josh - - San Diego, CA Index|Sources ~Call, Marian 2-24-1982 Gig Harbor, WA Index ~Call, The .... Index|,8s113 ~Callas, Maria 12-02-1923 9-16-1977 New York, NY Index d. Paris, France ,km4:836,kn1:689,ko76,kp73,kq61,kr40 Cecilia Sophia Anna Maria Kalogeropoulou, m. G.B. Meneghini 1949-1959 ~Callelo, Charlie - - Newark, NJ Index ~Callender. Red 3-06-1916 - - Haynesville, VA ,pf46 ~Callicott, "Mississippi" Joe 10-11-1900 - -1969 Nesbit, MS Index|,ja45 ~Callies .... ,vy314 ~Callies, Ervin A. 4-10-1908 6-20-2001 Milwaukee, WI Index d. Texarkana, TX ~Calloway, Cab 12-25-1907 11-18-1994 Rochester, NY Index d. Hockessin, DE ,jy110-2,le48-50,nw212-3,oa418,od64-9,pa68-9,pf46,2g418,3s61 Cabell Calloway III ~Camel .... ,8s113-4 ~Cameron, Isla - - city? Index|,fm740 ~Cameron, John Allan 12-16-1938 11-22-2006 Inverness County, Nova Scotia, Canada Index d. Toronto, Ontario, Canada ~Cammarata, Frank - -1928? 2-17-2003 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Camp Creek Boys .... Index|,fq120,fu125 ~Camp, Hamilton 10-30-1934 10-02-2005 London, U.K. Index|,cn34,cx502,fh489,iy88-90,wa27-8 Robert Camp ~Campbell Brothers .... Index|,iy90-1 ~Campbell Folk Group, Ian .... Index|,bk ~Campbell, Alex 5-25-1923 10-24-2013 Lansing, NC Index d. Conowingo, MD Alexander C. Campbell ~Campbell, Archie 11-07-1914 8-29-1987 Bulls Gap, TN Index|,bm28-9,fu126-7,vx44 d. ? Archie James Campbell ~Campbell, Booth 3-21-1872 - -19?? Boonesboro, AR Index ~Campbell, Dick 1-25-1944 4-25-2002 Boston, MA Index|,ha366,kw28-9 d. Monroe, WI Richard Stuart Campbell ~Campbell, Glen 4-22-1936 Delight, AK Index ,af197,bk,bm30-2,bw53,by56,cj75,cx435,dg107,fl50,fo145,fq120,ft45,fu127-9 ,ge67,ia49,nd171-4,px78,vx44-5,8s114 Glen Travis Campbell ~Campbell, Ian 6-10-1933 city? Index|,cx869 ~Campbell, Ian David - - city? Index|,ia49 ~Campbell, Kate 10-31-1961 New Orleans, LA Index|,fq121,ge68,pt320-339 ~Campbell, Natalie - -1950 city? Index ~Campbell, Raymond - -1905 - -1977 city? Index|,qh173-4 ~Campbell, Richard 12-07-1958 Van Nuys, CA Index ~Campbell, Robert L. - -19?? city? Index ~Campbell, Rosamund - - Brooklyn, NY Index|,fq121 ~Campbell, Sarah Elizabeth 5-13-1963 Austin, TX Index|,cx502,fh489 ~Campeau, Fred & Michelle (Mitch) Thomas .... Index|,fh489 ~Camper Van Beethoven .... ,8s114-5 ~Camplin, Bill 5-20-1947 Pewaukee, WI Index|Sources William Michael Camplin ~Candlebox .... ,8s115 ~Canned Heat .... Index ,am89,ao71,af199,ar66,as92,az61,ba79,bl26,bv48,bw53,cj76,cn34,dg108,fo147 ,fy185,gh79,hb67,8s115-6 [recorded with John Fahey and John Lee Hooker] ~Cannon, Chuck - - Greenville, SC Index Marion Cletus Cannon, Jr. ~Cannon, Gus 9-12-1883 10-15-1979 Red Banks, MS Index|,an106,bk,gh80 d. Memphis, TN aka "Banjo Joe" [author "Walk Right In" - Rooftop Singers hit] ~Cannon's Jug Stompers .... Index|,bk,cx356 ~Cantrell, Al - - Corvallis, OR Index Al Ehlers ~Cantrell, Emily - - Memphis, TN Index ~Cantrell, Emily and Al .... Index|,fq122 ~Capaldi, Jim 8-24-1944 1-28-2005 Evesham, U.K. Index ~Capercaillie .... Index|,cx869,fq123,iy91-2 ~Capote, Truman 9-30-1924 8-25-1984 New Orleans, LA Index|,-- d. Los Angeles, Ca Truman Streckfus Persons ~Cappuccilli, Piero 11-09-1929 7-12-2005 Trieste, Italy Index d. Trieste, Italy ,km5:100,kn1:720,ko80,kp77,kq73 ~Captain Beefheart 1-15-1941 Glendale, CA Index|,8s116-7 Don Van Vliet ~Captain and Tennile, The .... ,8s117 ~Caravan .... ,8s117 ~Carawan, Evan - -1962 city? Index ~Carawan, Guy 7-27-1927 5-02-2015 Los Angeles, CA Index d. New Market, TN ,aa50,as94,av680,ax122,bk,cx502,fh489,fq124,wa28,vy49-50 Guy Hughes Carawan, Jr. ~Cardon, Jean-Baptiste - -1760 2-27-1903 Rethel, Champagne-Ardenne, France ~Cardon, Jean-Baptiste - -1760 or3-11-1903 Index d. St. Petersburg, Russia ~Care, Simon - - city?, U.K. ,sl29,vy314 ~Carey, Dave 11-08-1914 7-18-1999 Couldson, Surrey, U.K. Index d. Croydon, Surrey, U.K. David Arthur Carey ~Carey, Mariah 3-27-1970 Long Island, NY ,4aa103-5,8s117-8 ~Cargill, Henson 2-05-1941 3-24-2007 Oklahoma City, OK Index|,bm32-3,fu131 ~Carignan, Jean - -1916 2-16-1988 Levis, Quebec, Canada Index|,bk ~Carlin, Bob 3-17-1953 New York, NY Index|,bk,fq125,fu131,ge70,wa28-9 Robert Mark Carlin ~Carlin, Richard 10-05-1956 Paterson, NJ Index|,fz,wa,wc ~Carlisle Brothers, The .... Index|,bk,fl53 ~Carlisle, Bill 12-19-1908 3-17-2003 Wakefield, KY Index|,bk,fu132,fq125,fu132,ge70 ~Carlisle, Cliff 5-06-1904 4-02-1983 Taylorsville, KY Index d. ? ,bk,fh489,fm740,fq125,fu132-3 ~Carlisles, The .... Index|,bm33,fl53,fq125,ge70 ~Carlos, Bun E. 6-12-1951 Rockford, IL Index Brad Carlson ~Carlsen, Bill 7-??-1904 12-??