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      Musician's Birthdays - Folk Music, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Country Blues, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarists, etc. and specific bibliographic source references for detailed information about the listed artists and groups. Not all of the listed books and magazines are completely indexed. I hope everyone finds something useful. Please send additions and/or corrections to: [email protected]

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artist or group name birth date death date birthplace link to FolkLib Index entry d. death place Note 1: bibliography sources birth (maiden) name aka "also known as", pseudonyms this artist recorded under Note 2: (groups this artist was/is in) Note 2: see ... (artists that were in this group at one time or another) [reason for listing] {"Sing Out!" obituary article title} How to use the source references on these pages: for example, ~Adams, Bryan ,dg7,fo6,gl6 I feel it would serve no useful purpose to link all of the literally thousands of references to the book each one refers to, plus it would make it very difficult to edit these pages. Therefore, to make use of the above book references, append a "#" and each two letter code to the Bibliography page URL. For the above references, will link you to the bibliographical information about each book where the information for Bryan Adams can be found on the page listed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- F Birth Death Birthplace (see #G Name Source(s) mm-dd-yyyy mm-dd-yyyy for U.S. state codes) ---------------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------- FA - |top/bottom of page|All "F" artists/groups|Copyright Notice| ~Fabares, Shelley 1-19-1944 Santa Monica, CA Index|,mo817 Michelle Fabares ~Fabian 2-06-1943 Philadelphia, PA Index d. city? Index|,mo817 Fabiano Forte Bonaparte ~Fabke, John - - city? Index m. Shauna Wells ~Fabulous .... Index|,mo817 ~Fabulous Thunderbirds, The .... Index ,mo817-8,ta241,tb276,fw280,io256 ~Fagan, Ted 2-21-1921 1-31-1987 Buenos Aires, Argentina Index d. New York, NY Theodore Fagan ~Fagen, Donald 1-10-1948 Passaic, NJ Index|,mo819-20,mx466,my187-191 ~Fagerquist, Don 2-06-1927 1-24-1974 Worcester, MA Index d. Los Angeles, CA ,dj351,mo820,qv217,uu885-6 Donald A. Fagerquist ~Fahey, John 2-28-1939 2-22-2001 Takoma Park, MD Index|Articles/Reviews|Sources d. Salem, OR ,mo820,wa63 John Aloysius Fahey ~Fahmer, Nachman "Ricky" - - Paris, France Index ~Faier, Billy 12-21-1930 1-29-2016 Brooklyn, NY Index|,az125 d. Alpine, TX ~Fairchild, Raymond 3-05-1939 Cherokee, NC Fairchild, Raymond or 3-15-1939 Index|,by104,fu277,jw37,jx43 ~Fairchild, Zane 1-11-1971 city? Index ~Fairfield Four .... Index|,fq263 ~Fairport Convention .... Index|,aa124,af400,am165,ao172,ar144,as197,ax36,az125,ba169,bg180 ,bk,bn227,bu118,cj175,dg238,fo321,fq265,fy215,mo822-3,wa64 ~Faith No More .... Index|,ta244,tb279-80,tg,383-4 ~Faith, Percy 4-07-1908 2-09-1976 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Index d. Los Angeles, CA (Encino, CA) ,la161/163,mo824 ~Faithfull, Marianne 12-29-1946 Hampstead, London, U.K. Index|,mo825 ~Fallon, Linda - -1952 8-11-1991 city? Index|,sd39 {Folk Organizer} ~Famera, Karen - - - - city? Index|,yk148 Karen McNerney Famera ~Fannin, Jacob 9-19-1984 Hortonville, WI Index ~Fanshawe, David 4-19-1942 7-05-2010 Paignton, Devon, U.K. Index David Arthur Fanshawe ~Far From Home .... Index ~Farina, Johnny 4-30-1941 Brooklyn, NY Index ~Farina, Mimi 4-30-1945 7-18-2001 New York, NY Index d. Mill Valley, CA ,am167,ao175,ar147,as201,az127,ba171,bg183,bk,bn231,cx506 (tilde on "n") Mimi Baez ~Farina, Richard - -1937 4-30-1966 Carmel, CA Index ,af407,am167,ao175,ar147,as201,ba171,bg183,bk,wa65-6 (tilde on "n") ~Farina, Richard & Mimi .... Index|,aa125,az126,dg241,fo326,fy216 ~Farina, Santo 10-24-1937 Brooklyn, NY Index ~Farlow, Tal 6-07-1921 7-25-1998 Greensboro, NC Index|,oi199-200 d. New York, NY Talmage Holt Farlow ~Farmer, Art 8-21-1928 10-04-1999 Council Bluffs, IA Index|,oi201-2 d. New York, NY Arthur Stewart Farmer ~Farmer's Daughters, The .... Index|,fq268,jw37,jx43 ~Farr, Hugh 12-06-1906 Plano, TX Index ~Farr, Karl 4-25-1909 9-20-1961 Rochelle, TX Index d. Springfield, MA ~Farran, Celia 1-08-1973 city? Index ~Farrenc, Jeanne-Louise Dumont 5-31-1804 9-15-1875 Paris, France Index|,pr121-127 d. Paris, France Jeanne-Louise Dumont ~Farris, Dionne - - city? Index|,pt254-267 ~Farwell, Arthur 3-23-1872 1-20-1952 St. Paul, MN Index ~Fassaert, Tammy - - city? ,jw37,jx43 ~Fassbaender, Brigitte 7-03-1939 Berlin, Germany Index ,km8:591,kn2:127,ko161,kp160,kq122,kr73,4ac173-7 ~Fastest Grass Alive .... ,jx43 ~Fatool, Nick 1-02-1915 9-26-2000 Milbury, MA Index|,uu892-3 d. Los Angeles, CA ~Faure, Gabriel 5-12-1845 11-04-1924 Pamiers, Ariege, Midi-Pyrenees, France Index ~Fay, Martin - -1936 city? Index ~Fay, Winford E. "Wyan" - - 12-05-1995 city? Index ~Faye, Glenda - - city? Index|,cx489,jw37,jx43 FE - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Fearing, Stephen 1-12-1963 Horseshoe Bay, British Columbia, Canada Index|,fq268 ~Feather, Leonard 9-13-1914 9-22-1994 London, U.K. Index d. Sherman Oaks, CA ,dj357-8,mp847-8,nx198-9,qv221-2,rc357-8,uu895-6,wd69-70,xr746-7 Leonard Geoffrey Feather - Bibliography ~Feder, David - - Niagara Falls, NY Index ~Feeney, Anne 7-01-1951 city? Index ~Feeny, Bill 9-28-1956 city?, CT Index ~Feeney, Joe 8-15-1931 4-16-2008 Grand Island, NE Index d. Carlsbad, CA ~Feinstein, Michael 9-07-1956 Columbus, OH Index Michael Jay Feinstei ~Fela - - 8-02-1997 Fela Anikulapo-Kuti ~Feldman, Bob 9-11-1949 1-11-2006 St. Paul, MN Index d. St. Paul, MN President, Red House Records ~Feliciano, Jose 9-10-1945 Lares, Puerto Rico Index|,af412,az127,bk,bw96,cj179,dg242,fo328 ~Fellows, Buster - -1911 - -1991 city? Index|,qh184-5 Audie Fellows ~Fender, Freddy 6-04-1937 10-14-2006 San Benito, TX Index d. Corpus Christi, TX Baldemar Huerta ~Fendermen, The .... Index|,ha9 ~Fenton, Ann D. - - city? Index|,4bm ~Fenton, Mike 7-10-1948 Sheffield, U.K. Index|,fq269 ~Ferguson, Charles - - city? Index|,2c ~Ferguson, Gary 1-07-1950 city? Index|,jw37,jx43 ~Ferguson, John 2-27-1941 Cleveland, OH Index John Allen Ferguson ~Ferguson, Keith 7-23-1946 4-29-1997 Houston, TX Index ~Ferguson, Maynard 5-04-1928 8-23-2006 Verdun, Quebec, Canada Index|,oi203-4 d. Ventura, CA Walter Maynard Ferguson ~Fernandez, Wade - - city? Index Wiciwen Apis-Mahwaew [Menominee] ~Ferrante, Arthur 9-07-1921 New York, NY Index ~Ferrick, Melissa - -1970 city? Index ~Ferrington, Danny - - city?, LA Index ~Ferris, Ed 8-12-1934 6-24-1993 city? Index ~Ferron 6-02-1952 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Index|,fq270 Deborah Foisy ~Ferry, Bryan 9-26-1945 Washington, County Durham, U.K. Index|,ff539-57 FI - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Ficca, Billy 2-15-1950 city?, DE Index William Joseph Ficca ~Fiddle Fever .... Index|,by106,fq270 ~Fieger, Doug 8-20-1952 2-14-2010 Oak Park, MI Index d. Woodland Hills, CA Douglas Lars Fieger ~Field, Hilary - - city? Index ~Fielding, Rick 12-01-1946 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Index ~Fields, Scott 9-30-1952 city? Index ~Fietzer, Roger 7-18- city? Index ~Figgy Duff .... Index|,fq271 ~File .... Index|,fq272 ~Fine Young Cannibals .... Index|,ta250-1,tb288 ~Fine, Elizabeth - - city?, WI Index ~Fine Arts Quartet .... Index|,km8:828 ~Finger, Peter - - city? Index|,ar150,as205,bk ~Fingerett, Sally 12-25-195? Chicago, IL Index ~Fink, Cathy 8-09-1953 Baltimore, MD Index|,bk,fp10,fu283,wa67-8 ~Fink, Cathy & Duck Donald .... Index|,by106 ~Fink, Cathy & Marcy Marxer .... Index|,fq272,jw37,jx43 ~Finseth, Leonard 2-11-1911 6-16-1991 Mondovi, WI Index ~Fischer-Dieskau, Dietrich 5-28-1925 5-18-2012 Berlin, Germany Index d. Berg, Upper Bavaria, Germany ,km8:901,kn2:219,ko171,kp168,kq126,kr78,ku132 Albert Dietrich Fischer-Dieskau ~Fischer, Lisa 12-01-1958 Brooklyn, NY Index Lisa Melonie Fischer ~Fish, Bradley - - city? Index ~Fisher, Archie - - Glasgow, Scotland Index|,ax54,fq273,wa68 ~Fisher, Celia and Artie Trezise .... Index|,ax55 ~Fisher, David 7-19-1940 5-07-2010 New Haven, CT Index d. Rye, NY David Louis Fisher ~Fisher, Ryan 5-12- Milington, TN Index Timothy Ryan Fisher ~Fisher, Steve 11-24-1954 Tulsa, OK Index|,fq274 ~Fitzgerald, Ella 4-25-1917 6-15-1996 Newport News, VA Index|,oi205-7 d. Beverly Hills, CA Ella Jane Fitzgerald ~Fitzgerald, Michael - -19?? city? Index ~Five AMericans .... ,mp869 ~Five Chinese Brothers .... Index|,fq275 ~Five Dutones .... ,mp869 ~Five for the Gospel .... ,jw37,jx44 ~Five Hand Reel .... Index|,mp869-70,su30,vy97 ~Five Keys .... ,mp870 ~Five Satins .... ,mp870-1 ~Five Sharps .... ,mp871 ~Five Stairsteps .... ,mp871 ~Five Star .... ,mp871-2 ~Five Thirty .... ,mp872 ~Fivepenny Piece .... ,mp870 ~Fixx .... ,mp872 FL - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Flack, Roberta 2-10-1937 Ashville, NC ,mp872-3 ~Flagstad, Kirsten 7-12-1895 12-07-1962 Hamar, Norway Index d. Oslo, Norway ,km8:919,kn2:223,ko172,kp168,kq127,kr78 Kirsten Malfrid Flagstad ~Flanagan, Mike - -1898? 