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      Musician's Birthdays - Folk Music, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Country Blues, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarists, etc. and specific bibliographic source references for detailed information about the listed artists and groups. Not all of the listed books and magazines are completely indexed. I hope everyone finds something useful. Please send additions and/or corrections to: [email protected]

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artist or group name birth date death date birthplace link to FolkLib Index entry d. death place Note 1: bibliography sources birth (maiden) name aka "also known as", pseudonyms this artist recorded under Note 2: (groups this artist was/is in) Note 2: see ... (artists that were in this group at one time or another) [reason for listing] {"Sing Out!" obituary article title} How to use the source references on these pages: for example, ~Adams, Bryan ,dg7,fo6,gl6 I feel it would serve no useful purpose to link all of the literally thousands of references to the book each one refers to, plus it would make it very difficult to edit these pages. Therefore, to make use of the above book references, append a "#" and each two letter code to the Bibliography page URL. For the above references, will link you to the bibliographical information about each book where the information for Bryan Adams can be found on the page listed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- L Birth Death Birthplace (see #G Name Source(s) mm-dd-yyyy mm-dd-yyyy for U.S. state codes) ---------------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------- LA - |top/bottom of page|All "L" artists/groups|Copyright Notice| ~La Croix, Pat - - city? Index|,ao352 ~La Lugh .... Index|,fq459 ~Labig, Jim - -1944 4-22-1995 city? Index ~LaBour, Fred 6-03-1948 Grand Rapids, MI Index aka Too Slim ~Lackey, Brian - -1896 Calico Rock, AR Index|,qh194 ~Ladley, Mark - - 4-20-1999 city?, MI Index ~Ladysmith Black Mambazo .... Index|,bo211,ej131,fo564,iy345-8 ~La Farge, Peter 4-30-1931 10-27-1964 New York, NY Index d. New York, NY ,aa220-1,bi105/143,bj113/167,cx513,iy348-9 Oliver Albee La Farge ~LaFave, Jimmy 7-12-1955 Wills Point, TX Index|,fq459 ~Lake, Tim - -1955 New York, NY Index|,fq460 ~Lamb, Joseph F. - -1887 - -1960 city? Index|,be27,bk ~Lamble, Martin - -1950 8- -1969 England Index|,bg180 ~Lamond, Mary Jane - -1961? Kingston, Ontario, Canada Index|,fq461 ~Lampell, Millard 1-23-1919 10-03-1997 Paterson, NJ Index d. Ashburn, VA ~Lancaster, Buddy - -1936 - -2005 Mountain View, AR Index|,qh194-5 ~Landrum, Hollis 8-14-1945 Vicksburg, MS Index|,fq461 ~Lane, Jimmy D. 7-04-1965 Chicago, IL Index father: Jimmy Rogers (James A. Lane) ~lang, k.d. 11-02-1961 Consort, Alberta, Canada Index ,fl205,fo566,fq462,ft131,fu455,4aa354-7 Kathryn Dawn Lang ~Lang, Peter 1-06-1948 city? Index|,bp,ar241,as332,bk ~Lang, Josephine 3-14-1815 12-02-1880 Munich, Germany Index|,pr83-90 d. Tubingen, Germany ~Lange, Daisy - - city? Index Evelyn Lange ~Lange, Dave 3-06- city? Index ~Lange, Don - - city? Index|,fp12 ~Lanois, Daniel 9-19-1951 Hull, Quebec, Canada Index|,iy349 ~Lanza, Mario 1-31-1921 10-07-1959 Philadelphia, PA Index d. Rome, Italy ,km14:258 Alfredo Arnold Cocozza ~LaPrise, Larry - -1913? 