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      Musician's Birthdays - Folk Music, Bluegrass and Old-Time Music, Country Blues, Acoustic Fingerstyle Guitarists, etc. and specific bibliographic source references for detailed information about the listed artists and groups. Not all of the listed books and magazines are completely indexed. I hope everyone finds something useful. Please send additions and/or corrections to: [email protected]

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artist or group name birth date death date birthplace link to FolkLib Index entry d. death place Note 1: bibliography sources birth (maiden) name aka "also known as", pseudonyms this artist recorded under Note 2: (groups this artist was/is in) Note 2: see ... (artists that were in this group at one time or another) [reason for listing] {"Sing Out!" obituary article title} How to use the source references on these pages: for example, ~Adams, Bryan ,dg7,fo6,gl6 I feel it would serve no useful purpose to link all of the literally thousands of references to the book each one refers to, plus it would make it very difficult to edit these pages. Therefore, to make use of the above book references, append a "#" and each two letter code to the Bibliography page URL. For the above references, will link you to the bibliographical information about each book where the information for Bryan Adams can be found on the page listed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- W Birth Death Birthplace (see #G Name Source(s) mm-dd-yyyy mm-dd-yyyy for U.S. state codes) ---------------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------------------- WA - |top/bottom of page - All "W" artists/groups|Copyright Notice| ~Wade, Stephen - -1953 Chicago, IL Index|,fq816-7 ~Wagers, Dora Mae - - 7-20-1998 city? (Coon Creek Girls) ~Wagner, Douglas E. - -1952 Chicago, IL Index ~Wagner, Richard 5-22-1813 2-13-1883 Leipzig, Germany Index Wilhelm Richard Wagner ~Wagon .... Index|,gx219,it314 ~Wagoner, Chris - - city? Index m. Mary Gaines ~Wagoner, Porter 8-12-1927 West Plains, MO Wagoner, Porter 8-12-1930 ,mr2605,fh606,fl405-6,vx313-4,wc209-10 ~Wagoner, Porter & the Wagonmasters .... ,by311,ic790 ~Wainwright III, Loudon 9-05-1946 Chapel Hill, NC Index ,aa388,am459,ar432,as595,ba532,cx528,mr2608,fh530,fq817-9,fy337,ie717,vy301-2 ~Wainwright, Sloan 5-20- Bedford, NY Index|,fq819 (youngest sister of Loudon Wainwright III) ~Waite, John 7-04-1954 Lancaster, Lancashire, U.K. ,id903 ~Waitresses .... ,7t305-6 ~Waits, Tom 12-07-1949 Pamona, CA Index ,cx284,la472-4,mr2609,fh344,fm403,fq819-20,id904-5a773-4,tb877-9,tg1164-7 ~Wake (The Flyin' Mice) .... Index|,gx220 ~Wakefield, Frank 6-26-1934 Emory Gap, TN ,aa388-9,aq96,aq156,bk,by311,cx478,fh607,fq820-1,fu837,gj488 (Greenbriar Boys) ~Wakely, Jimmy 2-16-1914 9-23-1982 Mineola, AR Index|,fl406-7,vx314-5 ~Wakeman, Dusty - - city? Index|,gx220 ~Wakeman, Rick - -1949 Middlesex, U.K. Index|,ao642-6,hm165-6 ~Walcott, Christopher - - city? Index|,hm166 ~Wald, Jerry 1-15-1918 9-01-1973 Newark, NJ Index|,ze408-9 d. Las Vegas, NV Jervis Wald ~Walden, Jim "Skeeter" - -1879 - -1956 city? Index James Madison Walden ~Waldman, Herman - - - - city? Index|,ze408-9 d. ? ~Waldman, Wendy - -1951 Los Angeles, CA Index|,bn766-8 ~Waldren, Katie LaRaye - -1951 city?, CA Index LaRaye Kaye Kircher ~Waldrep, Gary 7-18-1963 city? Index ~Waldron, Cliff 4-04-1941 Jolo, WV Index|,aa389-90,by311,fu839,hx80 ~Walford, William W. - -1772 6-22-1850 Bath, Somersetshire, U.K. Index d. Uxbridge, Middlesex, U.K. ~Walkabouts, The .... Index|,gx220-1 ~Walker Brothers, The .... Index|,id905-7 ~Walker, Billy 1-14-1929 Ralls, TX Index|,fl407,vx315-6 William Marvin Walker ~Walker, Charles 7-26-1922 6-24-1975 Macon, GA Index d. New York, NY ~Walker, Charlie 11-02-1926 Collin County, TX Index|,fl407,vx316 d. ? ~Walker, Cindy 7-20-1918 3-23-2006 Mexia, TX ,vx316-7 ~Walker, Clay 8-19-1969 Beaumont, TX ,fl407-8,wc210 ~Walker, Dennis - -1943 Grants Pass, OR Index ~Walker, Ebo 10-19-1941 city? ~Walker, Eddie 10-31-1948 city?, U.K. ,vy301 ~Walker, Frank Buckley 10-24-1889 10-16-1963 Fly