1-14-1990 city? Index {Irish Musician} ~Flanagan, Tommy 3-16-1930 11-16-2001 Detroit, MI Index|,os111-21 d. New York, NY Thomas Lee Flanagan ~Flanders and Swann .... ,mp874-5 ~Flanders, Helen Hartness 5-19-1890 5-23-1972 Springfield, VT Index|,yq59-63 d. Springfield, VT Helen Edith Hartness ~Flanders, Michael 3-01-1922 4-14-1975 London, U.K. d.Betws-y-Coed, Wales, U.K. Michael Henry Flanders ~Flatlanders, The .... Index|,fq275 ~Flatt, Lester 6-28-1914 5-11-1979 Overton County, TN Flatt, Lester or 6-19-1914 5-11-1979 Index|,aa129,ah40,as208,ba178,bd62,bk,bm73,bn237,cx489,fl123,fu285 Lester Raymond Flatt ~Flatt, Lester & The Nashville Grass .... ,jw38,jx44 ~Flatt and Scruggs .... Index ,af419,bk,dv59,by107,cx489,fl123,fq275,fu286,jw38,jx44 ~Fleck, Bela 7-10-1958 New York, NY Index ,aq156,bk,by115,cx490,dg250,fo335,fq277,fu287,jw38,jx44-5,wa68-9 Bela Anton Leos Fleck ~Fleetwood Mac .... Index|,3e61-3 ~Flemming, Marianne 5-10-1962 city? Index ~Fletcher, Grant 10-25-1913 Hartsburg, IL Index|,pp228-9,pq161 Horace Grant Fletcher ~Flick, Bob - - Seattle, WA (Brothers Four) ~Flinner, Matt 3-14-1969 Pueblo, CO Index|,fq278,jw38-9,jx45 ~Flippen, Benton 7-18-1920 6-28-2011 Surry County, NC Index|,fq278 ~Floren, Myron 11-19-1919 7-23-2005 Roslyn, SD Index ~Flores, Rosie 9-10-1950 San ANtonio, TX Index|,fq278,wa69 ~Flower, Desmond 8-25-1907 1-07-1997 London, U.K. Index|,xz d. London, U.K. Desmond John Newman Flower ~Flower, Mary - -1949 Delphi, IN Index ~Flower, Robin - -1950 Cleveland, OH Index|,fq280 ~Flying Burrito Brothers .... Index ,ar153-4,by116,cj186,dg254,fl125,fo339,fq281,fu287,fy218,ta257-8,tb295-6 ~Flynn, Billy - - Green Bay, WI Index ~Flynn, Pat - - Redondo Beach, CA Index FO - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Focus .... Index|,ar154,ta258-9,tb297-8 ~Foddrell, Turner - -1929 1-31-1995 city? Index ~Fogelberg, Dan 8-13-1951 12-16-2007 Peoria, IL Fogelberg, Dan or 8-31-1951 Index ,ar154,bw100,by117,dg254,fo341,fq282,fu288,ta259-60,tb298-9 ~Fogerty, John 5-28-1945 Berkeley, CA Index|,ar154 John Cameron Fogerty ~Foghat .... ,ar154-5,ta260-1,tb299-300,8i205-6 ~Foley, Dick - - Seattle, WA Index ~Foley, Red 6-17-1910 9-19-1968 Blue Lick, KY Index|,dv61,fq282 ~Foley, Sue 3-29-1968 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada Index|,fq283 ~Folks, David 6-23-1956 Lansing, MI Index|,fq283 ~Folkswingers, The .... Index|,by117 ~Fontana, Carl 7-18-1928 10-09-2003 Monroe, LA Index|,oi208-9 d. Las Vegas, NV Carl Charles Fontana ~Fontenot, Allen 1-19-1932 7-30-2013 Grand