4-04-1996 city? Index Boise, ID Wrote "The Hokey Pokey" in the 1940's ~Larkan, Bob - -1870 - -1942 New York, NY Index|,qh195 ~Larkin, Colin - -1949 Dagenham, Essex, U.K. Index| ~Larkin, Don 10-17-1913 11-12-2003 Jersey City, NJ Index [New York DJ, "Hometown Frolic" radio show] ~Larkin, Patty 6-19-1951 Des Moines, IA Index|Sources ,iy350-3 ~Larkins, Ellis 5-15-1923 9-30-2002 Baltimore, MD Index|,ns129-41 ~Larner, Sam - -1878 Winterton, Norfolk, U.K. Index|,ax13-14 ~Larsen, Jeff - - city? Index Jeffrey C. Larsen ~Larsen, Mickey 2-17-1947 8-12-2004 Sparta, WI Index ~Larson, Keith Louis 9-24-1945 6-24-2013 Chippewa Falls Index d. Tomah ~Larson, Nicolette 7-17-1952 12-16-1997 Helena, MT Index|,ij239 d. Los Angeles, CA ~LaRosa, Julius 1-02-1930 city? Index ~Laskin, Grit - - city? Index|,fq464 William Grit ~Latham, Billy Ray 1-28- city? Index ~Latz, Tallan 9-22-1999 Elkhorn, WI Index Tallan Noble Latz ~Laube, Anna - - Iowa City, IA Index ~Lauderdale, Jim 4-11-1957 Troutman, NC Index James Russell Lauderdale ~Lauffer, Dan 12-23-1941 Ashland, KY Index ~Laufer, Wolfgang - - 6-08-2011 Index d. Milwaukee ~Laurel Canyon Ramblers, The .... Index|,fq465 ~Lavin, Christine 1-02-1952 city? Index|,cx513,iy353-5 ~Lawless, Ray M. 11-04-1896 3-12-1968 Wellington, KS Index|,au,av,vm d. Kansas City, MO Ray McKinley Lawless ~Lawrence, Jack - - city? Index|,jw64,jx72 ~Lawrence, Steve 7-08-1935 Brooklyn, NY Index Sidney Leibowitz, m. 12-29-1957 Eydie Gorme ~Lawson, Doyle 4-20-1944 Kingsport, TN Index ,by170,cx491,fu457,jw64,jx72 ~Layton, Eddie - - 12-26-2004 city? Index Organist: New York Yankees (35 years), Knicks and Rangers (18 years) ~Layton, Robert - - city?, U.K. Index|,6s ~Lazell, Barry - -1947 1-05-1998 city? Index|,cj d. London, U.K. ~Lazy Lester 6-20-1933 Torras, LA Index|,mp1441 Leslie Johnson LE - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Leadbelly 1-20-1889 12-06-1949 Mooringsport, LA Index d. New York, NY ,aa221,au139,ax105,bb175,bg319,bk,bl104,bn388,fo569,fy255,iy355-8,mp1441-2 Huddie William Ledbetter ~Leadbetter, Phil 3-31-1962 Knoxville, TN Index|,jw64,jx72 ~Leadbitter, Mike 3-12-1942 11-16-1974 Simla, India Index|,aw,8o d. London, U.K. Michael Andrew Leadbitter ~Leadon, Bernie 7-19-1947 Minneapolis, MN Index|,mp1442 Bernard Mathew Leadon, III ~Leaf, Robert 2-20-1936 10-11-2005 Lindsborg, KS Index d. Brooklyn Park, MI Robert Daniel Leaf ~Leake County Revelers, The .... Index|,fu459 ~Leary, James P. - -1950 Rice Lake, WI Index|,iq74-6 ~Leckrone, Michael 7-30-1936 North Manchester, IN Index| ~LeClair, Jon-Paul 