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      Musician's Birthdays - Folk Music, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Country Blues, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarists, etc. and specific bibliographic source references for detailed information about the listed artists and groups. Not all of the listed books and magazines are completely indexed. I hope everyone finds something useful. Please send additions and/or corrections to:

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artist or group name birth date death date birthplace link to FolkLib Index entry d. death place Note 1: bibliography sources birth (maiden) name aka "also known as", pseudonyms this artist recorded under Note 2: (groups this artist was/is in) Note 2: see ... (artists that were in this group at one time or another) [reason for listing] {"Sing Out!" obituary article title} How to use the source references on these pages: for example, ~Adams, Bryan ,dg7,fo6,gl6 I feel it would serve no useful purpose to link all of the literally thousands of references to the book each one refers to, plus it would make it very difficult to edit these pages. Therefore, to make use of the above book references, append a "#" and each two letter code to the Bibliography page URL. For the above references, will link you to the bibliographical information about each book where the information for Bryan Adams can be found on the page listed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- T Birth Death Birthplace (see #G Name Source(s) mm-dd-yyyy mm-dd-yyyy for U.S. state codes) ---------------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------- TA - |top/bottom of page - All "T" artists/groups|Copyright Notice| ~Tabor, June 12-31-1947 Warwick, U.K. Index|,ax24-5,cx527,cx878,fq777-8 ~Taj Mahal - (see: Mahal, Taj) ~Takac, Robby 9-30-1964 city? Index|,-- ~Talbot, Heidi - - Kill County, Kildare, Ireland Index ~Talevski, Nick - -1962 city? Index|,ij ~Talking Heads .... Index|,lf752 ~Talley, James 11-09-1944 Tulsa, OK Index|,fl381,fz451 ~Tallis, Thomas - -1505? 11-23-1585 city?, U.K. Index ~Tam Tam 2000 .... ,lf753 ~Tambu .... ,lf753-4 ~Tampa Red - -1900 city? Index|,ar405,as558,bb270,bk,bl161 Hudson Whittaker ~Tamulenas, Eva - -1944 city? Index ~Tangerine Dream .... Index|,ai80 ~Tanin, Gary - - Milwaukee, WI Index ~Tannahill Weavers .... Index|,ax59,lf754-5 ~Tannen, Holly - - New York, NY Index|,aa375,8j375 ~Tanner, Gid 6-06-1885 5-13-1960 Monroe, GA Index|,fl381,fu793,gj459 James Gideon Tanner ~Tanner, Gid & his Skillet Lickers .... Index|,cx475,fq732,ge403,gj428 ~Taraf de Haidouks .... ,lf755- ~Tarika / tarika Sammy .... ,lf756-8 Hanitra Rasoaanaivo ~Tarlton, Jimmie (Jimmy) 5-08-1892 11-29-1979 Chesterfield County, SC d. Phoenix City, AL Johnny James Rimbert Tarlton ~Tarrega, Francisco 11-21-1852 12-05-1909 Villareal, Castellon, Spain Index d. Barcelona, Spain ~Taras, Dave - -1897 - -1989 city?, Russia ,lf758 d. New York, NY ~Tarriers, The .... Index|,aa375-7,bk,8j375-7 ~Tashian, Barry & Holly .... Index|,fq781,ge429 ~Tate, "Tater" 2-04-1931 Gate City, VA Index|,by296,fu794 Clarence E. Tate ~Tau Moe Family .... ,lf758-9 ~Tauer, Tatiana 9-29-1945 7-27-1994 