Summit, NY ,vx317-8 ~Walker, George 3-12-1937 11-30-1986 Memphis, TN Index d. Memphis, TN ~Walker, Gwyneth 3-22-1947 New York, NY Index Gwyneth van Anden Walker ~Walker, Ian 4-27-1948 Govanhill, Glasgow, Scotland ,vy301 Ian James Walker ~Walker, Jerry Jeff 3-16-1942 Oneonta, NY Index ,aa390-2,az403,bu393,cv342,cx478,dg744,ej25,fl408,fq821-22,ft233,fy338,fu843 ,ge460,gj491,ie718,wa209 Ronald Clyde Crosby, aka Paul Crosby ~Walker, Jimmy 3-08-1905 10-16-1997 Memphis, TN Index|,gh421 d. Chicago, IL Jules James Walker ~Walker, Jo 2-16-1924 Orlinda, TN ,vx318-9 Edith Josephine Denning ~Walker, Joe Louis 12-25-1949 San Francisco, CA Index|,hb377,gh421 ~Walker, Johnny "Big Moose" 6-27-1929 Greenville, MS ,gh422 ~Walker, J. & the All-Stars .... ,id905 ~Walker, Lawrence 9-01-1908 8-15-1968 Duson, LA Index|,fq822 d. Scott, LA ~Walker, Phillip 2-11-1937 Welsh, LA ,hb377,gh423 ~Walker, Robert "Bilbo" 2-19-1937 Clarksdale, MS Index|,hb379 ~Walker, Scott 1-09-1943 Hamilton, OH Index ,la474-5,ta776-7,tb880-2,tg1167-70 Noel Scott Engel ~Walker, T-Bone 5-28-1910 3-16-1975 Linden, TX Index d. Los Angeles, CA ,hb379,ie720,gh423,gt156-7 Aaron Thibeaux Walker ~Walker, Tricia 3-17- Jackson, MS Index ~Walker, Wayne P. 12-13-1925 Quapaw, OK ,vx319 ~Walker, Willie - -1896 3-04-1933 city?, SC Index|,gh426 d. Greenville, SC aka Blind Willie Walker ~Walking Seeds .... ,7t306 ~Wall .... ,7t306 ~Wall of Voodoo .... ,7t306 ~Wall, Chris - - city? Index|,gx221 ~Wallace, Jesse - -1907 - -2006 Stone County, AR Index Jesse Moore Wallace ~Wallace, Kate 3-11- Pasadena, CA Index|,fq822-3 ~Wallace, Sippie 11-01-1898 11-01-1986 Houston, TX Index d. Detroit, MI ,hb380,if143-6/167,gh426,gt81-2,3u143-6/167 Beulah Thomas ~Wallace, Wesley - - - - city? Index|,gh428 ~Wallach, Kim - - city? Index|,cx528 ~Wallentine, Douglas - - city? Index aka Douglas Spotted Eagle - Native Inspired or Influenced Musician (not Native) ~Waller, Butch 1-19- city? Index ~Waller, Charlie 1-19-1935 8-18-2004 Joinerville, TX Index|,hx138 d. Gordonsville, VA ~Waller, Fats 5-21-1904 12-15-1943 New York, NY Index d. Kansas City, MO ,ns85-96,oi522-4,sf798-9,ze410 Thomas Wright Waller ~Waller, Gordon 6-04-1945 7-19-2009 Braemar, Scotland Index ~Waller, Robert James 8-01-1939 - - Rockford, IA ,4ac604-7 ~Wallin, Doug 7-30-1919 3-15-2000 Sodom, NC Index d. ? Martin Douglas Wallin ~Wallin, Doug & Jack .... Index|,fq823 ~Wallin, Jack D. 5-07-1932 1-03-2005 Sodom, NC Index d. ? ~Walls, Van "Piano Man" 8-24-1918 2-24-1999 Middlesboro, KY Index Harry Eugene Vann ~Walser, Don - -1934 9-20-2006 Brownfield, TX Index|,fq823-4,gx221-2 ~Walsh, Bob - -1929 - -1990 West Eminence, Shannon County, MO Index ~Walsh, Dock 7-23-1901 Wilkes County, NC Index ~Walsh, Joe 11-20-1947 Wichita, KS ,id907 ~Walters, J. Donald - - city? Index|,hm166-7 ~Walters, John 5-16-1938 Chesterfield, Derbyshire, U.K. ,7t307 ~Walters, Neal 10-03-1941 Windom, MN Index ~Walton, Lorraine - - city? Index|,if147-8/167,3u147-8/167 ~Walton, Mercy Dee 8-30-1915 12-02-1962 Waco, TX Index|,hb381,gh428 d. Murphys, CA ~Walton, Wade 10-10-1923 1-10-2000 Lombardy, MS Index|,gh429,wa210 ~Wanderley, Walter 5-12-1932 9-04-1986 Recife, Brazil Index|,la475 d. San Francisco, CA Walter Jose Wanderley Mendonca ~Wang, Garrett 12-15-1968 Riverside, CA [Star Trek Voyager, Harry Kim] ~Wangford, Hank - - Index|,gx222 ~Wanktones, The .... Index|,gx222-3 ~War .... ,id907-8 ~Ward, Aida 2-11-1900 city? Index ~Ward, Albert E. - -1874 - -1934 Index ~Ward, Chuck 5-22-1956 11-05-2010 Kenosha, WI Index d. Pewaukee, WI Charles Raymond Ward ~Ward, Fields 1-23-1911 Buck Mountain, VA Index ~Ward, Kendra 7-21-1961 Point Pleasant, WV Index ~Ward, Kendra & Bob Bence .... Index|,fq824-5 ~Ward, Nancy - - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada Index ~Ward, Robert 10-15-1938 Luthersville, GA Index|,hb383,gh429 ~Ward, Wade 10-15-1892 Ballard Branch, VA Index ~Warden, Monte - - city? Index|,gx223 ~Ware, Tim - - city? Index|,aq156 ~Wargaski, Paul 4-20- Ridgewood, NJ Index Paul Harold Wargaski ~Wariner, Steve 12-25-1954 Noblesville, IN Index|,fl408-9,wc210-1 Steven Noel Wariner ~Waring, Fred 6-09-1900 7-29-1984 Tyrone, PA Index|,ze410-2 d. State College, PA Fredrick Malcolm Waring ~Warland, Dale 4-14-1932 city? Index ~Warlock, Peter 10-30-1894 12-17-1930 London, U.K. Index Philip Arnold Heseltine ~Warlords .... Index|ha376 ~Warner, Anne Locher 10-18-1905 4-26-1991 St. Louis, MO Index d. Grafton, MA m. Frank Warner 1935 Elizabeth Anne Locher ~Warner, Frank 4-05-1903 2-28-1978 Selma, AL Index d. Glen Cove, NY ,aa392-4,au229,bk,vx319-20,vy301-2,wa210-1 m. Ann Locher Warner 1935 ~Warner, Jay - -1946? 