4-24- city? Index ~Led Zeppelin .... Index|,3e90-5,8h285,8i304-6 Rough Guide to Led Zeppelin ~Lederman, Perry - -1942 5-15-1995 Brooklyn, NY Index ~Ledford, Lily May 3-17-1917 7-14-1985 Pilot, KY Index ~Ledford, Minnie Lena 10-10-1922 Pilot, KY Index aka Black Eyed Susan ~Ledford, Rosie 8-16-1915 7-24-1976 Pilot, KY Index Rosa Charlotte Ledford ~Ledford, Steve 6-02-1906 9-19-1980 Bakersville, NC Index|,fu459-60 Steven Walter Ledford ~Ledgerwood, LeeAnn 5-10-1959 Warren, OH Index|,oe160-5 ~Ledgin, Stephanie P. - - city? Index|,jt ~Lee Cooper, Wilma (see Cooper, Wilma Lee) ~Lee, Debbie - - city? Index|,jw64,jx72 ~Lee, Dennis - - city? Index Dennis Lee Schlegelmilch ~Lee, Elwood - - city? Index Elwood Lee Flaherty ~Lee, Peggy 5-26-1920 1-21-2002 Jamestown, ND Index Norma Deloris Egstrom ~Lee, Rick - - New York, NY Index ~Leech, Bryan Jeffery 5-14-1931 Buckhurst Hill, Essex, U.K. Index|,pq293 ~Leet, Mary Jo 3-28- city? Index ~Left Hand String Band, The .... Index|,jw64,jx72 ~Leftover Salmon .... Index|,jx72 ~Legends, The .... Index|,ha171 ~Legere, Ray - - city?, Canada Index|,jw64,jx73 ~Legg, Adrian - - city? Index|,as338 ~Lehman, Tedd 6-02- city? Index ~Lehrer, Tom 4-09-1928 New York, NY Index|,aa223,bk,bu210,bv145,bw155 Thomas Andrew Lehrer ~Leist, Fred 11-25-1916 1-23-2015 South Milwaukee, WI Index d. Poynette, WI Frederick O. Leist ~Lemon Pipers .... Index|,fo574 ~Lennon, John 10-09-1940 12-08-1980 Liverpool, U.K. Index d. New York, NY m. Yoko Ono, 3-20-1969 ~Lennon, Julian 4-08-1963 Liverpool, U.K. Index|,ta417,tb480-1,3e96 John Charles Julian Lennon ~Leonarda, Isabella 9-06-1620 2-25-1704 Novara, Italy Index|,pr31-35 ~Leonino, Terry 9-23-1951 Akron, OH Index ~Lepinski, Michael L. 4-13-1924 1-19-2004 city? Index ~Lepke, Charma Florence Davies10-01-1919 Delavan, WI Index|,sp545 ~Lerner, Alan Jay 8-31-1918 6-14-1986 New York, NY Index ~Leroux, Alain - - city?, Brittany, France Index ~Lesh, Phil 3-15-1940 Berkeley, CA Index ~Lester, Emory - - city? Index|,jw64,jx73 ~Lester, Jenny - - city?, Canada Index|,jx73 ~Leventhal, Harold 5-24-1919 10-04-2005 city?, NY Index Folk Music Promoter, Producer/Associate Producer "Bound for Glory" (1976), "Alice's Restaurant" (1969), Folk Alliance Lifetime Achievement Award (2002) ~Levine, Eric - -1957 5-08-2008 city? Index ~Levine, Michael 4-17-1954 New York, NY Index ~Levy, Adam 11-27-1966 Los Angeles, CA Index ~Lewin-Tiarks, Heather 4-21- city? Index ~Lewis Family, The .... Index ,by171,fu468,jw65,jx73 ~Lewis, Bobby 1-23-1936 Oshkosh, WI Index|ASCAP Robert Alan Lewis ~Lewis, Earlene 1-31-1945 Avenal, CA Index ~Lewis, Eric - - city? Index|Periodicals ~Lewis, Furry 3-09-1893 9-14-1981 Greenwood, MS d. Memphis, TN Index|,ar246,as340,bb180,bk,bl107,fo580 Walter Lewis ~Lewis, Huey 7-05-1950 Philadelphia, PA Index|,7i233-4 Hugh Anthony Cregg III ~Lewis, Huey and The News .... Index ,cx166-7,fh196,fm221,lc671-2,mp1472 ~Lewis, Janis - (see: Janis Lewis Phillips) ~Lewis, Jerry Lee 