city? Index ~Tawney, Cyril 10-12-1930 4-21-2005 Gosport, Hampshire, U.K. Index ~Taylor, Billy 7-24-1921 12-28-2010 Greenville, NC Index|,oi493-4,sn176-184 d. New York, NY William Taylor, Jr. ~Taylor, Cecil 3-25-1929 New York, NY Index|,oi495-8,sn301-11 Cecil Percival Taylor ~Taylor, Earl 6-17-1929 1-28-1984 Rose Hill, VA Index|,by296,ge430 ~Taylor, Eric - -1950 Atlanta, GA Index|,cx527,fq782 ~Taylor, James 3-12-1948 Boston, MA Index ,bw259,fq783,fy326,ge430,gl928,7y413-4 James Vernon Taylor ~Taylor, Koko - -1938 6-03-2009 Memphis, TN Index|,hb354 Cora Walton ~Taylor, Little Johnny 2-11-1943 Memphis, TN Index|,hb354 ~Taylor, Livingston - -1951 Weston, MA Index|,fq784,7y414 ~Taylor, Lynne - - - -1982 city? Index|,aa326-8,8j326-8,8j ~Taylor, Mel 9-24-1933 8-11-1996 New York, NY Index ~Taylor, Otis 7-30-1948 Chicago, IL Index ~Taylor, Red - - 5-03-1987 city? Index ~Taylor, Tut 11-20-1923 4-9-2015 Milledgeville, GA Index d. North Wilkesboro, NC ,by298,fu797,fz451-2,gj460 Robert Arthur Taylor Sr. ~Taylor, Wayne 1-02-1955 city? Index ~Taylor-Good, Karen - - El Paso, TX Index TC - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Tchaikovsky, Pyotr Ilyich 5-07-1840 11-06-1893 Votkinsk, Russia Index TE - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Te Vaka .... ,lf759 ~Teague, Howe - -1913 - -2005 Salem, Dent County, MO Index ~Techniques, The .... ,lf759-60 ~Tedeschi, Susan 11-09-1970 Boston, MA Index ~Teicher, Louis 8-24-1924 8-03-2008 Wilkes-Barre, PA Index d. Highlands, NC ~Tekbilek, Omar Faruk - - Istanbul, Turkey ,lf761-2 ~Tekerian, Anais Alexandra - - San Francisco, CA Index ~Television .... Index ,ta718-9,tb816,tg1092-4 ~Temple, Owen 9-04-1976 Kerrville, TX Index ~Ten Thousand Maniacs - (see: 10,000 Maniacs) ~Terem Quartet .... ,lf762 ~Terkel, Studs 5-16-1912 10-31-2008 New York, NY Index d. Chicago, IL Louis Terkel ~Terry, Al 1-14-1922 11-23-1985 Kaplan, LA Index|,fl381-2,fu799 d. Kaplan, LA Allison Joseph Theriot ~Terry, Clark 12-14-1920 St. Louis, MO Index|,gv1084 ~Terry, Gordon 10-07-1931 Decatur, IL Index|,fu799-80,gj460 ~Terry, R.R. 1-03-1865 4-18-1938 city?, U.K. Index Sir Richard Runciman Terry ~Terry, Sonny 10-24-1911 3-12-1986 Greensboro, GA Index or d. 3-11-1986? Mineola, NY ,aa377-9,ar410,au225,bb284,be84,bk,bl75,bl166,bn731.fq785,8j377-9 Saunders Terrell ~Tesch, Bill - -1957? 4-28-2005 city? Index ~Tester, Scan - - city? Index|,cx878 ~Testrake, Gary 5-31-1950 city? Index ~Teter, Jack 1-06-1902 12-12-1987 Granger, MO d. Milwaukee, WI Index|Periodicals John J. Teter ~Texas Ruby - -1908 - -1963 Wise County, TX ,fz452 Ruby Agnes Owen ~Texas Tornados .... Index|,fl382,fu802,fz453,lf762-3 TH - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Tharpe, Sister Rosetta 3-20-1915 10-09-1973 Cotton Plant, AR Index d. Philadelphia, PA Rosetta Nubin ~Theessink, Hans 4-05-1948 Enschede, the Netherlands Index|,fq787 ~Theodorakis, Mikis - -1925 Chios Island, Greece ,lf763-4 ~Thibodeaux, Ambrose 10-18-1903 11-25-1995 city? Index ~Thibodeaux, Rufus - - city? Index|,cx403 ~Thieme, Art 7-09-1941 5-26-2015 Chicago, IL Index|,fp20 d. Chicago, IL Arthur Thieme ~Thile, Chris 2-20-1981 Oceanside, CA Index|,fq787,ge432,jw108,jx126 Christopher Scott Thile ~IIIrd Tyme