4-23-2012 Brooklyn, NY Index d. Los Angeles, CA ~Warner, Jeff 3-09-1943 New York, NY Index|,aa394-5 ~Warnes, Jennifer 3-03-1947 Seattle, WA Index|,fq825,id908-9 Jennifer Jeane Warnes ~Warrant .... ,id909 ~Warren, Baby Boy 8-13-1919 7-01-1977 Lake Providence, LA Index|,hb383,gh430 d. Detroit, MI Robert Henry Warren ~Warren, Harry 12-24-1893 9-22-1981 Brooklyn, NY Index|,pn386,po423-4,pp766-7,pq529 d. Los Angeles, CA Salvatore Antonio Guaragna ~Warren, Paul 5-17-1918 1-12-1978 Lyle, TN Index|by313 ~Warren, T.E. Kellison - - city? Index|,cx528 ~Warrior Soul .... ,7t307 ~Warwick, Dionne 12-12-1940 East Orange, NJ Index|,id909-12,la475-6 ~Was (Not Was) .... ,7t307 ~Washatka, Tom 3-04-1956 Milwaukee, WI Index m. Janet Planet ~Washboard Sam 7-15-1910 11-06-1966 Walnut Ridge, AR Washboard Sam 7-15-1910 11-13-1966 Walnut Ridge, AR Index d. Chicago, IL ,hb384,gh430,gt85-6 Robert Brown ~Washington Squares, The .... Index|,cx528 ~Washington, Dinah 8-29-1924 12-14-1963 Tuscaloosa, AL Index d. Detroit, MI ,hb384,gh431,la476-8 Ruth Lee Jones ~Washington, Isidore "Tuts" 1-24-1907 8-16-1984 New Orleans, LA Index d. New Orleans, LA ,hb385 ~Washington, Walter "Wolfman" 12-21-1943 New Orleans, LA Index|,hb386 ~Wasserman, Rob - - city? Index|,aq156 ~Watanabe, Toshio 10-01-1946 city? Index ~Water into Wine Band .... ,vy302 ~Waterboys, The .... Index ,fq825-6,id912-3,ta781-2,tb886-7,tg1170-2,7t307 ~Waterfall, Linda - -195? Chicago, IL Index|,fq826 ~Waters, Barber L. - - city? Index ~Waters, Ethel 10-31-1896 9-01-1977 Chester, PA Index|,hb387 d. Chatsworth, CA ~Waters, Greg (#2) 2-12-1943 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Waters, Muddy - (see: Muddy Waters, according to one source, "He was NOT Mr. Waters!" ~Waters, Ray #2 - - 9-01-2002 Index ~Waterson:Carthy .... Index|,fq828 ~Waterson, Elaine "Lal" 2-15-1943 9-04-1998 Hull, Yorkshire, U.K. Index d. Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire, U.K. ~Waterson, Mike 1-16-1941 Hull, Yorkshire, U.K. Index ~Waterson, Norma 8-15-1939 Hull, Yorkshire, U.K. Index ~Watersons, The .... Index|,ax32,cx528,fq828-9,vy303 ~Watkins, Frank - - city? Index ~Watkins, Sara 6-08-1981 city? Index Sara Ullrika Watkins ~Watkins, Sean 2-18-1977 city? Index Sean Charles Watkins ~Watkins, Truman 5-01-1906 - - city?, IA Index d. city? ~Watson Family, The .... ,fq829-30,gj494 ~Watson, Dale - - city? Index|,gx223-4 ~Watson, Dawn 1-19-1962 city? Index ~Watson, Doc 3-03-1923 5-29-2012 Deep Gap, NC Index d. Winston-Salem, NC ,aa396-8,ah130,aq74,as602,av700,ax100,az406,ba538,bk,bm293,bn777,bu397,by313 ,fl409-10,fq829-30,fu849,ge465,gj494,hx112,vx321-2,vy303-4,wa211 Arthel Lane Watson ~Watson, Gene 10-11-1943 Palestine, TX Index|,wa211-2 ~Watson, Gene - - ,fl410,wa211-2 ~Watson, Jim - - city? Index ~Watson, Johnny "Guitar" 2-03-1935 5-17-1996 Houston, TX Index|,hb390 d. Yokohama, Japan ~Watson, Merle 2-08-1949 10-23-1985 city?, NC Index|,bk,bn777,fq829-30 d. Lenoir, NC Eddy Merle Watson ~Watson, Richard 7-20-1966 6-01-2015 Watauga County, city?, NC Index d. Holly Hills, Boone, NC Richard Eddy Watson ~Watts, Sharon K. 9-07-1965 city? Index [Managing Editor of Bluegrass Unlimited since Aug. 1993} Sharon Kuykendall ~Wave, The .... Index|,hm167 ~Wayne, Jon - - city? Index|,gx224-5 ~Wayne, John 5-26-1907 6-11-1979 Winterset, IA d. Los Angeles, CA Marion Robert Morrison (NOT Marion Michael Morrison) WE - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~We Are Going To Eat You .... ,7t308 ~We Five .... Index|,ic800,ie724,vy304 ~We Free Kings .... ,vy320 ~We Saw the Wolf .... ,vy320 ~We've Got A Fuzzbox And We're Gonna Use It .... ,7t309-10 ~Weaver, Sylvester 7-25-1897 4-04-1960 Louisville, KY Index d. Louisville, KY ~Weavers, The .... Index ,aa398-401,ax117,az407,ba539,bd53,bk,bn780,bu399,bv266,bw279,cv346,cx529,vx322 ,vy304-5,wa212 ~Webb, Chick 2-10-1905 6-16-1939 Baltimore, MD Index|,ze412-3 d. Baltimore, MD William Henry Webb ~Webb, Dean 3-28-1937 Independence, MO Index|,bg149 Ray Dean Webb ~Webb, Jimmy 8-15-1946 Elk City, OK Index|la478 James Layne Webb ~Webb, Mike 10-03-1970 city? Index ~Webb, Nick - -1954 2-05-1998 city? Index Nicholas Webb ~Webb, Peta 8-23-1946 Woodford Green, Essex, U.K. ,vy305 ~Webber, A.J. - - ,vy320 ~Webber, Tom - - Borger, TX Index ~Weber, Michael 1-31-1980 city? Index ~Webster, Ben 3-27-1909 9-20-1973 Kansas City, MO Index|,la478-9,mr2645-6 d. Amsterdam, Netherlands Benjamin Francis Webster ~Webster, Katie 9-01-1939 Houston, TX ,gt177-8,mr2646 Kathryn Thorne ~Webster, Paul Francis 12-20-1907 3-18-1984 New York, NY ,mr2646-7 ~Wedding Present .... ,mr2647,7t308-9 ~Weddings, Parties, Anything .... ,mr2647,7t308 ~Weddington, Parelee - -1910 - -1997 city? Index ~Wedlock, Fred 5-23-1942 Bristol, U.K. ,mr2647,vy305 ~Wee Papa Girl Rappers .... ,mr2647-8 ~Weedon, Burt (Bert) 5-10-1921 (#id) East Ham, London, U.K. ~Weedon, Bert 5-10-1920 (#mr) London, U.K. ,id914,mr2648 ~Weekend .... ,mr2648,7t309 ~Weeks, Anson 2-14-1896 2-07-1969 Oakland. CA ,mr2648-9 ~Weiger, Mark - -1959 11-13-2008 city? Index ~Weill, Kurt 3-02-1900 4-03-1950 Dessau, Germany Index d. New York, NY ,la479-80,pn390,po528,pp774-5,pq533-4,vs465,vt546-7,wt559,wu973-5,wv734 ,wx2036,wy2036,wz2443-4,xa2443-4 Kurt Julian Weill ~Wein, George 10-03-1925 Boston, MA ,vx322-3 ~Weinberger, Dick 5-22- city? Index ~Weintraub, Lynne - -1944 Dallas, TX Index ~Weir, Bob 10-16-1947 San Francisco, CA Index Robert Hall Parber ~Weirdos .... ,7t309 ~Weiser, Glenn - - city? Index Glenn Barrett Weiser ~Weiskopf, Walt - -1959 Augusta, GA Index ~Weiss, Jeff 2-20- city? Index|9aj747,9ae593,9ak462 Jeffrey J. Weiss ~Weiss, Ilene - - city? Index|,cx529 ~Weissberg, Eric 8-16-1939 city? Index|,aq96,ar439,as605,bk,bv267,bw279,by313 ~Weissman, Dick 1-21-1935 Philadelphia, PA Index ,aa206-7,au231,av231,bk,vm231 co-author of The Folk Music Sourcebook ~Weitzel, Bob - -1955? 6-17-2012 city? Index d. Lake Superior while kayaking Robert J. Weitzel ~Welch, Gillian 10-02-1967 New York, NY Index ,fq830/2,ge467,gj496,gx225,hb393,wa212-3 ~Welch, Kevin 8-17-1955 Long Beach, CA Index ,fl410-1,fq832,ge467,gj496,gx225-6 ~Weldon, Casey Bill 7-10-1909 - -196? city?, AK Index|,hb395 d. Detroit, MI Will Weldon ~Welk, Lawrence 3-11-1903 5-17-1992 Strasburg, ND Index d. Santa Monica, CA ~Welk, Mrs. Olwen Morgan 8-09-1913 6-29-2006 Pickett, WI Index d. Ripon, WI ~Well Oiled Sisters, The .... Index|,gx226 ~Weller, Freddy 9-09-1947 Atlanta, GA ,fl410 ~Weller, Paul 5-25-1958 Woking, Surrey, U.K. ,id914-5 John Weller ~Wells, Junior (see Junior Wells ~Wells, Ken - - - -199? city? Index ~Wells, Kitty 8-30-1919 7-16-2012 Nashville, TN Index ,dv95,fl411-3,fz484-5,fq832-3,vx323-4,wc212-3 Ellen Muriel Deason ~Wells, Shauna 10-22- Mason, MI Index m. John Fabke ~Wells, Ray 1-27-1934 city? Index ~Wellspring .... Index|,cx529 ~Wellstood, Dick 11-25-1927 7-24-1987 Greenwich, CT Index|,ns97-110 d. Palo Alto, CA Richard MacQueen Wellstood ~Welnick, Vince 2-21-1951 city? Index ~Welter, Paula Joy 7-01-1951 Cook County, IL Index|,fq833 ~Welty, Eudora 4-13-1909 7-23-2001 Jackson, MS Index d. Jackson, MS Eudora Alice Welty [attended UW-Madison, author, namesake of my "Eudora" E-Mail program] ~Werner, Susan - -1965 city? Index|,fq833-4 ~Wernick, Pete 2-25-1946 city? Index|,by314,gj499 ~Wesley, Charles 12-18-1707 3-29-1788 Epworth, Lincolnshire, U.K. Index d. London, U.K. ~West .... ,vy306 ~West, Camille - -1956 city?, NY Index|,fq834 ~West, Don 6-06-1906 9-29-1992 Ellijay, GA Index|,sg47 d. Charleston, WV Donald Lee West ~West, Dottie 10-11-1932 9-04-1991 McMinnville, TN Index d. Nashville, TN ,fl414-5,fz485-6,vx324-5,wc213-4 Dorothy Marie Marsh ~West, Harry - -1926 city?, VA Index|,bk,au232 ~West, Harry & Jeanie .... Index|,by314 ~West, Hedy 4-06-1938 7-03-2005 Cartersville, GA