9-29-1935 Ferriday, LA Index|,cx167,fh196,fm221-2,7i234 ~Lewis, John 5-03-1920 3-29-2001 La Grange, IL Index|,oi342-4,sn75-82 d. New York, NY John Aaron Lewis ~Lewis, Judy 2-19-1958 Milwaukee, WI Index Judy Levine ~Lewis, Laurie 9-28-1950 city? Index ,by174,cx492,jw64-5,jx73 ~Lewis, Little Roy 2-24-1942 Lincolnton, GA Index|,by174,fu472 ~Lewis, Meade Lux 9-03-1905 2-07-1961 Chicago, IL Index Meade Lewis ~Lewis, Mom 6-20-1910 2-08-2003 city? Index Pauline Holloway ~Lewis, Noah 9-03-1895 2-07-1961 Henning, TN Index ~Lewis, Polly - (see: Polly (Lewis) Williamson Copsey) ~Lewis, Ramsey 5-27-1935 Chicago, IL Index|,sn203-209 Ramsey Emmanuel Lewis, Jr. ~Lewis, Richard 5-10-1914 11-13-1990 Manchester, U.K. Index d. Eastbourne, U.K. ,km14:620,kn2:1162,ko281,kp289,kq190 Thomas Thomas ~Lewis, Roy "Pop" 9-22-1905 3-23-2004 Pickens, SC Index James Roy Lewis ~Lewis, Talmadge 12-31-1934 city? Index ~Lewis, Travis 12-26-1958 city? Index ~Lewis, Wayne - - city? Index|,jw65,jx73 LI - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Liban, Jim 11-20-1947 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Libbea, Gene 3-22-1953 city? Index ~Libbey, Ted - -1951 city? Index|,ru Theodore Libbey ~Liberace 5-16-1919 2-04-1987 West Allis, WI Index|,ir364-6,iv19-24 Wladziu (Walter) Valentino Liberace ~Liberty .... Index|,jw65,jx73-4 ~Liebl, Syl 1-18-1917 5-10-2003 city?, MN Index d. La Crosse, WI Sylvester Liebl ~Lien, Jennifer 8-24-1974 city?, IL [Star Trek Voyager, Kes] ~Life of Agony .... ,lc672 ~Lifton, Sarah - - city? Index|,ax ~Ligabue, Ilva 5-23-1932 Reggio nell'Emilia, Italy Index ,km14:688,kn2:1264 ~Lightfoot, Gordon 11-17-1938 Orillia, Ontario, Canada Index|,aa225,am268,ao335,aq111,ar249,as344,az221,ba296,bg329,bk,bn402 ,bu215,bv148,bw158,cn129,cv179,cx514,dg425,fo584,fy257,iy358-9 ~Lightnin' Slim 3-13-1913 7-27-1974 city? Index Otis Hicks ~Lightning Seeds, The .... ,lc673 ~Lil' Rev - - city? Index Marc Revenson ~Lillie, Bea (Beatrice) 5-29-1894 1-20-1989 Toronto, Ontario, Canada Index Constance Sylvia Munston ~Lilly Brothers .... Index ,by175,cx492,fu474,jw65,jx74 ~Lilly, B. 12-05-1921 9-18-2005 Clear Creek, WV Index d. Duxbury, MA Michael Burt "Bea" Lilly ~Lilly, Everett 7-01-1924 5-08-2012 Clear Creek, WV Index d. Clear Creek, WV Clarles Everett Lilly (Everett Allen Lilly?) ~Limeliters, The .... Index ,bn403,bu215,bv149,bw158,cx514,iy359-60 ~Limp Bizkit .... ,lc673 ~Lincoln .... ,lc673 ~Lindau, Mel 1-27-1929 12-13-2005 Dorchester, WI Index d. Weyauwega, WI Melvin Ronald Lindau ~Lindeen, Laurie - - Madison, WI Index ~Lindert, Randy - - Mayville, WI Index ~Lindisfarne .... Index ,fo585,fy258,iy360-1,lc673-4 ~Lindley, David 3-21-1944 Los Angeles, CA Index|,iy361-2/363,lc674 ~Lindroth, Lloyd 6-06-1931 6-09-1994 city? Index ~Link, Jorge - -1942 2-15-1992 Buenos Aires, Argentina Index|,sb49 {South American Folk Musician} ~Lindsay, Arto 5-28-1953 Richmond, VA ,lc674-5 ~Lipscomb, Mance 4-09-1895 1-30-1976 Navasota, TX