Out .... Index|,fq788,ge433,hx90,jw108,jx126 (pronounced Third Time Out) ~Third World .... ,lf764-5 ~Thomas, Aileen and Elkin .... Index|,cx527 ~Thomas, B.J 8-07-1942 Hugo, OK Index|,fl382,fu802-3,fz453-4,mq2477-8 Billy Joe Thomas ~Thomas, Gilbert - - 4-28-2003 city? Index ~Thomas, Hociel 7-10-1904 8-22-1952 Houston, TX ,if141-2/167,3u141-2/167 d. Oakland, city?, CA neice of Sippie Wallace ~Thomas, Irma - - city? Index|,gl943 ~Thomas, Kid 6-20-1934 4-13-1970 East St. Louis, IL Index d. Beverly Hills, CA ,mq2480 Louis Thomas Watts ~Thomas, Michael Tilson 12-21-1944 Los Angeles, CA Index ~Thomas, Raymond - -1927 city? Index ~Thomas, Rufus 3-26-1917 12-15-2001 Cayce, MS ,7y418 ~Thomas, Son - - city? Index|,bc40 ~Thomas, Susan 10-10-1946 Milwaukee, WI Index|ASCAP Susan Marie Thomas ~Thomas, Suzanne 1-06-1945 city? Index ~Thomason, Ron 9-05-1944 city? Index ~Thompson, Bobbie 1-05-1938 city? Index ~Thompson, Bobby 7-05-1937 city? Index ~Thompson, Butch 11-28-1943 Marine, MN Index ,axRichard Enos Thompson ~Thompson, Danny - - Devon, U.K. Index|,bg424,bk,mq2483 ~Thompson, Dave 1-04-1960 Devon County, U.K. Index|,mi,2u,2v ~Thompson, Doug - -1956 Riverside, CA Index ~Thompson, Hank 9-03-1925 Waco, TX Index ,dv88,fl382-4,fu804-5,fz454-5,mq2483-4,wc197-8 Henry William Thompson ~Thompson, Uncle Jimmy - -1848 - -1931 Smith County, TN ,fz455-6 ~Thompson, Linda - -1948 city? Index,lf765-6,7i808 Linda Pettifer (m. 1972 Richard Thompson, div. 1982) ~Thompson, Randall 4-21-1899 7-09-1984 New York, NY Index d. Boston, MA ~Thompson, Richard 4-03-1949 London, U.K. Index ,as568,ax42,bg180,bg554,bk,fq792,gl945,lf765-6,mq2483,7i413-4,7y416 ~Thompson, Richard & Linda .... Index|,ar413,fy321,mq2485-6 ~Thompson, Robert L. "Bob" - - 3-04-1999 (age 67) Index|,sn16 ~Thompson, Sue 7-19-1925 Nevada, MO Index|,fl385,fu805-6,fz455 Eva Sue McKee ~Thompson, Tommy 7-22-1937 1-24-2003 St. Albans, WV Index d. Durham, NC ~Thomson, Virgil 11-25-1896 9-30-1989 Kansas City, MO Index ~Thorn, Stan 3-16-1959 Kenosha, WI Index ~Thornhill, Claude 8-10-1908 7-02-1965 Terre Haute, IN Index d. Caldwell, NJ ~Thorp, Jim 11-12-1946 Madison, WI Index|,kw198-9 ~Thorton, Big Mama 12-11-1926 8-01-1984 Montgomery, AL Thorton, Big Mama 12-11-1926 7-25-1984 Index|,bk,mq2488 Willie May Thorton ~Three Dog Night .... Index ,bw263,fx513,fy329,gl948,mq2489-90 ~Three Little Maids, The .... ,fz456 ~Three Mustaphas Three - (see: 3 Mustaphas 3) ~Thull, Russell 8-20- city? Index ~Thunderkloud, Billy and the Chieftones .... Index|,fs1096,fu807,ha47 TI - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Tibbetts, Steve - -1954 Madison, WI Index|,iz656,ju459 ~Tico and the Triumphs .... Index|,fx465 see: Paul Simon ~Tico, Randy - - Santa Barbara, CA Index ~Tickell, Kathryn - - city? Index|,cx878 ~Tiemann, Thomas E. - -1942 Austin, TX Index ~Tikaram, Tanita 12-08-1969 Munster, West Germany Index|,mq2494-5,7y417 ~Tillis, Mel 8-08-1932 Pahokee, FL Index ,bm272-3,dv161,fl385-6,ft222-3,fu808-9,fz456-7,gj462-3,mq2495-6,nd329-40 ,sa748,wc198-9,7y417-8 Lonnie Melvin Tillis ~Tillis, Pam 7-24-1957 Plant City, FL Index ,fl386,ft223-4,fu809-10,fz457-8,gj463-4,nd542,sa749-50,wc199 Pamela Yvonne Tillis ~Tillman, Charles Davis 3-20-1861 9-02-1943 