Index ,aa401-2,av701,az409,ba541,bk,bn789,iy650,vy306,vx32-6 Hedwig Grace West ~West, Jeanie - -1933 city?, NC Index|,bk ~West, Shelly 5-23-1958 Cleveland, OH ,fl415,fz486 ~West, Speedy 1-25-1924 11-15-2003 Springfield, MO Index|,fl416,fz486-7 d. city? Wesley Webb West ~Western, Johnny 10-28-1934 Two Harbors, Lake County, MN Index|,fl416 Johnny Westerlund ~Westland, Bronson 5-24-1953 7-10-1999 Eau Claire, WI Index|,so15 Bron Allison Westland III ~Weston, Paul 3-12-1912 9-20-1996 Springfield, MA Index|,bw280 d. Santa Monica, CA ,bw280,pq538 Paul Wetstein ~Weston, Randy 4-06-1926 Brooklyn, NY Index|,sn210-17 Randolph Weston ~Wet Wet Wet .... ,id915-6 ~Wetzler, Robert P. 1-30-1932 Minneapolis, MN Index Robert Paul Wetzler WH - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Whalin, J.E. "June" 6-04-1907 2-14-1991 Bowling Green, KY (Bob Wills' Texas Playboys) ~Wham! .... ,id916-7 ~Wheat, David - - TX Index ~Wheatstone, Sir Charles - -1802 - -1875 city? Index ~Wheatstraw, Peetie - (see: Peetie Wheatstraw) ~Wheeler, Billy Edd 12-09-1932 Whitesville, WV Index ,aa403-4,bd192,fl418,pq539,vx326-7,vy306 Billy Edward Wheeler ~Wheeler, Cheryl 7-10-1951 Timonium, MD or Baltimore, MD Index ,cx529,fh532,fl418,fm783,fq834-5,ge470,gj502,sa812-3 ~Wheeler, Doug 3-26-1950 city? Index ~Wheeler, Erica 10-24-1961 city?, MD Index|,fq835 ~Whelan, John 6-14-1959 Luton, U.K. Index|,fq835-6 ~Whelan, John & Eileen Ivers .... Index|,cx879 ~Wherry, Don - -1935 7-29-2001 Hamilton, Ontario, Canada Index ~Whippersnapper .... ,vy307 ~Whippoorwills, The .... Index|,fl418 ~Whirligig .... Index|,fq836 ~Whiskey Priests .... ,vy307 ~Whiskeyhill Singers, The .... Index|,aa404-5,vy307 ~Whiskeytown .... Index|,gx226-7 ~Whiskey, Nancy 3-04-1935 2-01-2003 Glasgow, Scotland ,vy307 d. Leicester, U.K. Anne Alexandra Young Wilson ~Whisnant, Johnny 12-12-1921 2-02-1992 city? Index ~Whistlebinkies .... Index|,fq836-7 ~Whitburn, Joel 11-29-1939 Wauwatosa, WI Index Joel Carver Whitburn ~White Brothers, The .... Index|,gj503 ~White Water .... Index ~White Zombie .... ,id920-1 ~White, Barry 9-12-1944 Galveston, TX ,id917-9 ~White, Bryan 2-17-1974 Lawton, OK ,wc214 ~White, Buck 12-13-1930 city?, OK Index|,by316 ~White, Bukka 11-12-1906 2-26-1977 Houstin, MS Index d. Memphis, TN ,an552,ar440,as607,az448,ba543,bb305,bk,bl183,ce36,cx392,dg760,fq837-8 ,gt162-3,hb398,ie728,vy307-8 Booker T. Washington White ~White, Cheryl 1-27-1955 Abilene, TX Index ~White, Clarence 6-07-1944 7-14-1973 Lewiston, ME Index ,by316,cx497,fl419,fu860,gj503,gx227-8 ~White, Georgia - - city? Index|,if149/167,3u149/167 ~White, Jeff 8-02-1957 city? ,hx142 ~White, Jim #1 - - Pensacola, FL Index|,gx228 Mike Pratt ~White, Jim #2 11-05-1948 Waupun, WI Index James White ~White, Josh 2-11-1908 9-05-1969 Greenville, NC Index d. Manhasset, NY ,aa405-7,as607,au230,az410,bb305,bd44,bk,bl184,cx529,fh532,fq838,hb399 ,pq540,vx327-8 ,vy308,wa214 Joshua Daniel White ~White, Josh Jr. 11-30-1940 New York, NY ,cx529,fh532,fq838-9 ~White, Joy Lynn - - city? ,gx228 ~White, Kenneth E. - - Brattleboro, VT Index ~White, Lari 5-13-1965 Dunedin, FL Index|,fl419-20 Lari Michele White ~White, Matt 9-23-1980 Englewood, NJ Index ~White, Roland 4-23-1938 city? Index|,by317,fq434 ~White, Sharon 12-17-1953 Abilene, TX Index ~White, Tim 3-13-1956 city? Index ~White, Timothy 1-25-1952 6-27-2002 city? Index ~Whites, The .... Index ,fl420,fq839-40,fu862,ge474,gj505,wa214-5 ~Whitesnake .... ,eg301,id919-20 ~Whitford, Wendy "Uncle Windy" - -1913 6- -2000 Albion, WI Index K. Wendell Whitford ~Whitford, Zack 10-31-1986 city? Index ~Whiting, Margaret 7-22-1924 1-10-1911 Detroit, MI Index|,fl420 d. Englewood, NJ Margaret Eleanor Whiting ~Whitley, Keith 7-01-1955 5-09-1989 Sandy Hook, KY Index d. Nashville, TN ,by318,cx480,fh609,fl421-2,fu863,ge474,gj505,mr2676,wc214-5 Jackie Keith Whitley ~Whitley, Ray 12-05-1901 2-21-1979 Atlanta, GA Index|,fl422,pq541 d. city? Raymond Otis Whitley ~Whitley, Ray 11-22-1943 5-05-2013 Columbus, GA Index d. Gainesville, GA Robert Ray Whitley ~Whitman, Slim 1-20-1923 6-19-2013 Tampa, FL Index d. Orange Park, FL ,eg301,fl422,vx328-9,wc215 Ottis