Index|,aa229,al51,av688,az441 d. Navasota, TX ,ba298,bb181,bc30,be126,bg330,bk,bl110,fo586,ga167 ~Lissenberg, Theo - - 3-06-2003 city? Index d. Haarlem, Holland ~Liston, Virginia - -1890 6- -1932 city? Index d. St. Louis, MO ,if86,3u86 ~Liszt, Franz 10-22-1811 7-31-1886 Raiding, Sopron County, Hungary Index Franz Ritter von Liszt ~Little Buster 9-29-1942 5-11-2006 Hertford, NC Index|,ga167,iz437 Edward Forehand ~Little Charlie & the Nightcats .... Index|,ga167-8,iz427-8 ~Little Feat .... Index|,bw159,,fo588 ~Little Mike & The Tornadoes .... Index|,ga168 ~Little Milton 9-07-1934 8-04-2005 Index|,ga168-9,iz428-9 Milton Campbell ~Little Richard 12-05-1932 Macon, GA Index Richard Penniman ~Little Walter 5-01-1930 2-15-1968 Marksville, VA Index d. Chicago, IL ,ga169-71,iy363-4,iz429-30 Marion Walter Jacobs ~Little, Keith - - city? Index|,jx74 LL - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Llanas, Sam 2-08-1961 Waukesha, WI Index ~Llobet, Miguel - -1878 - -1937 city? Index ~Lloyd Webber, Andrew 3-22-1948 Kensington, London, U.K. Index ,la296-8 ~Lloyd, A.L. 11-29-1908 9-29-1982 Wandsworth, London, U.K. Lloyd, A.L. 2-29-1908 Index|,bk,au143,ax9 Albert Lancaster Lloyd ~Lloyd, Nancy M. 5-03-1945 8-29-2013 Muncie, IN Index d. Oshkosh, WI ~Lloyd, Richard 10-25-1951 Pittsburgh, PA Index LO - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Locklin, Hank 2-15-1918 3-08-2009 McLellan, FL Index|,ge263 d. Brewton, AL ~Lockwood, Robert Jr. 3-27-1915 11-21-2006 Marvell, AR Index d. Cleveland, OH ~Loesser, Frank 6-29-1910 3-28-1969 New York, NY Index b. New York, NY ,af717 Henry Frank Loesser ~Loewe, Frederick 6-10-1901 2-14-1988 Berlin, Germany Index ,mp1506 ~Lofgren, Nils 6 21 1951 Chicago, IL ,af717-8,fw494-5,io477-8,mp1506-7,ta430,tb493-4,tc582-4,td625-6,te902-4 ,tf275-6 ~Loft .... ,mp1507 ~Lofton, Babe - - 7-16-1993 city? Index (Connie and Babe and the Backwoods Boys) ~Lofton, Cripple Clarence 3-28-1887 1-09-1957 Kingsport, TN ,af718,mp1507 ~Logan, Ella 3-06-1913 5-01-1969 Glasgow, Scotland ,af718 ~Logan, Horace Lee 8-03-1916 10-13-2002 city? Index d. Victoria, TX ["Louisiana Hayride" KWKH-AM, Shreveport, LA radio host, in 1956, coined the phrase, "Elvis has left the building." Author: "Elvis, Hank, and Me: Making Musical History on the Louisiana Hayride"] ~Loggins & Messina .... Index ,af718,fw495-6,mp1507,ta430-1,tb494-6 ~Loggins, Kenny 1-07-1948 Everett, WA Index ,mp1507-8,iy364-6 ~Lomax, Alan 1-31-1915 7-19-2002 Austin, TX Index|,bk,bn410,iy366 ~Lomax, Alan & John .... ,af718-90 ~Lomax, Bess - (see Bess Lomax Hawes) ~Lomax, Jackie 5-10-1944 Liverpol, U.K. ,af719 ~Lomax, John Avery 9-23-1875 1-26-1948 Goodman, MS Index d. Washington, DC ,aa231,aq19,au144,bk,bn411,iy367-8 ~Lombardi, Gianninia Arangi 6-20-1891 7-09-1951 Marigliano, Italy Index ,km,kn,ko,kp,kq,kr - checked so far, no listing found ~Lombardo, Guy 6-19-1902 11-05-1977 London, Ontario, Canada Index d. Houston, TX ,af719-20,la298-9 