-1979 Clay Center, KS Index d. ?, FL ~Carman, Jenks "Tex" - -1903 - -1968 Breckenridge County, KY ,nd174 ~Carmichael, Greg 8-07-1953 city? Index ~Carmichael, Hoagy 11-22-1899 12-27-1981 Bloomington, IN Index|,le51-3 Hoagland Howard "Hoagy" Carmichael ~Carmichael, Judy 11-27-1952 Pico Rivera, CA Index|,oe150-6 ~Carmody, Kev - -1946 Cairns, Queensland, Australia ,sl29-30,vy314 ~Carnes, Kim 7-20-1945 Pasadena, CA Index|,ba81,dg111-2,fo151-2 m. Dave Ellingson ~Carolan, Turlough - -1670 3-25-1738 near Nobber, County Meath, Ireland Index d. Alderford, County Roscommon, Ireland ~Carolina Slim 8-22-1923 10-22-1953 Leasburg, NC Index|,gh81 d. Newark, NJ Edward Harris, aka Country Paul, Lazy Slim Jim, Jammin' Jim ~Carolina Tar Heels .... Index|,fu134,wa29,wm40-5 ~Carpenter, Karen 3-02-1950 2-04-1983 New Haven, CT Index|,3n40-3/142,3o80-3 d. Downey, CA Karen Anne Carpenter ~Carpenter, Mary-Chapin 2-21-1958 Princeton, NJ Index cx435,fl53,fo152,fq126,ft46,fu135,ge70,gf22,pt124-139,4ac93-7,8s118 ~Carpenters, The .... ,8s118-9 ~Carr, Joe & Alan Munde .... Index|,hx131 ~Carr, John Dickson 11-30-1906 2-28-1977 Uniontown, PA Index d. Greenville, SC ~Carr, Leroy 3-27-1905 4-29-1935 Nashville, TN Index|,an107,ce61,gh81,hb70 ~Carr, Sam 4-17-1926 9-21-2010 Marvel, AR Index Samuel Lee McCollum ~Carrack, Paul 4- -1951 Sheffield, Yorkshire, U.K. ,8s121 ~Carrasco, Joe "King" - -1954 Dumas, TX ,8s121-2 Joseph Teutsch ~Carrell, Mike - - - -2004 city? Index d. New Orleans, LA (while at the JazzFest) ~Carreras, Jose 12-05-1946 Barcelona, Spain Index ,km5:193,kn1:744,ko83,kp80,kq76,kr42 Josep C. Carreras ~Carrier, Chubby & the Bayou Swamp Band .... Index|,cx400,fq126 ~Carrier, Roy and the Night Rockers .... Index|,fq128 ~Carrington, Terri Lyne 8-04-1965 Medford, MA Index|,oe131-5 ~Carroll, Bruce 12-05-1953 Smyrna, GA Index|,ge72 ~Carroll, Jim - -1950 New York, NY ,8s122 ~Carroll, Joe 11-25-1919 2-01-1981 Philadelphia, PA Index d. New York, NY ~Carroll, Liz 9-19-1956 Chicago, IL Index|,cx870,fq129,wa29-30 ~Cars, The .... ,8s123 ~Carson, Fiddlin' John 3-23-1868 12-11-1949 Fannin County, GA Index ,aa52,af209,bk,bm34,fl54,fu135-6 ~Carson, Johnny 10-23-1925 1-23-2005 Corning, IA Hosted TV's "The Tonight Show" for 30 years. ~Carson, Jeff 12-16-1963 Tulsa, OK Index|,ge72 ~Carson, Martha Lou 3-19-1921 12-16-2004 Neon, KY ~Carson, Martha Lou 5-19-1921 (,lz602) Index d. ? ,bm34-5,fl55,fu137-8,lz602 Irene Amburgey ~Carter Family, The .... Index ,aa53,af211,ah22,az64,bd20,bk,bm35-9,bn94,cx436,dg114,dv47,fl56,fo156 ,fq130,fu138-9,ge72 ~Carter Sisters, The .... Index|,fq130,fu139-40 ~Carter, A.P. 12-15-1891 11-07-1960 Maces Springs, VA Index d. Kingsport, TN ,aa55,aq11,az64,ba84,bg87,bk Alvin Pleasant Delaney Carter (m. Sara Dougherty, 1915, div.) ~Carter, Andrew - -1939 Wigston Magna, Leicestershire, U.K. Index ~Carter, Anita 3-31-1933 7-29-1999 Maces Springs, VA Index|,cv49,fu140 ~Carter, Benny 8-08-1907 New York, NY Index ,jy115-6,le54-6,oa135-40/418,oi106-8,pa72-3,2g135-40/418 Bennett Lester Carter ~Carter, Betty 5-16-1929 9-26-1998 Flint, MI Index,cc87,mx112-125,my50-55,oi109-10,os71-8 Lillie Mae Jones ~Carter, Bo 3-21-1893 9-21-1964 Bolton, MS Index d. Memphis, TN Armenter Chatmon ~Carter, Carlene 9-26-1955 Nashville, TN Index|,az63,cv50,cx435,dg114,fl55,fo155,ft48,fu140,ge73 Rebecca Carlene Smith ~Carter, Clarence 1-14-1936 Montgomery, AL ,8s123-4 ~Carter, Dave 8-13-1952 7-19-2002 Oxnard, CA Index d. Hadley, MA ~Carter, Deana 1-04-1966 Nashville, TN Index|,ge74 ~Carter, Garland - - 6-24-2010 city? Index d. Martinsville, VA ~Carter, Helen 9-12-1927 Maces Springs, VA Index|,fu141 Helen Myrl Carter ~Carter, Janette 7-02-1923 1-22-2006 Maces Springs, VA Index ~Carter, Jason 2-01-1973 city?, KY Index|,fq130 ~Carter, Joe 2-27-1927 3-02-2005 Maces Springs, VA Index ~Carter, Joe & Janette .... Index|,fu141 ~Carter, John - -1930 Nashville, TN Index ~Carter Cash, June 6-23-1929 5-15-2003 Maces Springs, VA Index|,aa56,bk,fl58,fu142 d. Nashville, TN (m. Carl Smith 1952-1956, daughter Carlene; m. Johnny Cash 1968) ~Carter, Margaret - - city? Index|,if31-3,3u31-3 ~Carter, Mother Maybelle 5-10-1909 10-23-1978 Nickelsville, VA Index d. Nashville, TN ,aa53,aa57,ah22,am93,aq11,az64,ba84,bg87,bk,bn97,fu143 Maybelle Addington (m. Ezra J. Carter, 1926) ~Carter, Ron 5-04-1937 Ferndale, MI Index|,oi111-13 Ronald Levin Carter ~Carter, Sara 7-21-1898 1-08-1979 Flat Woods, Wise County, VA Index d. Lodi, CA ,am93,aq11,az64,ba84,bg87,bk Sara Dougherty Carter Bayes (m. Coy Bayes, 1939) ~Carter, Sydney 5-06-1915 3-13-2004 Camden Town, London, U.K. Index d. Herne Hill, London, U.K. Sydney Bertram Carter ~Carter, Wilf 12-18-1904 12-05-1996 Gaysboro, Nova Scotia, Canada ~Carter, Wilf 12-12-1904 #bm Port Holford, Nova Scotia, Canada Index|,bm39,fq131,ge74 d. ? ~Carthy, Eliza 8-23-1976 city? Index|,fq131,sl30-1 ~Carthy, Martin 5-21-1941 Hatfield, Hertfordshire, U.K. Index ,af213,ar70,as97,ax16-8,ba84,bk,cx870,fq132,iy92-4,wa30 Martin Dominic Forbes Carthy ~Cartwright, Dave 4- -1943 Haslemere, Surrey, U.K. ,sl31 ~Cartwright, Lionel 2-10-1960 Gallipolis, OH Cartwright, Lionel or 2-10-1959 (,fu143) Index ,fl59,ft49,fu143,ge75,gj78 ~Caruso, Enrico 2-25-1873 8-02-1921 Naples, Italy Index d. Naples, Italy ,km5:213,kn1:746,kp81,kq77,kr42 Errico Caruso ~Carver, Doyle - - city? Index|,cx502,fh489 ~Carver, Johnny 11-24-1938 Jackson, MS Index|,bm39,ha229-30,fu144 John David Carver ~Casa Loma Orchestra .... Index|,jy117-23,nf104-5 ~Case, Ann and Phil .... Index|,fq132 ~Case, Peter 4-05-1954 Buffalo, NY ,8s124 ~Case, Russ 3-19-1912 10-10-1964 Hamburg, IA Index d. Miami, FL ~Casey, Mike 1-22-1958 Columbus, OH Index|,fq133 ~Casey, Patti & Bob Gagnon .... Index|,fh489 ~Cash, Johnny 2-26-1932 9-12-2003 Kingsland, AR Index| ,aa61,af215,az64,bd94,bk,bm39-42,bw55,cj80,cx436,dg115,dv50,fl61,fo158 ,fq133,ft50,fu145-8,fy187,ge75,gf22,8s124-6 John Ray Cash (m. (1) date?-1966, Vivian Liberto - m. (2) 1968 June Carter Cash) ~Cash, Rosanne 5-24-1955 Memphis, TN Index ,bw56,cx437,dg119,fl63,fo159,fq136,ft51,fu148,ge76,gf23,lc207-208,pt234-253 ,8s126 Rebecca Carlene Smith (daughter of June Carter and Carl Smith) ~Cash, Tommy 4-05-1940 Dyess, AR Index|,bm42,fu149 ~Cashdollar, Cindy 5-25-1956 Woodstock, NY Index ~Casseus, Frantz - - 6-03-1993 city? Index d. New York, NY ~Cassius, Mark - - Port-of-Spain, Trinidad Index ~Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Mario 4-03-1895 3-16-1968 Florence, Italy Index ~Castleberry, Troy 8-19-1932? 7-11-2000 city? Index d. Memphis, TN ~Castro, Tommy - -1955 San Jose, CA Index ~Cathcart, Patti 10-04-1950 San Francisco, CA Index ~Catherine Wheel .... ,8s126-7 ~Catlett, Big Sid 1-17-1910 3-25-1951 Evansville, IN Index|,oi114-5 d. Chicago, IL Sidney Catlett ~Catterton, Mary - - city? Index|Periodicals ~Caught on the Hop .... ,sl31-2,vy314 ~Cavanaugh, Page 1-26-1922 12-19-2008 Cherokee, KS Index d. Los Angeles, CA ~Cave, Nick & The Bad Seeds .... ,8s127-8 CE - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Cebulski, Brad 5-15-1989 city? Index ~Cemore, Alan - -1958 city? Index ~Centers, Roy Lee 11-08-1944 5-02-1974 city? Index ~Central Park Shieks .... Index|,cx502,fh490 ~Ceolbeg .... Index|,fq136,su19 ~Ceoltoiri .... Index|,fq138 ~Cephas and Wiggins .... Index|,cx356,fq139,hb73,wa30 ~Cephas, John 9-04-1930 3-07-2009 Washington, DC Index|,bc48,bl29,gh83 CH - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Chabert, Lacey 9-30-1982 Purvis, MS Index|,-- Lacey Nicole Chabert ~Chabot, Bob 4-07-1962 Croix Chapeau, France Index ~Chad & Jeremy .... Index|,fq139,sk362-4,8s128 ~Chairmen of the Board .... ,8s128-9 ~Chalmers, Peter - -1953 7-02-1992 Canada Index|,sf47 d. Montreal, Quebec, Canada {Guitarist} ~Chambers Brothers, The .... Index|,fq140,8s129 ~Chambers, Paul 4-22-1935 1-04-1969 Pittsburgh, PA Index|,oi116-7 d. New York, NY Paul Laurence Dunbar Chambers, Jr. ~Chambre, Tim - - city? Index|,ar ~Chameleons, The .... ,8s129-30 ~Champlin, Bill 5-21-1947 Oakland, CA Index ~Chance, James 4-20-1953 Milwaukee, WI ,8s130 ~Chandler, Chris 1-16-1964 city? Index ~Chandler, Dillard 4-16-1907 1- -1992 city? Index|,aa63 ~Chandler, Len 5-27-1935 Akron, OH Index|,aa64,bk,wa31 Leonard Hunt Chandler, Jr. ~Chandra, Sheila 3-14-1965 Waterloo, London, U.K. ,sl32 ~Chapin, Harry 12-07-1942 7-16-1981 New York, NY Index d. ? ,aa66,af223,az69,bn106,bu67,bv52,bw57,cj85,cn40,dg122,fo164,fq140,fy188,wa31 ~Chapin, Tom - - city?, NY Index|,fq141 ~Chapman, Bill 3-04-1954 city? Index ~Chapman, Gary 8-19-1957 Waurika, OK Index|,ge78 Gary Winther Chapman ~Chapman, Jason 5-23-1983 city? Index ~Chapman, Jeremy 5-12-1979 city? Index ~Chapman, John 7-05-1977 city? Index ~Chapman, Marshall 1-07-1949 Spartanburg, SC Index|,ge78 ~Chapman, Owen "Snake" - -1919 Canada, KY Index|,fq142 ~Chapman, Patti 8-24-1955 city? Index ~Chapman, Tracy 3-20-1964 Cleveland, OH Index|,bw57,cj85,dg122,fo165,fq144 ,wa31-2 ~Charles River Valley Boys .... Index|,fq145,ge80 ~Charles, Ray 9-23-1930 6-10-2004 Albany, GA Index ,bw58,ff27-31,fn40,fo167,ft54,fy188,ge79,gh85,hb74,4aa116-20 Ray Charles Robinson ~Charmasson, Henri - - Provence, France Index|,3x ~Charo 1-15-1951 Murcia, Spain Index Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baeza ~Charpentier, Marc-Antoine - -1643 2-24-1704 Paris, France Index ~Charters, Sam 8-01-1929 3-18-2015 Pittsburgh, PA Index d. Arsta, Sweden ,bk,wa32 Samuel Barclay Charters IV ~Chartists, The .... ,sl32,vy314 ~Chatmon, Sam 1-10-1897 2-02-1983 Bolton, MS Index d. Hollandale, MS ,aa68,an119,az70,bk,bl29,cx357,gh86,hb76 ~Chaudoir, James - -1946 Baton Rouge, LA Index|,sp157 ~Chavis, Boozoo 10-23-1930 5-05-2001 Lake Charles, LA Index|,cx400,fq145,gh87 d. Austin, TX Wilson Anthony Chavis ~Cheap Suit Serenaders .... Index|,fq147 ~Cheatham, Doc 6-13-1905 6-02-1997 Nashville, TN Index ,le56-7,ns74-84,oa307-18/418,os17-26,2g307-18/418 Adolphus Anthony Cheatham ~Cheatham, Jeannie & Jimmy & the Sweet Baby Blues Band .... Index|,cx932,gh88,gv198,hb76-7,hy223-4,ii103,ip81-2,ju84 ~Cheatham, Jeannie - - Akron, OH Index Jean Evans, m. 1959 Jimmy Cheatham ~Cheatham, Jimmy 6-18-1924 1-12-2007 Birmingham, AL Index d. San Diego, CA m. 1959 Jeannie Cheatham ~Check, John F. 8-22-1921 6-05-2013 Vermillion, SD Index d. Vermillion, SD ~Chenier, Clifton 6-25-1925 12-12-1987 Opelousas, LA Index d. Lafayette, LA ,az271,ce124,dg128,fo170,fq148,hb77,wa32 ~Chenier, C.J. 9-28-1957 Port Arthur, TX Index|,fq148,hb77 ~Chenille Sisters, The .... Index|,cx502,fh490,fq150 ~Cher 5-20-1946 El Centro, CA Index|,bw60 Cherilyn La Pierre ~Cherish the Ladies .... Index|,fq151 ~Cherry Vanilla 10-16-1943 Woodside, Queens, NY Index|,ar427,4by433,4bz160,7c611 Kathleen Dorritie ~Cherry, Don 11-18-1936 10-19-1995 Oklahoma City, OK Index,cc90-91,mx406-419,my170-175,oi118-9 Donald E. Cherry ~Cherubini, Luigi 9-08-1760 3-15-1842 Florence, Italy Cherubini, Luigi or 9-14-1760 Index ~Cherwien, David 7-01-1957 West Union, IA Index ~Chesapeake .... Index|,fq152,ge81,hx84 ~Chesney, Kenny 2-26-1968 Knoxville, TN Index|,ge81,-- ~Chesnutt, Mark 9-06-1963 Beaumont, TX Index|,ge81 ~Chesnutt, Vic 11-12-1964 12-25-2009 Jacksonville, FL Index|,fq153,ge83 d. Athens, GA ~Chesterman, Charlie 2-08-1960 Des Moines, IA Index|,ge83 ~Chestnut Grove Quartet, The .... Index|,fq153 ~Chiavola, Kathy 3-07-1952 Chicago, IL Index|,fh490,ge83 ~Chicken Chokers, The .... Index|,cx487,fh620,fq154 ~Chidsey, David Alan - - Ashland, WI Index ~Chieftains, The .... Index ,aa69,af234,ar79,as109,ax93,az73,ba94,bk,cx870,dg131,fo174,fq155,ge84,wa32-3 ~Child, Francis James 2-01-1825 9-11-1896 Boston, MA Index|,aa69,af234,yq31-3 d. Boston, MA ~Childs, Billy 3-08-1957 Index William Edward Childs ~Chillingworth, Sonny 7-14-1932 8-24-1994 Oahu, HI Index Edward Bradfirld Chillingworth ~Chilton, John 7-16-1932 2-25-2016 London, U.K. Index,nv,og,pk,pl,pm John James Chilton ~Ching, Barbara - -1958 city? Index|,wc ~Chipmunks, Alvin and the .... Index|,ge84 ~Chism, John - -1877? - -1968? city? Index|,qh174-6 ~Choates, Harry - - city? Index|,cx401 ~Chopin, Frederic 2-22-1810 10-17-1849 Zelazowa Wola, Warsaw, Poland Chopin, Frederic 3-01-1810 Index ~Chordettes .... Index|,ha66,ir367,iv81 ~Chrisman, Paul Woodrow 8-23-1949 Nashville, TN Index aka Woody Paul ~Christesen, Robert 2-15-1943 city?, WA Index ~Christgau, Robert 4-18-1942 New York, NY Index|,ae,dz Robert Thomas Christgau ~Christian, Charlie 7-29-1916 3-02-1942 Dallas, TX Index d. New York, NY ,le57,oi120-2 Charles Christian ~Christian, Frank - -194? Newark, NJ Index|,cx502,fh490,fq156 ~Christiansen, F. Melius 4-01-1871 6-01-1955 Eidsvold, Akershus County, Norway Index Frederik Melius Christiansen ~Christiansen, Paul J. 7-31-1914 12-05-1997 Northfield, MN Index d. Moorhead, MN Paul Joseph Christiansen ~Christie, William 12-19-1944 - - city? ,4aa127-30 ~Christina, Fran 2-01-1951 Westerly, RI Index ~Christoff, Boris 5-18-1914 6-28-1993 Plovdiv, Bulgaria Index d. Rome, Italy ,km5:812,kn1:855,ko96,kp92,kq86,kr46 Kirilov C. Christoff ~Christopher, Mic 9-21-1969 11-29-2001 Bronx, NY ,sl33 ~Christy, Edwin 11-28-1815 5-21-1862 Philadelphia, PA d. New York, NY Edwin Pearce Christy ~Chrysalis .... Index|,cx503,fh489 ~Chuck Wagon Gang, The .... Index|,ge85 ~Chumbawamba ,,,, ,sl33-4 ~Church, Cindy 6-11- Bible Hill, Nova Scotia, Canada Index|,ge85 ~Church, Kevin 9-24-1964 city? Index ~Church, Porter 4-17-1934 8-18-1995 Bristol, TN Index CI - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Cinderella, Joe - - city? Index|,qk178-92 ~Circulus .... ,sl34 ~Citations .... Index|,ha142-3 CL - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Claghorn, Charles Eugene 12-12-1911 10-30-2005 Narberth, PA Index|,qw,3r,3s,3t d. Cocoa Beach, FL Charles Eugene "Gene" Claghorn III ~Clan of Xymox .... ,7c109 ~Clancy Brothers, The .... Index ,aa70,af239,az75,ba97,bk,bn111,bu73,cx870,fq159,wa35 ~Clancy, Bobby 5-14-1927 9-06-2002 Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary, Ireland Index d. Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary, Ireland ~Clancy, Liam 9-02-1935 12-04-2009 Carrick-on-Suir, County Tipperary, Ireland Index d. Cork, Ireland William Clancy ~Clancy, Paddy 3-07-1922 11-11-1998 Carrick-on-Suir, Ireland Index Patrick Clancy ~Clancy, Tom 10-29-1924 11-07-1990 Carrick-on-Suir, Ireland Index ~Clancy, William D. - - city? Index|,0009 ~Clancy, Willie 12-24-1918 - -1973 Milltown Mulbray, Ireland Index|,ax69,wa34-5 ~Clapton, Eric 3-30-1945 Ripley, Surrey, U.K. Index|,fq162,gh91,hb79,-- ~Clannad .... Index ,ab33,af239,ar81,as113,ax88,ba97,cj95,cx870,fq161,wa35 ~Clark & Duhon .... Index|,cx401 ~Clark, Buddy 7-10-1929 Kenosha, WI Index|Sources Walter Clark, Jr. ~Clark, Buddy 7-26-1912 10-01-1949 Dorchester, MA Index|,la90 d. Los Angeles, CA Samuel Goldberg ~Clark, Gene 11-17-1941 5-24-1991 Tipton, MO Index d. Sherman Oaks, CA ,af242,az75,bk,fu158,fq163,ge86,wa35-6 Harold Eugene Clark ~Clark, Giles - -1928? 2-26-2008 city?, ?? Index ~Clark, Guy 11-06-1941 Rockport, TX or Monahans, TX Index ,cx438,fl67,fq163,ft57,fu159,ge86,gf25,wa36 ~Clark, Roy 4-15-1933 Meherrin, VA Index ,bm42-4,by62,ft57,fu160-1,ge87,gf26 Roy Linwood Clark ~Clark, Sheila - - city? Index|,cx503,fh489 ~Clark, Terri 8-05-1968 Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada Index|,ge88 ~Clark, Valerie Jane 2-14-1950 6-16-2011 Rush City, MN Index d. Grand Rapids, MN ~Clarke, Donald - -1940 Kenosha, WI Index|,af,6w ~Clarke, Kenny "Klook" 1-09-1914 1-26-1985 Pittsburgh, PA Index,oi123-4 d. Paris, France Kenneth Spearman Clarke ~Clarke, Mike (Michael) 6-03-1946 12-19-1993 Spokane, WA Index d. Treasure Island, FL Michael James Dick ~Clarke, Stanley 6-30-1951 Philadelphia, PA Index|,oi125-6 Stanley M. Clarke ~Clay, Otis 2-11-1942 1-08-2016 Waxhaw, MS Index d. Chicago, IL ~Clayhill .... ,sl34 ~Claypool, Philip - - Memphis, TN Index|,ge88 ~Clayton, Adam 3-13-1960 Index Adam Charles Clayton ~Clayton, Norman - - 10-31-2002 city? Index d. West Bend, WI ~Clayton, Paul 3-03-1933 3-30-1967 New Bedford, MA Index ,aa72,as117,au64,az76,bk,cn46,cx503,fh490,wa36-7 ~Clayton, Vikki 12-12-1952 Paddington, London, U.K. ,sl35,vy314 ~Cleaves, Slaid 6-09-1964 South Berwick ME Index|,fh490,fm740 ~Clegg, Johnny 10-31-1953 Rockdale, U.K. Index|,af248,dg139,fo188 ~Cleland, Sean - - Milwaukee, WI Index ~Clemens, Alice Colvin - - 8-19-1999 Orwell, NY Index d. Osceola, NY ~Clement, Robbie - - city? Index|,fp8 ~Clements, Rod 11-17-1947 North Shields in Tyne and Wear, U.K. ,sl35 ~Clements, Vassar 4-25-1928 8-16-2005 Kinard, SC Clements, Vassar or 4-28-1928 Kincaid, SC (,fq164) Index d. Mt. Juliet, TN ,aa74,af249,aq156,az76,bk,by63,cx487,fh621,fl69,fq164,fu164,ge89,hx62,wa37 ~Cleveland, J. Jefferson - -1937 - -1986 city?, GA Index Judge Jefferson Cleveland ~Cleveland, Sara - - city? Index|,aa75 ~Clifton, Bill 4-05-1931 Riverwood, MD Index ,by63,cx487,fh621,fq165,fu166,ge89,wa37 William August Marburg ~Clinch Mountain Boys, The .... Index ~Cline, Charlie 6-06-1931 11-20-2005 Baisden, WV Index|,ge90 ~Cline, Curly Ray 1-10-1923 8-19-1997 Baisden, WV Index|,by66 ~Cline, Ezra 1-13-1907 7-11-1984 Baisden, WV Index ~Cline, Patsy 9-08-1932 3-05-1963 Gore (near Winchester), VA Index d. Camden, TN ,bm44-6,cx438,dg141,dv51,fl70,fu167-9,ge90 Virginia Patterson Hensley ~Clinton, George 7-22-1940 - - Kannapolis, NC ,4ab112-6 ~Clokey, Joseph W. 8-28-1890 9-14-1960 New Albany, IN Index|,wx351,wy351,wz435,xa435 d. Covina, CA Joseph Waddell Clokey ~Clooney, Rosemary 5-23-1928 6-29-2002 Maysville, KY Index|,le60-2 ~Cloud Valley .... Index|,aq156,by67 ~Cloud, Pat 12-23-1950 city? Index ~Clynes, Tom 2-15-1961 city? Index|,gu CO - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Coakley, Cathy Willis - - 4-21-2011 city?, Ireland Index ~Coates, Helen R. 8-31-1906 12-08-1981 Bhamo, Burma Index|,hw d. San Diego, CA Helen Alice Rittenhouse ~Cobb, Arnett 8-10-1918 Houston, TX Index|,oi127-8 Arnett Cleophus Cobb ~Cobham, Billy 5-16-1944 city?, Panama Index|,oi129-30 William C. Cobham ~Cochran, Anita 2-06- Pontiac, MI Index|,ge91 ~Cochran, Hank 8-02-1935 Greenville, MS Index|,bm46,fu170-1 ~Cochran, Robert - -1943 city? Index|,sw,sx ~Cock and Bull Band, The .... ,sl35-6 ~Cockburn, Bruce 5-27-1945 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Index|,aa77,af254,az78,bn124,bu77,dg146,fo195,fq165 ~Cockerham, Fred 11-03-1905 7-08-1980 Round Peak, NC Index|,aa77-8,wa37-8,wm50-3 ~Cocoon .... ,sl36 ~Cody, Iron Eyes - - 1-04-1999 city? Index ~Coe, David Allan 9-06-1939 Akron, OH Index|,ge92 ~Coen, Jack and Charlie .... Index|,cx870 ~Cogan, Alma 5-19-1932 10-26-1966 London, U.K. ,mo520 d. city? ~Cohan, George M. 7-03-1878 11-05-1942 Providence, RI Index d. New York, NY George Michael Cohan ~Cohen, Alan 11-25-1934 London, U.K. ,mo520 ~Cohen, Jesse 12-23-1900 4-10-1980 Waupaca, WI Index d. Highland Park, IL ~Cohen, John - -1932 New York, NY Index|,as122,bk,wa38 ~Cohen, Leonard 9-21-1934 11-07-2016 Westmount, Montreal, Quebec, Canada Index d. Los Angeles, CA ,aa80-1,af256,ao94-5,ar88,az79-80,ba106,bg110-1,b1140,bn128,bu77,cj107,cx503 ,dg148-9,dz97,fo197-8,fq167,fw161-2,fy193-4,id204-5,io153-4,iy116-20,kx80 ,mo520-1,sk59-62,ta139,tb156-7,tc199-200,td216-7,te313-5,tf86-7,tg223-6 ,wp194-5,1p216,2h82-5,2y124-5,6m176-7,8h113-5,8i127-9,8j80-1 Leonard Norman Cohen ~Cohen, Maxwell - - New York, NY Index|,os27-36 ~Cohn, Al 11-24-1925 2-15-1988 Brooklyn, NY Index|,mo521,oi131-2 d. East Stroudsburg, PA Alvin Gilbert Cohn ~Coker, Henry 12-24-1919 11-23-1979 Dallas, TX ,mo521 d. city? ~Cold Blood .... ,mo521 ~Cold Chisel .... ,mo521-2 ~Coldle, Larry - (see: Larry Cordle) ~Cole, Bruce 5-11-1947 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Cole, Cozy 10-17-1909 1-29-1981 East Orange, NJ Index|,oi133-4 d. Columbus, OH William Randolph Cole ~Cole, Khani 5-07- Milwaukee, WI Index|,hy248 ~Coleman, Cy 6-14-1929 11-18-2004 New York, NY Index Seymour Kaufman ~Coleman, Michael 1-31-1891 1-04-1945 city? Index|,ax72,wa38-9 ~Coleman, Ornette 3-19-1930 6-11-2015 Fort Worth, TX Index|,oi135-8 d. New York, NY ,ns187-97,oi135-8 Randolph Denard Ornette Coleman ~Coleman, T. Michael 1-03-1951 city? Index ~Collins, Albert 10-01-1932 11-24-1993 Leona, TX Index d. Las Vegas, NV ,af262,an125,bc188,bk,cx357,dg152,fo201,fq169,gh98,hb86 ~Collins, Dolly 3-06-1933 9-22-1995 Hastings, Sussex, U.K. Index ~Collins, Dolly and Shirley .... Index|,sk368-9 ~Collins, Earl - -1911 - -1975 Douglas City, MO Index|,qh176-7 ~Collins, John - - Detroit, MI Index John Leo Collins ~Collins, Judy 5-01-1939 Seattle, WA Index|Sources Judith Marjorie Collins ~Collins, Lui - -1950 Barre, VT Index|,cx503,fh491,fq171 ~Collins, Sam 8-11-1887 10-20-1949 city?, LA Index d. Chicago, IL ~Collins, Shirley 7-05-1935 Hastings, Sussex, U.K. Index|,ax21-3,cx870,fq174-5,wa40 ~Collins, Tommy 9-28-1930 3-14-2000 Bethany, OK ,nd174-5,vx63-4 d. Ashland City, TN Leonard Raymond Sipes ~Collins, Turner - -1960 Nacogdoches, TX Index ~Collinson, Lee 1-15-1965 Dorking, Surrey, U.K. ,sl36-7 ~Collister, Christine 12-28-1961 Isle of Man, U.K. Index ~Colter, Jessi 5-25-1943 Phoenix, AZ Index,fl75,fm632,fu177,ge95,gj98,AMG 4th. ed. p. 645 Miriam Johnson (m. Duane Eddy 1962-1968, Waylon Jennings 10/26/1969-2002) Note that every book cited says she was born in 1947. However, Marsha Sessions, co-Webmaster of Hawk & Marsha's El Rancho Waylon Web site says she went to grade and high school with Jessi and can verify the 1943 birth date. ~Coltman, Bob - - city? Index|,fl491 ~Coltrane, Chi 11-16-1948 Racine, WI Index|Sources ~Coltrane, John "Trane" 9-23-1926 7-17-1967 Hamlet, NC Index|,oi139-43,or175-181 d. New York, NY John William Coltrane ~Colvin, Shawn 1-10-1958 Vermillion, SD Index|,cx503,dg156,fo204,fq173,pt20-43 ~Combe, Charles 9-20-1961 3-04-2009 Brownsville, TX Index d. Oshkosh, WI ~Combs, Donald "Cotton" - -1921 - -1984 city? Index|,qh22-6 ~Comeaux, Tommy - - 11-08-1997 Index ~Commander Cody and His Lost Planet Airmen .... Index|Sources ~Commander Cody 7-19-1944 Boise City, ID Index|,le68 George W. Frayne IV ~Como, Perry 5-18-1912 5-12-2001 Canonsburg, PA Index d. Jupiter, FL Pierino Roland Como ~Compton, Mike 2-29-1956 city? Index ~Concrete Blonde .... Index|,ta144,tb161-2 ~Conley, Bill - -1946 city? Index|,qh178 ~Conn, Christina 11-20- city? Index ~Connell, Dudley 2-18-1956 Scherr, WV Index ~Connick, Jr., Harry 9-11-1967 New Orleans, LA Index|,le71-2 ~Conniff, Ray 11-06-1916 10-12-2002 Attleboro, MA Index d. Escondido, CA John R. Conniff ~Connolly, Billy 11-24-1942 Glasgow, Scotland Index|,su111-2 ~Connor, Joanna 9-13-1962 Brooklyn, NY Index ~Connor, Michael - - 9-09-2004 city? Index ~Connors, Mark - - 3-25-1991 city? Index ~Connors, "Stompin'" Tom 2-09-1936 3-06-2013 Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada Index d.Ballinafad, Ontario, Canada Charles Thomas Connors ~Conoscenti, Don - - city? Index|Periodicals ~Continental Divide .... Index|,hx64 ~Cooder, Ry 3-15-1947 Los Angeles, CA Index|,af276,am113,ao98,as127 ,az84,ar92,ba111,bk,bn135,bu82,cj111,dg158,fo209,fq179,fu182,fy195,hb88 Ryland Peter Cooder ~Cook, Jeff 8-27-1949 Fort Payne, AL Index ~Cook, Richard 2-07-1957 8-25-2007 Kew, Surrey, U.K. Index d. London, U.K. ,nw,nx,3y,3z,6a,6b,6c,6d Richard David Cook ~Cook, Tim 7-23-1947 South Bend, IN Index ~Cooke, Jack 12-06-1936 12-01-2009 Norton, VA Index ~Cooke, James "Curley" 11-12-1944 Wausau, WI Index|,iv149 ~Cooke, Sam 1-02-1931 12-11-1964 Clarksdale, MS Index d. Los Angeles, CA Samuel Cook ~Cooley, Joe - - - -1973 city? Index|,ax77 ~Cooley, Spade 2-22-1910 11-23-1969 Grand, OK Index|,fq180 d. Oakland, CA Donnell Clyde Cooley ~Coolidge, Rita 5-01-1944 Nashville, TN Index|,bw69,fo210,fu184,fy195 m. Kris Kristofferson 1973-1980 ~Coon Creek Girls .... Index|,fl79,fu185-6 ~Cooney, Michael - -1943 Carmel, CA Index ,aa85-6,ax123,az85,ba113,bk,br137,wa41 ~Cooney, Michael "Piper" (#2) - -1943 County Tipperary, Ireland Index ~Coope Boyes & Simpson .... ,sl37-8 ~Cooper, Dana - - Independence, MO Index|,fq181 ~Cooper, David - - city? Index m. Kelly De Haven ~Cooper, Paul 2-20-1950 Chattanooga, TN Index ~Cooper, Pete .... ,sl38 ~Cooper, Roger - - city?, KY Index|,fq181 ~Cooper, Stoney 10-01-1918 3-22-1977 Harmon, WV Cooper, Stoney or 10-16-1918 3-22-1977 Index Dale Troy Cooper ~Cooper, Wilma Lee 2-07-1921 Valley Head, WV Index|,by69 Wilma Lee Leary ~Cooper, Wilma Lee & Stoney .... Index ,af280,bm46-7,by69,cv67,cx440,fl79,fu186,wa41 ~Copeland, Johnny "Clyde" 3-27-1937 7-03-1997 Haynesville, LA Index d. New York, NY ,fq181,ga58,gh101,hb91,ja33 ~Copeland, Shemekia - -1979 city? Index|,ja36 ~Copland, Aaron 11-14-1900 12-02-1990 Brooklyn, NY Index ~Copley, R. Evan 3-22-1930 Liberal, KS Index ~Copper Family, The .... Index ,ax14-15,cx871,fq182-3,sk371-2,wa42 ~Copper, Bob 1-06-1915 3-29-2004 Rottingdean, Sussex, U.K. Index Robert (Bob) James Copper ~Copper, James "Brasser" - -1845 - - city? Index ~Copper, Ron - - - -1978 city? Index ~Copsey, Polly Williamson 1-23-1937 city? Index Polly Lewis ~Cordelia's Dad .... Index|,fq183 ~Cordle, Larry 11-16-1949 city? Index ~Corea, Chick 6-12-1941 Chelsea, MA Index|,oi144-6,sn257-68 Armando Anthony Corea ~Corelli, Franco 4-08-1921 10-29-2003 Ancona, Italy Index d. Milan, Italy ,km6:463,kn1:949,ko108,kp102,kq93 Dario Corelli ~Corena, Fernando 12-22-1916 11-26-1984 Geneva, Switzerland Index d. Lugano, Switzerland ,km6:463,kn1:949,ko108,kp102,kq93 ~Corenthal, Michael G. 7-05-1945 6-25-2013 Winthrop, MA Index d. Milwaukee, WI ~Cork n' Bottle String Band .... Index|Periodicals ~Cormier, Sheryl 3-15-1945 Grand Coteau, LA Index|,fq183 ~Cornelius, Peter 12-24-1824 10-26-1874 Mainz, Germany Index d. Mainz, Germany Carl August Peter Cornelius ~Cornerstone .... Index|Articles/Reviews|Sources ~Corries, The .... Index|,su21-3 ~Corum, Pete 11-04-1948 city? Index|,hx6 ~Coryell, Larry 4-02-1943 Galveston, TX Index|,oi149 ~Cosby, Bill 7-12-1937 Philadelphia, PA Index|,bw70 William H. Cosby, Jr. ~Cosmotheka .... ,sl38-9 ~Cossotto, Fiorenza 4-22-1935 Crescentino di Vercelli, Italy Index ,km6:520,kn1:968,ko110,kp104,kq94 ~Cossu, Scott - -1951 city?, WV Index|,cx542,fq184 ~Cossutta, Carlo 5-08-1932 1-22-2000 Trieste, Italy Index d. Udine, Italy ,km6:520,kn1:968,ko110,kp104,kq94 ~Costello, Elvis 8-25-1954 Liverpool, U.K. Index Declan Patrick McManus ~Cotrubas, Ileana 6-09-1939 Galati, Romania Index ,km6:546,kn1:998,ko110,kp104,kq95,kr51 ~Cotten, Elizabeth "Libba" 1-05-1895 6-29-1987 Chapel Hill, NC Index d. Syracuse, NY ,aa86,af286,an130,aq41,au504,av682,ax109,az86,ba116,bf29,bk,bl36,cx504 ,fh491,fm741,fq185,gh102,wa42,yq67-71 ~Cotten, Lee 4-11-1942 8-19-2016 Philadelphia, PA Index|,ag d. Colorado Springs, CO ~Cotton, James 7-01-1935 3-16-2017 Tunica, MS Index|,fq185,jo66-7,mk48-53 d. Austin, TX James Henry Cotton ~Coulter, William - -1959 Ridgewood, NJ Index ~Council, Floyd 9-02-1911 5-09-1976 Chapel Hill, NC Index d. Sanford, NC ~Country Boys, The .... Index|,fq434,fu190 ~Country Cooking .... ,wa22-3 ~Country Gazette .... Index ,af288,by72,cx488,fh621,fu190,wa43 ~Country Gentlemen .... Index ,af288,bm48,by73,fl82,cx488,fh621,fq186,fu190,wa43-4 ~Country Ham .... Index|,fq187 ~Country Joe and the Fish .... Index|,bw71,cj115,dg164,fo219,fq187 ~Cousin Emmy - -1903 4-11-1980 Lamb, KY ,wa4-5 Cynthia May Carver ~Cousin Fuzzy - - 8-31-1994 Millville, MN Index d. Minneapolis, MN Earl J. McNellis ~Cove, Mike - - Farnborough, Kent, U.K. Index|Sources m. Karen Lord 9/1999 ~Cowboy Junkies .... Index|,fq189,lc280-1 ~Cowboy Mouth .... Index|,lc281,,su254 ~Cowette, Cathy - - Fort Fairfield, ME Index ~Cox Family, The .... Index|,fq190,wa45-6 ~Cox, Bill 8-04-1897 - -1968 city? ,wa45 William Jennings Cox ~Cox, Evelyn 6-20-1959 city? Index ~Cox, Harry 3-27-1885 5-06-1971 Yarmouth, Norfolk County, U.K. Index|,ax12-13 Harry Fred Cox ~Cox, Ida 2-25-1896 11-10-1967 Toccoa, GA Index d. knoxville, TN ,if34-42,3u34-42 ~Cox, Lynn 10-11-1960 city? Index ~Cox, Ronny 7-23-1938 Cloudcroft, NM Index Daniel Ronald Cox ~Cox, Suzanne 6-05-1967 city? Index ~Cox, Sydney 7-21-1965 city? Index ~Cox, Terry - - Buckinghamshire, U.K. Index|,bg424,bk ~Cox, Tony 1-24-1954 Redcliff, Zimbabwe, Africa Index ~Cox, Willard 6-09-1937 city? Index ~Coyote Oldman .... Index|,cx542 CR - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Cracker .... ,8s114-5 ~Craig, David 9-25-1939 Skowhegan, ME Index ~Cramer, Floyd 10-27-1933 12-31-1997 Shreveport, LA Index ~Cramer, Mai 7-18-1947 2-25-2002 city? Index host of Blues After Hoursfor 23 years on WGBH 