Dewey Whitman Jr, ~Whitmire, Margaret - - ,if150-1/167,3u150-1/167 ~Whitstein Brothers, The .... Index|,cx480,mr2678-1,fq840,fu866,ge476,gj507 ~Whitstein, Bob 3-16-1944 11-14-2001 Pineville, LA Index Robert Carroll Whitstine ~Whitstein, Charles 12-11-1945 Pineville, LA Index Charles Edward Whitstine ~Whittaker, Roger - - - - city? ,eg301 ~Whitter, Henry 4-06-1892 11-10-1941 Fries, Grayson County, VA Index|,mr2679,wa215 d. Morgantown, NC William Henry Whitter ~Who, The .... Index ,eg301,id921-4,ta789-91,tb896-99,te523-6,tg1193-99,3e129-34 WI - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Wickerham, Dave - - Encino, CA Index ~Widor, Charles-Marie 2-21-1844 3-12-1937 Lyon, France Index Charles-Marie Jean Albert Widor ~Wiedlin, Jane 5-20-1958 Oconomowoc, WI Index ,eg301,iv135,mr2681,7t310 ~Wiggins, Dr. Gene - - 2-02-1997 city? Index ~Wiggins, Phil 5-08-1954 city? Index ~Wijnkamp, Leo Jr. - - city? Index|,as610,bk ~Wilborn, Marshall 3-12-1952 city? Index ~Wilburn Brothers, The .... ,fl423-4,vx329-31 ~Wilburn Family, The .... ,vx331 ~Wilburn, Doyle 7-07-1930 10-16-1982 Thayer, MO Virgil Doyle Wilburn ~Wilburn, Leslie 10-13-1925 - - Thayer, MO Leslie Floyd Wilburn ~Wilburn, Lester 5-19-1924 - - Thayer, MO Lester Lloyd Wilburn ~Wilburn, Teddy 11-30-1931 11-24-2003 Thayer, MO Thurman Theodore Wilburn ~Wilburn, Vinita 6-05-1927 - - Thayer, MO Vinita Geraldine Wilburn ~Wilco .... Index|,fq806,gj507,gx228-9 ~Wilcox, David 3-09-1958 Mentor, OH Index|Ads/Articles/Reviews|Sources| ~Wilcox, David K. 7-13-1949 Montreal, Quebec, Canada Index [David Wilcox #2, from Canada] ~Wild Flowers .... ,7t311 ~Wild Hickory Nuts .... Index|,lz460 ~Wild Swans .... ,7t311 ~Wilde, Kim 11-18-1960 Chiswick, London, U.K. ,id924-5,7t310-1 Kim Smith ~Wilde, Marty 4-15-1939 Greenwich, London, U.K. ,id925-6 Reginald Smith ~Wilder, Alec 2-16-1907 12-24-1980 Rochester, NY Index d. Gainesville, FL ,dh461 Alexander Lafayette Chew Wilder ~Wilder, Gene 6-11-1935 Milwaukee, WI ,pq543 ~Wilder, Webb - - city? Index|,gx229 ~Wilding-White, Ray - -1923 8-24-2001 city? Index ~Wilfahrt, Jim - -1960 New Ulm, MN Index ~Wilfahrt, "Whoopee" John - -1893 - -1960 New Ulm, MN Index John Anthony Wilfahrt ~Wilkins, Robert 1-16-1896 5-26-1987 Hernando, MS Index|,mr2686,fh464,fq842,hb400 d. Memphis, TN ~Wilkinson, Jeff - - city? Index|,cx530,fh532 ~Willan, Healey 10-12-1880 2-16-1968 Balham, London, U.K. Index d. Toronto, Ontario, Canada ~Willcocks, Sir David 12-30-1919 9-17-2015 Newquay, Cornwall, U.K. Index d. Cambridge, Cambridgeshire, U.K. ,kv1501-2,qd802,so789,sp993 David Valentine Willcocks ~Williams, Andy 12-03-1927 city? Index Howard Andrew Williams ~Williams, Audrey 2-28-1923 11-04-1975 Banks, AL ,fl424 ~Williams, Benny 3-28-1931 city? ~Williams, Big Joe 10-16-1903 12-17-1982 Crawford, MS Index ,aa407,bl185,ie732,gt82-3,mr2687,fh464,hb401,so7 ~Williams, Blake 10-08-1956 city? ~Williams, Brooks 11-10-1958 Statesboro, GA ,cx530,mr2688,fh532,fq842-3,vy308 ~Williams, Claude 2-22-1908 4-25-2004 Muskogee, OK Index|,mr2689 ~Williams, Curley 6-03-1913 9-05-1970 city?, GA ,fl424 ~Williams, Dar 4-19-1967 Mount Kisco, NY Index|,fh533,fq843 Dorothy Snowden Williams ~Williams, Del - -1954 Stockton, CA Index ~Williams, Deniece 6-03-1950 Gary, IN Index|,id926 ~Williams, Doc 6-26-1914 Cleveland, OH ,fl424-5 Andrew John Smik Jr. ~Williams, Don 5-27-1939 Floydada, TX Index ,fq843-4,fl425,mr2690,wc215-6 ~Williams, Hank Sr. 9-17-1923 1-01-1953 Mount Olive, AL Index ,aa408-9,az414,bk,cx481,dv97,fh610,fl426-8,fq944-5,fu875,ge478,gj510,id926-8 ,mr2691,pq545,tb899-901,wc216-7 King Hiram Williams (,fl426 Hiram Hank Williams) ~Williams, Hank Jr. 5-26-1949 Shreveport, LA Index ,by319,cx480,dv168,fh611,fl428-30,fu877,ge480,gf88,gj513,wc217 Randall Hank Williams ~Williams, Horace "Spoons" - -1911 9- -1985 Newberry County, SC Index ~Williams, James 3-08-1951 Memphis, TN Index ~Williams, Jeannette 8-28-1965 city? Index|,hx10 ~Williams, John 4-24-1941 Melbourne, Australia Index|,ar444,as611,eg303,mr2694 [classical guitarist, not the orchestra conductor/composer] ~Williams, Johnny 10-06-1951 city? Index ~Williams, K.C. - - Milwaukee, WI