Gaetano Alberto Lombardo ~Lombardo, John 9-30-1952 Jamestown, NY Index ~London, Julie 9-26-1926 10-18-2000 Santa Rosa, CA Index d. Encino, CA Gayle Peck ~London, George 5-30-1920 3-24-1985 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Index d. Armonk, NY ,km15:166,ko289,kp297,kq196,kr120 ~London, Julie 9-26-1926 - - Santa Rosa, CA ,af720 ~Lone Justice .... ,af720-1 ~Lonesome Pine Fiddlers .... Index|,fu479 ~Long, Joe 9-05-1941 city? Index ~Long, Johnny - -1916 10-31-1972 Newell, NC ,af721 ~Long, Larry - -1951 Des Moines, IA Index|,fp12 ~Long, Maud 2-02-1893 - - Joe, NC Index ~Long, Sam 10-22-1876 5-05-1931 Scranton, KS Index|,qh88-90 ~Longfellow, Henry Wadsworth 2-27-1807 3-24-1882 Portland, ME Index d. Cambridge, MA ~Lonnquist, Ken - - city? Index ~Loos, Roger 11-28-1940 Oshkosh, WI Index ~Loose Tubes .... ,af721-2 ~Lopez, Israel "Chachao" - -1918 - - city?, Cuba ,af722 ~Lopez, Trini 5-15-1937 - - Dallas, TX ,af722-3 Trinidad Lopez III ~Lord, Karen - - city? Index m. Mike Cove 9/1999 ~Lord, Mary Lou 3-01-1965 city? Index|,lc685,pt102-123 ~Lord, Tom - -19?? city? Index ~Lorengar, Pilar 1-16-1929 6-02-1996 Zaragoza, Spain Index d. Berlin, Germany ,km15:181,kn3:44,ko290,kp297,kq197 Lorenza Pilar Garcia Seta ~Lorkovic, Radoslav - -1958 Zagreb, Croatia Index ~Lornell, Kip 2-13-1953 city? Index|,rr,8q ~Los Indios Tabajaras - (see: Indios Tabajaras, Los) ~Los Lobos .... ,af723,fw493-4,io476-7,iy368-70,ta429,tb493,tc582,td624-5,te900-2 ~Loss, Joe - -1910 - - London, U.K. ,af723 Joshua Alexander Loos ~Lost and Found .... Index|,by178,fu482,jw66 ~Loudermilk, John D. 3-31-1934 Durham, NC Index ,af723-4,bk,bn413,fl214,fo598,fu483 ~Louvin Brothers .... ,af724 ~Louvin, Charlie 7-07-1927 1-26-2011 Henagar, AL Index|is243-8 d. Wartrace, TN Charles Elzer Loudermilk ~Louvin, Ira 4-21-1924 6-20-1965 Section, AL Index d. Williamsburg, MO Ira Lonnie Loudermilk ~Love Society .... Index|, ~Love, Darlene - -1938 - - Los Angeles, CA ,af724 Darlene Wright ~Love, Laura 1-05-1960 Omaha, NE ,iy370-1 ~Love, M'Pongo - -1956 Kinshasa, Zaire ,af724 M'Pongo Landu ~Lovelace, Austin C. 3-26-1919 5-02-2010 Rutherfordton, NC Index d. Denver, CO ~Loveless, Patty 1-04-1957 Pikesville, KY Index|,fl217,fu486,gf56 Patty Ramey Lovelace (no relation to Linda) ~Loverboy .... ,af724-5 ~Lovett, Lyle 11-01-1956 Klein, TX Index ,af725,fl217,fo602,fu487 ~Lovin' Spoonful, The .... Index ,af725,bw162,fo603,fy260 ~Lowe, Frank 5-02-1941 Memphis, TN ,af725-6 ~Lowe, Mundell 4-21-1922 Laurel, MS Index ,af726,qk240-59,qv420-1 James Mundell Lowe ~Lowe, Nick - -1949 Woodbridge, Suffolk, U.K. ,af726 ~Lowen, Eric 10-23-1951 3-23-2012 Utica, NY Index d. Los Angeles, CA David Eric Lowen ~Lowry, Robert 3-12-1826 11-25-1899 Philadelphia, PA Index d. Plainfield, NJ Robert Wadsworth Lowry LU - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Lubahn, Andy - - Ripon, WI Index ~Luboff, Norman 5-14-1917 9-22-1987 Chicago, IL Index ~Lucca, Papo - - - - Ponce, Puerto