Tallassee, AL Index d. Atlanta, GA ~Tillman, Floyd 12-08-1914 8-22-2003 Ryan, OK Index d. Bacliff, TX ,dv90,fl387,fu810-1,fz458,mq2496,nd149-50,sa750,7y418 ~Tilston, Steve 3-26-1950 Liverpool, U.K. Index ~Timbuk 3 .... Index|,fq796 ~Timmers, Bob 3-08-1941 Appleton, WI Index ~Tingstad and Rumbel .... Index|Sources ~Tingstad, Eric 12-16-1954 Seattle, WA Index|Sources ~Tinnon, Ben - - city? Index ~Tiny Tim 4-12-1933 11-30-1996 New York, NY Index Herbert Khaury d. Minneapolis, MN ~Tippin, Aaron 7-03-1958 Pensacola, FL Index ,fl387-8,fz459,gj464-5,sa750-1,wc199-200 Aaron Dupree Tippin ~Titcomb, H.Everett 6-30-1884 12-31-1968 Amesbury, MA Index d. Boston, MA Howard Everett Titcomb TO - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Tolbert, Gregory Jerome 5-30-1953 Washington, DC Index|,pq508 ~Tomtschik, Emil Gustav 11-27-1927 2-06-1993 Ukraine Index ~Tony Rice Unit, The - (see: Tony Rice) ~Too Slim - (see: Fred LaBour) ~Tork, Peter 2-13-1942 Washington, DC Index Peter Halsten Thorkelson ~Torme, Mel 9-13-1925 6-5-1999 Chicago, IL Index Melvin Howard Torme ~Torquays, The .... Index|,ha276 ~Torre, Jose Rey de la 12-09-1917 - -1994 Havana, Cuba Index ~Tosches, Nick 10-17-1949 Newark, NJ Index|,3p,3q Nicholas P. Tosches ~Tottle, Jack 11-24-1939 city? Index TR - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Toulon, Vern - -1955? 5-31-2001 city? Index ~Toups, Wayne - - city? Index|,cx403 ~Tourville, Tom W. - - city?, MN Index|,hs,ht,zl,zm,zn ~Tovsen, Tari 10-25-1942 La Crosse, WI Index ~Townsend, Willa A. 4-11-1880 5-25-1947 city? Index d. city? Willa Ann Hadley (Willa Mae?) ~Townshend, Pete 5-19-1945 Chiswick, London, U.K. Index ,az387,ba515,dg713-4,dz410,wu924,7y420-1 Peter Blandford Townshend ~Traditional Grass, The .... Index|,ge439 ~Trainor, Sue 11-29-1951 city? Index ~Trapezoid .... Index|,aq156,fq797 ~Traum, Artie 4-13-1943 7-20-2008 New York, NY Index,bk,ar418,cx527,fq798 ~Traum, Happy 5-09-1938 New York, NY Index|,bk,ar418,cx527,fq799 Harry Peter Traum ~Traum, Happy & Artie .... Index ,aa379-80,as576,bn746,8j379-80 ~Travelers .... Index|,hx126 ~Travelers 3, The .... Index|,aa380-1,8j380-1 ~Traveling Wilburys, The .... Index|,bw266 ~Travers, Mary 11-07-1937 9-16-2009 Louisville, KY Index d. Danbury, CT ,aa293-6,aq81,bk,bu379,8j293-6 Mary Allin Travers ~Travis, Merle Robert 11-29-1917 10-20-1983 Rosewood, KY Index d. Tahlequah, OK ,aa381-2,ah124,bk,bm274,bn748,dv91,fl389-92,fq800,fu815,fz459-60,ge440 ,8j381-2 ,gj466,hg543-4,wu925,7y422 ~Travis, Randy 5-04-1959 Marshville, NC Index ,dv165,fl392-4,fz4-160,hg544-5,7y422 Randy Bruce Traywick ~Trent, Buck 2-17-1938 Spartanburg, SC Index|,fu817,gj469,hg546 Charles Wilburn Trent ~Trevino, Rick 5-16-1971 Austin, TX Index|,fl394,hg546 Ricardo Trevino, Jr. ~Tri Yann .... Index|,cx879 ~Trian .... Index|,fq800 ~Trickett, Ed 4-14-1941 Uniontown, PA Index|,ax121,bk ~Trimble, Lester 8-29-1923 12-31-1986 Bangor, WI Index Lester Albert Trimble ~Trio .... Index|,gj469 ~Trischka, Tony 1-16-1949 Syracuse, NY Index ,aq156,az389,bk,by303,cx497,fq802,fu818,fz461-2,ge442,gj470 ~Tritt, Travis 2-09-1963 Marietta, GA Index|,fl394-5,fz462-3,hg547,7y422-3 James Travis Tritt ~Trotman, Herb 9-14-1944 city? Index ~Trott, Steve - - city? Index ~Troy, LeRoy - - city? Index|,hx154 TU - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Trueblood, Paul - - city? Index ~Trudell, John 2-15-1946 12-08-2015 Omaha, NE Index d. Santa Clara County, CA ~Tubb, Ernest 2-09-1914 9-06-1984 Crisp, TX Index d. Nashville, TN ,bk,dv93,fl396-9,fq802,fu820,fz464-5,ge444,gj471,hg547-9,wu928,7y423-4 Ernest Dale Tubb ~Tubb, Justin 8-20-1935 1-24-1998 San Antonio, TX Index|,fl399,hg549 d. Nashville, TN Justin Wayne Tubb ~Tubridy, Michael - -1935 city? Index ~Tuchman, Doug - - 10-07-2003 city? Index [first Editor of Pickin' Magazine] ~Tuck and Patti .... Index|,cx1113 ~Tucker, Gabe 12-01-1915 1-25-2003 Pierce, KY ,hg549 ~Tucker, Leslie - - city?, VA Index|,fq804 m. L.J. Booth 8-22-1996 - 1997 (div.) ~Tucker, Luther 1-20-1936 6-18-1993 Memphis, TN Index|,al68 d. San Rafael, CA ~Tucker, Tanya 10-10-1958 Seminole, TX Index|,fl399-400,fz466,hg549-50 Tanya Denise Tucker ~Tucny, Michal 1-11-1947 3-10-1995 Prague, Czechoslovakia Index d. city?, Czech Republic ~Tullock, Jake - - 6-18-1988 city? Index ~Tune Wranglers, The .... ,hg550-1 ~Turk, Nathan 5 10-1895 10-24-1988 Minsk, Poland Index|,fl400,hg551 d. city? Nathan Tieg ~Turk, Roy 9-20-1892 11-30-1934 New York, NY Index d. Hollywood, CA ,pn374-5,po508,pp743,pq513,7y424 Roy Kenneth Turk ~Turner, Big Joe 5-18-1911 11-24-1985 Kansas City, MO Index|,wu930 d. Inglewood, CA Joseph Vernon Turner, Jr. ~Turner, Gil 5-06-1933 9-23-1974 Bridgeport, CT Index|,aa382-3,8j382-3 d. San Francisco, CA Gilbert Strunk ~Turner, Grant 5-17-1912 10-19-1991 Abilene, TX Index|,fl400,fu824,hg551-2 Jesse Granderson Turner ~Turner, Ike 11-05-1931 12-13-2007 Clarksdale, MS Index d. San Marcos, CA ~Turner, Ike & Tina .... ,fo1020-1,wu930 ~Turner, Othar 6-02-1907 2-26-2003 Jackson, MS Index d. Como, MS (or Gravel Springs, MS?) ~Turner, Zeb & Zeke .... ,fl400-1,hg552 ~Turner, Zeb 6-23-1915 1-10-1978 Lynchburg, VA ,fz467,hg552 William Grishaw ~Turner, Zeke 6-18-1923 4-13-2003 Lynchburg, VA ,hg552 ~Tuttle, Wesley 12-13-1917 9-29-2003 Lamar, CO ,fl401,hg552 TV - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Tvedt, Randy - - - -1997 city? Index TW - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Twain, Shania 8-28-1965 Windsor, Ontarion, Canada ,fz467,hg552-3 ~Twiggy 9-19-1949 Neasden, London, U.K. Index Lesley Hornby, m. Leigh Lawson ~Twitty, Conway 9-01-1933 6-05-1993 Friars Point, MS Index d. Springfield, MO ,by304,dv166,fl401-3,fo1025-6,fu826,fz468-9,ge447,gj475,hg553-4,wu930 Harold Lloyd Jenkins TY - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Tyler, Steve 3-26-1948 New York, NY Index|,7y424 Steven Tallarico ~T. Texas Tyler 6-20-1916 1-28-1972 Mena, AR Index|,fl403,fz469-70,hg554-5 David Luke Myrick ~Tyminski, Dan 6-20-1967 Rutland, VT Index ~Tyner, McCoy 12-11-1938 Philadelphia, PA Index|,oi515-7,sn235-48 Alfred McCoy Tyner ~Tyson, Ian 9-25-1933 Victoria, British Columbia, Canada Index ,aa191,av699,bg268,fl403,fq387,fq805,fu829,ge449,gj478,hg555,pq514,7y424 ~Tyson, Sylvia Fricker 9-19-1940 Chatham, Ontario, Canada Index|,aa191,av699,bg268,fq387,pq514 TZ - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Tzuke, Judi - -1955 London, U.K. ,7y424-5

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