Index ~Williams, Linda 7-07-1949 Anniston, AL Index ~Williams, Lucinda 1-26-1953 Lake Charles, LA Index ,cx290,fl430-1,fq845,ge482,gj515,gx230,lc1231-1232,pt290-301,wa215 ~Williams, Mary Lou 5-08-1910 5-28-1981 Atlanta, GA Index|,oi532-4,sn67-74 d. Durham, NC Mary Elfrieda Scruggs ~Williams, Mason 8-24-1938 Abilene, TX Index|,aa409-10,ar444,as612,az415,ba548,bk,bv271,bw284,by320,eg303 ,mr2697,fh1012,fq845-6 ~Williams, Nathan 3-24-1963 Lafayette, LA Index ~Williams, Paul 9-19-1940 Omaha, NB Index|,mr2698,hx3 ~Williams, Robert Pete 3-14-1914 12-31-1980 Zachary, LA Index|,mr2698,fh465,hb402,ie732 ~Williams, Robin 3-16-1947 city? Index ~Williams, Robin & Linda .... Index ,by320,cx530,fh533,fp21,fq846,fu881,ge482,gj515,hx146 ~Williams, Roger 10-01-1924 10-08-2011 Omaha, NE Index d. Encino, CA ,pq533 Louis Jacob Weertz ~Williams, Rusty 1-18-1954 city? Index ~Williams, Tex 8-23-1917 10-11-1985 Ramsey, IL ,fl431 ~Williams, Tony & Gary .... Index|,hx68 ~Williams Band, The Vern .... Index|,by308 ~Williams, Victoria - -1959 Forbing, LA Index|,fh354,fq846-8,gj516 ~Williamson, Cris - -1955 city?, SD Index|,fq847/9 aka Chris Williamson ~Williamson, Robin 11-24-1943 Edinburgh, Scotland Index ,ax62,az415,fh533,fq849-51,vy308-9 ~Williamson, "Sonny Boy" 3-30-1914 6-01-1948 Jackson, TN Index ,em2700,fh465,fy342,gt73-4,hb403 John Lee Williamson, aka Sonny Boy Williamson #1 ~Williamson, "Sonny Boy" - -1910 5-25-1965 Glendora, MS Williamson, "Sonny Boy" or 12-05-1899 5-25-1965 (fh465) Index d. Helena, AK ,fh465,fy342,ie733,gt163-6,hb404 Aleck "Rice" Miller (or Aleck/Alex Ford fh465) aka Sonny Boy Williamson #2, or Sonny Boy Williamson II ~Willing, Foy - -1915 7-24-1978 Bosque County, TX ,fl431 Foy Willingham ~Williquette, James "Big" - - - -2003 city? Index ~Willis Brothers, The .... ,fl433 ~Willis, Aaron (see: Little Sonny Willis) ~Willis, Barry R. - - city? Index|,lz ~Willis, Chick 9-24-1934 Cabiness, GA Index|,gh459,hb406 ~Willis, Chuck 1-31-1928 4-28-1958 Atlanta, GA Index|,gh460,hb406 d. Atlanta, GA ~Willis, Kelly 10-01-1968 Annandale, VA Index|,fl432,gx230-1 ~Willis, Larry 12-20-1940 New York, NY Index|,hy1207 ~Willis, Little Sonny 10-06-1932 Greensboro, AL Index|,hb407 Aaron Willis ~Wills, Billy Jack 2-26-1926 3-02-1991 Memphis, TX ,fl433 ~Wills, Bob 3-06-1905 5-13-1975 Kosse, TX Index ,aa410,cx482,dv99,mr2702,fh611,fl434-7,fq851-2,fu885,ge484,gj517,wc218-9 James Robert Wills ~Wills, Johnnie Lee 9-02-1912 10-25-1984 Jewett, TX ,fl437 ~Wills, Luke 9-10-1920 Memphis, TX ,fl437 Luther J. Wills, brother of Bob Wills & Johnnie Lee Wills ~Wilson Phillips .... ,id929-30 ~Wilson, Brian 6-20-1942 Inglewood, CA Index|,ff101-13 Brian Douglas Wilson ~Wilson, Cassandra 12-05-1955 Jackson, MS Index|,hy1208-1209,pt68-83 ~Wilson, David 5-29-1953 city? Index ~Wilson, Don 2-10-1933 Tacoma, WA Index ~Wilson, Edith Goodall 9-02-1896 3-30-1981 Louisville, KY Index|,mr2707,3u167 ~Wilson, Jackie 6-09-1934 Detroit, MI ,id928-9 Jack Wilson ~Wilson, Joemy 9-01-1945 Fort Worth, TX Index|,fq852-3 ~Wilson, Justin - - city? Index|,cx403 ~Wilson, Kim 1-06-1951 - - Detroit, MI Index ~Wilson, Mari 9-29-1957 London, U.K. ,7t311-2 Mari MacMillan Ransey Wilson ~Wilson, Michelle 7-27-1967 city? Index ~Wilson, Mike 9-06-1947 city? Index ~Wilson, Roger 7-22-1961 Leicester, U.K. ,vy309 ~Wilson, Steve 3-18-1958 city? Index ~Wilson, Teddy 11-24-1912 7-31-1986 Austin, TX Index,oi538-9,sn59-66 d. Hillsdale, NJ Theodore Shaw Wilson ~Win .... ,7t312 ~Winborne, Carol 1-07-1944 9-08-2002 Wilmington, NC Index ~Winchester, Jesse 5-17-1944 Shreveport, LA Index ,cx291,mr2713,fh355,fm414,fq853,ie736,pq548,vy309 ~Winding, Kai 5-18-1922 Aarhus, Denmark ,pq548 ~Winn, George 2-14- city? Index|,by321 ~Winston, Edna - - city? Index|,if152-7/168,3u152-7/168 ~Winston, George - -1949 city?, MI Index|,ai94,hm200 ~Winston, Winnie 5-31-1941 6-12-2005 New York, NY Index d. Tawa, New Zealand Julian Winston ~Winter, Edgar 12-28-1946 Beaumont, TX ,id930-1 ~Winter, Johnny 2-23-1944 7-16-2014 Leland, MS Index d. Zurich, Switzerland ,al71,am471,ao633,ar446,as614,az418,ba552,bc70,bl190,bv273,bw286,cj547 ,cx292,dg779,fh355,fm415,gl1024,gt214-6,hb408,id930-1,ie736,mr2715 