Prairie, Evangeline Parish, LA Index d. River Ridge, LA ~Fontenot, Canray 10-16-1922 9-29-1995 L'anse Aux Vachesla, LA Fontenot, Canray 10-22-1922 7-29-1995 L'anse Rougeau, LA Index|,fq284 d. Welsh, LA ~Forbert, Steve 12-15-1954 Meridian, MS Index ,ar155,af425,bn244,bw100,dg256,fo343,fq284 ~Forbes Family, The .... Index|,fq286,jw39,jx45 ~Ford, Ben 5-12-1901 6-20-1986 De Soto, MO Index|,dv62 Benjamin Francis "Whitey" Ford ~Ford, Mary 7-07-1928 9-30-1977 Pasadena, CA Index|,ha73 Coleen Summer (or Somerset?) (m. Les Paul 1949-1963) ~Ford, Robben 12-16-1951 Ukiah, CA Index|,al25,as213,ba182,ga87 ~Ford, Tennessee Ernie 2-13-1919 10-17-1991 Bristol, TN Index|,dv64 ~Foreman, Lewis - -19?? city? Index|,xx ~Foremen, The .... Index|,fq287 ~Formby, George - - city? Index|,cx872 ~Forrester, "Howdy" 3-31-1922 8-01-1987 Howard Forrester ~Forster, John - - city? Index|,fq287 ~Forster, Nick 5-16-1955 city? Index ~Fortune, Jimmy 3-11-1955 Newport News, VA Index Lester James Fortune ~Foss, Lukas 8-15-1922 2-01-2009 Berlin, Germany Index d. Manhattan, NY ,pn118,po162-3,pp232-3,vi196-7,vl53 Lukas Fuchs ~Foster, Billy Joe & Special Edition .... ,jx45 ~Foster, Gwen 12-25-1903 11-25-1954 Caldwell, NC Index d. Gastonia, NC Gwin Stanley Foster ~Foster, Rick - - city? Index ~Foster, Stephen 7-04-1826 1-13-1864 Lawrenceville, PA Index d. New York, NY ,wa71-2,yq39-44 Stephen Collins Foster ~Fotheringay .... ,cx507 ~Foucault, Jeffrey 1- -1976 city? Index ~Fountain, Roger - -1948 - - city? Index|,qh32-35 ~Four Bitchin' Babes .... Index|,fq288 ~Four Preps, The .... Index|,fq289 ~Four Seasons, The .... ,ta262-4 ~Four Tops, The .... ,ar156-7,ta264-6,tb301-3 ~Fowke, Edith 4-30-1913 3-28-1996 Lumsden, Saskatchewan, Canada Index|,yq158-61 d. Toronto, Ontario, Canada ~Fox Family, The (aka The Kim Fox Band) .... ,jw39,jx45 ~Fox, Curly 11-09-1910 11-10-1995 Graysville, TN Index Armin LeRoy Fox ~Fox, Dave & Will Branch .... Index|Periodicals ~Fox, Virgil 5-02-1912 10-25-1980 Princeton, IL Index d. Palm Beach, FL ~Foxfire .... ,jw39,jx45 FR - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Fracasso, Michael 2-10-1952 Steubenville, OH Index|,fq289 ~Fradon, Amy - -196? city?, NY Index ~Fradon, Amy and Leslie Ritter .... Index|,fq290 ~Fragment .... ,jw39,jx45 ~Fraley, J.P. & Annadeene .... ,wa72 ~Frampton, Peter 4-22-1950 Bromley, London, U.K. ,ar157,ta267,tb304 ~Franck, Cesar 12-10-1822 11-08-1890 Liege, Netherlands Index Cesar-Auguste-Jean-Guillaume-Hubert Franck ~Frank, Ashby - - city? ,jx45 ~Frank, Chris #1 4-02-1952 Omaha, NE Index ~Franke, Bob 7-25-1947 Hamtramck, MI Index|,fp10 ~Franke, Paul 12-23-1920 Boston, MA Index ,kq131 ~Franklin, Aretha 3-25-1942 Memphis, TN Index ,4aa204-8,ta268-70,tb305-9,tg411-6 ~Franks, Randall - - Chamblee, GA Index|,jw39,jx45-6 ~Frantz, Ferdinand 2-08-1906 5-26-1951 Kassel, Germany Index d. Munich, Germany ,km9:209,kn2:288,ko179,kp177,kq131 ~Fraser, Alasdair 5-14-1955 city? Index ~Frasier, Jane - - city?, CO Index|,no ~Fraunfelder, Betty - -1922 city? Index ~Fraunfelder, Reynard "Papa" 2-26-1895 8-31-1988 Wildegg, Switzerland Index d. Salem, Marion, OR Reynard (Reinhard) William Fraunfelder ~Fraunfelder, Reynard "Rheiny" - -1920 2-02-2007 city? Index d. Salem, Marion, OR Reynard Fraunfelder, Jr. ~Fraunfelder, Ruth - -1924 Van Nuys, CA Index ~Frazier, Joe - - city? Index ~Frazier, R.B. - - 7-10-1998 city? Index ~Freberg, Stan 8-07-1926 4-07-2015 Pasadena, CA Index|,bw105,dg264 d. Santa Monica, CA Stanley Friberg ~Free Hot Lunch! .... Index|,fq294 ~Freedom Singers, The .... Index|,aa138,8j138 ~Freefall Three .... Index|,ha157 ~Freeman, Lon "Deacon" - - 7-30-2003 city? Index Marshall Lon Freeman ~Freight Hoppers .... Index|,hx32,jw39,jx46 ~Freni, Mirella 2-27-1935 Modena, Italy Index ,km9:236,kn2:300,ko181,kp178,kq132,kr81 Mirella Fregni ~Frey, Glenn 11-06-1948 1-18-2016 Detroit, MI Index|,ta271 d. New York, NY Glenn Lewis Frey ~Frick, Gottlob 7-28-1906 8-18-1994 Olbronn, Germany Index d. Muhlacker, Germany ,km9:260,kn2:303,ko181,kp179,kq132 ~Friedman, Albert 8-16-1920 11-11-2006 Kansas City, KS Index d. Los Angeles, CA Albert Barron Friedman ~Friedman, Kinky 10-31-1944 Palestine, TX Index|,ar160,cx507,fq296 Richard Friedman ~Friedwald, Will - -1961 city? Index|,od ~Friesen, Gordon 3-03-1909 10-15-1996 Weatherford, OK Index|,yr9-12 d. New York, NY (m. 7/1941 Agnes "Sis" Cunningham, 1941) ~Frigo, John 12-27-1916 7-04-2007 Chicago, IL Index d. Chicago, IL ~Fripp, Robert 5-16-1946 Wimborne Minster, Dorset, U.K. ,ar161 ~Fritts Family Band, The .... ,jw39,jx46 ~Fritz, Bruce 8-14-1964 Clintonville, WI Index ~Frivolants Du Sud Ouest, Les .... Index ~Frizzell, Lefty 3-31-1928 7-19-1975 Corsicana, TX Index|,dv65,fq297 William Orville Frizzell ~Froese, Edgar 6-06-1944 Tilsit, East Prussia ,ar161 Edgar Willmar Froese ~Front Porch String Band, The .... Index|,by119,jw39-40,jx46 ~Front Range .... Index|,hx40,jw40,jx46 ~Frost, Bolen J. 10-06-1907 3-01-1967 city? Index ~Frost, Frank - - 10-12-1999 city? Index|,sp8 ~Fruit Jar Drinkers .... ,wa73 ~Frumholz, Steve - -1945 Temple, TX ,wa73-4 FU - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Fuentes, Laura - - Santiago, Chile Index ~Fugs, The .... Index|,cj1999,fq298,fy221 ~Fuller, Anson - -1907? - -1936 city? Index|,qh185 ~Fuller, Bill 12-03-1909 1-07-2009 city? Index ~Fuller, Blind Boy 7-10-1907 2-13-1941 Wadesboro, NC Index d. Durham, NC ,af442,ag238,an184,az434,ba189,bb103,bk,bl52,gh146 ~Fuller, Jesse 3-12-1896 1-29-1976 Jonesboro, GA Index d. Oakland, CA ,aa140,af443,al27,am182,an185,au89,az434,ba189,bb104,bg209,bk,bl53 ,bn252,cj202,fo361,fq299,ga89,gh147 ~Fulson, Lowell - - Tulsa, OK ,so6 ~Furay, Richie - - city? Index|,fy222 ~Fure, Tret 3-18-1951 city?, IA Index ~Furtado, Tony 10-18-1967 Oakland, CA ,by120,cx490,fq300,jw40,jx46 ~Futuras .... Index|,ha158

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