rico ,af726-7 Enrique Lucas, Jr. ~Luce, Joan 5-24-1935 4-27-2011 San Francisco, CA Index ~Ludwig, Christa 3-16-1928 Berlin, Germany Index ,km15:282,kn3:77,ko293,kp301,kq199,kr123 ~Luening, Eugene - -1852 - -1944 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Luening, Otto 6-15-1900 9-02-1996 Milwaukee, WI Index| Otto Clarence Luening ~Lulu 11-03-1948 - - Glasgow, Scotland ,af727-8 Marie McDonald McLaughlin Lawrie ~Lulu Belle 12-24-1913 Boone, NC Index Myrtle Eleanor Cooper ~Lulu Belle & Scotty .... ,af728 ~Luman, Bob 4-15-1937 12-27-1978 Nacogdoches, TX ,af728 Robert Glynn Luman ~Lumpkin, Ben Gray - -1901 - -1982 city? Index|,cz d. city? ~Lunceford, Jimmie 6-06-1902 7-13-1947 Fulton, MO ,af728-9 James Melvin Lunceford ~Lund, Art 4-01-1915 - - Salt Lake City, UT ,af729 ~Lundy, Emmett W. 5-09-1864 10-16-1953 Delhart, VA Index|,wm118-9 d. Grayson County, VA Emmett William Lundy ~Lundy, Geedy 8-31-1888 2-05-1971 Grayson County, VA Index d. Grayson County, VA ~Lundy, Jerry - -1942 city? Index ~Lundy, Kelly 7-31-1914 - -1965? city? Index ~Lundy, Stuart 4-07-1908 3-15-1978 city? Index d. ? Stuart Rennie Lundy ~Lundy, Ted "Teddy" 1-26-1937 6-23-1980 Galax, VA Index|,wm119-21 d. near New Castle, DE Ted Joe Lundy ~Lunsford, Bascom Lamar 3-21-1882 9-04-1973 Mars Hill, NC Index ,iy371-2 ~Lunsford, Lynwood 1-31-1962 city? Index ~Lunt, Alfred 8-12-1892 8-03-1977 Milwaukee, WI Index ,kr124 ~Lusk, Eddie 9-21-1948 8-26-1992 Chicago, IL Index d. Chicago, IL ~Lutcher, Nellie 10-15-1915 - - Lake Charles, LA ,af729 ~Luther, Martin 11-10-1483 2-18-1546 Eisleben, Saxony, Holy Roman Empire Index d. Eisleben, Saxony, Holy Roman Empire ~Lutkin, Peter C. 3-27-1858 12-27-1931 Thompsonville, WI Index| d. Evanston, IL Peter Christian Lutkin LY - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Lydon, Ariane - - Sussex, U.K. Index ~Lyle, Rudy - - 2-11-1985 city? Index ~Lyle, Rusty 3-17-1936 city? Index ~Lyman, Mel - - city? Index|,bg317 ~Lymon, Frankie 9-30-1942 2-28-1968 New York, NY ,af729-30 ~Lynch, Brian 9-12-1956 Champaign, IL Index|,qv423 Brian Hollister Lynch ~Lynch, Claire 2-20-1954 Poughkeepsie, NY Index|,fq493,hx27 ~Lynch, Larry 3-04-1954 city? Index ~Lynn, Judy 4-12-1936 - - Boise, ID ,af730 ~Lynn, Loretta 4-14-1935 Butchers Hollow, KY Index|,af730-1,dc72 Loretta Webb ~Lynn, Vera 3-20-1919 - - London, U.K. ,af731 Vera Welch ~Lynne, Jeff 12-30-1947 Birmingham, U.K. Index ~Lynyrd Skynyrd .... ,af731-2 ~Lyon, Jimmy 11-06-1921 12- -1984 Camden, NJ ,qv423 James Frederick Lyon ~Lyons, Jimmy 12-01-1932 5-19-1986 Jersey City, NJ ,af732,qv423 d. New York, NY James Lyons ~Lytell, Jimmy 12-01-1904 11-28-1972 New York, NY ,qv423 d. Kings Point, NY James Sarrapede ~Lytle, Johnny 10-13-1932 12-15-1995 Springfield, OH ,qv424 d. Springfield, OH John Dillard Lytle ~Lyttelton, Humphrey 5-23-1921 4-25-2008 Eton, Berkshire, U.K. Index d. London, U.K. ,af732,oj,ok,qv424

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