89.7 FM in Boston, MA ~Crampton, Luke - -1959 city?, U.K. Index|,cj,db,id ~Crane, R.E. - - - - city? |,qd163 ~Cranitch, Matt - -1948 city? Index ~Crary, Dan 9-29-1939 Kansas City, KS Index ,ba120,bk,by79,cx488,fh621,fq190,wa46 ~Crash Test Dummies .... Index|,fq191 ~Craver, Mike - - city? Index ~Crawford, Michael 1-19-1942 - - city? ,4aa141-4 ~Crawford, Roy - -1927 city? Index|,bw71,fn54,fo224,ga61,gh106,hb95 ~Crazy Horse .... Index|,ao646-51 ~Creach, Papa John 5-28-1917 2-22-1994 Beaver Falls, PA Index|,fh89 d. Los Angeles, CA John Henry Creach ~Cream .... ,8s17 ~Creed, Kyle 9-20-1912 11-22-1982 Round Peak, NC Index|,aa91-2,by80,wm53-5 d. city? Andy Kyle Creed ~Creedence Clearwater Revival .... Index|,bw72,8s172-3 ~Creighton, Helen 9-05-1899 12-12-1989 Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada Index d. Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada ~Crenshaw, Marshall 11-11-1953 Detroit, MI Index|,mo584,8s173-4 Marshall Howard Crenshaw ~Crespin, Regine 2-23-1927 7-05-2007 Marseille, France Index d. Paris, France ,km6:664,kn1:1006,ko113,kp107,kq95,kr53 ~Cribbins, Bernard 12-29-1928 Oldham, U.K. Index [actor on the Val Doonican Show) ~Crimmins, Jimmy - - Madison, WI Index ~Cristall, Gary - -1950 city?, Canada Index|,4bf ~Cristofori, Bartolomeo 5-04-1655 1-27-1731 Padua, Republic of Venice, Italy Index d. city? ~Critic's Group, The .... Index|,cx871 ~Critton Hollow String Band .... Index|,fq192 ~Croce, Ingrid 4-27-1947 city? Index ~Croce, Jim 1-10-1943 9-20-1973 Philadelphia, PA Index d. Natchitoches, LA ,af300,dg168,fo227,fq193,fy199 ~Croft, James 9-15-1929 9-06-2012 Vinton, IA Index d. Tallahassee, FL ~Crofts, Dash 8-14-1940 Cisco, TX Index Darrell Crofts ~Crofut, Bill - - 1-25-1999 city? Index ~Cromarty, George 9-15-1941 Los Angeles, CA Index|,ab37,bk ~Crompton, Carrie - - city? Index|,fq193 ~Crook Brothers .... ,wa46-7 ~Crook, Lewis - - 4- -1997 city? Index ~Crosby and Nash .... Index|,dg168 ~Crosby, David 8-14-1941 Los Angeles, CA Index|,bw73,fq194,fy199 David Van Courtland ~Crosby, Israel 1-19-1919 8-11-1962 Chicago, IL Index d. Chicago, IL ~Crosby, Stills and Nash .... Index|,bw73,dg168,fq194,fx483 ~Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young .... Index|,cj119,dg169,fo227,fq194,fy200 ~Cross, Christopher 5-03-1951 San Antonion, TX Index|,la116 Christopher Geppert ~Cross, Mike - -1946 Maryville, TN Index|,by80,cx504,fh491,fm741,fp8,fq195 ~Crouch, Andrae 7-01-1942 1-08-2015 San Francisco, CA Index d. Los Angeles, CA Andrae Edward Crouch ~Crouch, Stanley 12-14-1945 - - Los Angeles, CA ,4ac132-5 ~Crow, Sheryl 2-02-1962 Kennett, MO Index|,pt268-289 ~Crowe, J.D. 8-27-1937 Lexington, KY Index ,bk,by81,fl87,fq196,fu202,hx73,wa47 ~Crowe, J.D. & the New South .... Index|,cx488,fh621,fq196 ~Crowe, Rice, Lawson, Hicks & Phillips .... Index|,cx488,fh621 ~Crowell, Bill 8-14-1962 city? Index ~Crowley, Adrian - -1979 Sliema, Malta ,sl39 ~Crumb, Robert 8-30-1943 New York, NY Index ~Cruz, Edgar - - Oklahoma City, OK Index ~Crystal River Trio .... Index CU - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Cuffe, Tony - -1954 Greenock, Scotland Index|,cx871,su23 ~Cullen, David - - city? Index ~Culley & Elliott .... Index|,fh492 ~Culpepper, M.D. "Pepper" - -1924? 4-20-2003 city? Index ~Culture Club .... Index|,3e49 ~Culver, Rollie 10-29-1908 Fond du Lac, WI Index|Sources ~Cumberland Three, The (U.K.) .... Index|,su23 ~Cummings, Burton 12-31-1947 Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Index| ~Cundy, David 12-27-1960 Melbourne, Australia Index ~Cunningham, Agnes "Sis" 2- -1909 6-27-2004 Watonga, OK Index|,yr9-12 d. New Paltz, NY Co-Publisher "Broadside" 1962-1988 (m. George Friesen, 1941) ~Cunningham, Johnny 8-27-1957 12-15-2003 Portobello, Scotland Index|,fq197 ~Cunningham, John & Phil .... Index|,cx871,,su24 ~Cunningham, Larry 2-13-1938 Granarf, County Longford, Ireland Index ~Cunningham, Michael G. 8-05-1937 Warren, MI Index|ASCAP 1980 p. 106 Michael Gerald Cunningham ~Cunningham, Phil 1-27-1960 Portobello, Scotland Index|,fq197 ~Curbow, Ray - -1936 city? Index|,qh178-9 ~Curran, Brad - - Fond du Lac, WI Index ~Current 93 .... ,sl40 ~Curtis, Alvin J. 8-28-1926 3-06-2002 Index ~Curtis, Catie 5-22-1965 Saco, ME Index|,cx504,fh492,fq200,pt302-319 ~Curtis, Dan - - 1-15-2006 city? Index ~Curtis, King 2-07-1934 8-13-1971 Fort Worth, TX Index d. New York, NY Curtis Ousley ~Cutting, Andy 3-18-1969 Harrow, U.K. Index CY - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Cyrille, Andrew 11-10-1939 Brooklyn, NY Index|,oi150-1 Andrew Charles Cyrille ~Cyrus, Billy Ray 8-25-1961 Flatwoods, KY Index|,cx440,dv136,fl91,fo236,ft67,fu208,gf27,--

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