John Dawson Winter III ~Winter, Paul 8-31-1939 Altoona, PA Index Paul Theodore Winter, Jr. ~Winter Consort, The Paul .... Index|,ab200,fh1251 ~Winterhalter, Hugo 8-15-09 - - Wilkes-Barre, PA ,pq549 ~Winwood, Steve 5-12-1948 Handsworth, Birmingham, U.K. Index|,ff229-54,id931-2 Stephen Lawrence Winwood ~Wire .... ,7t312-3 ~Wise, Bruce 8-24-1929 9-26-2013 Detroit, MI Index ~Wise, Chubby 10-02-1915 1-06-1996 Lake City, FL Index ,by322,fq853-4,fu888,ge487,wa216 Robert Russell Dees ~Wiseman, Mac 5-23-1925 Waynesboro, VA Index ,aa411,bk,by322,cx497,fh630,fl437-8,fq854,fu888,fy343,ge488,wa216-7 ,gj521 ~Wishbone Ash .... ,id932 ~Withers, Bill 7-04-1938 Slab Fork, WV Index|,id932-3,mr2718 ~Witherspoon, Jimmy 8-08-1923 9-13-1997 Gurdon, AR Index|,em2719,fh466,hb410 d. Los Angeles, CA ~Wizzard .... ,id933-4 WO - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Wobble, Jeh - - London, U.K. ,7t313 John Wardle ~Wojkiewicz, Joseph F. Jr. - - Green Bay, WI Index ~Wojkiewicz, Joseph F. Sr. - - - -1998? Hafa Park, WI Index ~Wolf, John Quincy, Jr. 5-14-1901 3-14-1972 Batesville, AR Index ~Wolf, Kate 1-27-1942 12-10-1986 San Francisco, CA Index ,as616,cx530,mr2720,fh544,fp21,fq854-5,fu889,vy309-10 Kathryn Louise Allen ~Wolf, Thilo - -1967 city? ,nw1388 ~Wolfe, Charles K. 8-14-1943 2-09-2006 Sedalia, MO Index| ~Wolfhounds .... ,7t313 ~Wolfman Jack 1-21-1938 7-01-1995 Brooklyn, NY Index|,mr2721 Robert Weston Smith ~Wolfstone .... Index|,fq855-6,vy310 ~Wolter, LeRoy A. 7-06-1930 3-05-2010 city? Index ~Woltz's Southern Broadcasters, Da Costa .... Index|,ln969-70 ~Wolverine Willy and the Blues Toads .... Index ~Wolworth, Jack - -1955 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Womack, Bobby 3-04-1944 6-27-2014 Cleveland, OH Index!,id934-5 d. Tarzana, CA Robert Dwayne Womack ~Womack, Lee Ann 8-19-1966 Jacksonville, TX ,wc219-20 ~Womenfolk, The .... Index|,aa411-12 ~Wonder, Stevie 5-13-1950 Saginaw, MI Index ,ff204-9,id935-8,pq358-9,ta800-2,tb912-5,tg1210-5,8h538-9,8i536-40 Steveland Morris [session player on one Rory Block album] ~Wonder Stuff .... ,7t313-4 ~Wood, Charles 6-15-1866 7-12-1926 Armagh, Ireland Index| d. Cambridge, U.K. ~Wood, Chris 11-20- city? Index ~Wood, Chris and Andy Cutting .... Index|,fh1101 ~Wood, Dale 2-13-1934 4-13-2003 Glendale, CA Index|,pq552 d. Sea Ranch, CA ~Wood, Dan - -1965 Auburn, NY Index ~Wood, Del 2-22-1920 10-03-1989 Nashville, TN ,fl439 ~Wood, Emanuel - -1900 - -1981 Taney County, MO Index ~Wood, Hally 9-29-1922 7-22-1989 Washington, DC Index|,au239 d. Houston, TX ~Wood, Heather - - Sheffield, West Riding, Yorkshire, U.K. Index|,du ~Wood, Royston - -1935 4-08-1990 city? Index ~Woodall, Jeanne 8-09-1945 6-10-2011 city? Index d. Milwaukee, WI Jeanne Feaman ~Woodard, Rickey - -1956 - - city? ,nw1388,3y1161,6a1598 ~Wooden Leg .... Index|,gj522 ~Woodentops .... ,7t314 ~Woodley, Bruce 7-25-1942 Melbourne, Australia Index|,aa349 ~Woods, Buddy - -1900? - -1956? Shreveport, LA Index|,gh466 Oscar Woods (aka The Lone Wolf) ~Woods, Gay 9-01-1948 Dublin, Ireland Gabriel Corcoran ~Woods, Gay and Terry .... ,vy309 ~Woods, Phil - -1931 - - city? ,nw1389-92,3y1161-4,6a1598-1602 ~Woods, Sylvia 5-23-1951 Oak Ridge, TN Index|,ab201,fq856-7 ~Woods, Terry 12-04-1947 Dublin, Ireland Terence Woods ~Woodstock Mountain Revue, The .... Index|,cx530,fh534,fq857 See also Mud Acres ~Woodstra, Chris 2-05-1969 Fort Lee, VA Index ~Woodward, Terry 7-19-1937 city? Index ~Woody Paul - (see: Paul Chrisman) ~Wooley, Sheb 4-10-1921 12-06-1969 Erick, OK ,fl439-40,pq553 ~Woolley, Shep 10-15-1944 Birmingham, U.K. ,vy310 ~Wooten, Art 2-04-1906 10-06-1986 city? Index ~Wooten, Gene - - 11-07-2001 city? Index ~Wooten, Victor - - Hampton, VA Index ~Wopat, Tom 9-09-1951 Lodi, WI Index|,fl440,ft242,fu891,iv180 aka Luke Duke in TV's "Dukes of Hazzard" ~Work, Jimmy 3-29-1924 Akron, OH ,fl440 ~Workman, Nimrod 11-05-1895 11-26-1994 Inez, Martin County, KY Index d. Knoxville, TN ~Workman, Reggie - -1937 - - city? ,nw1392-3,3y1164-5,6a1602 ~World Bass Violin Ensemble - - - - city? ,6a160 ~World Famous Bluejays, The .... Index|,gx231-2 ~World Party .... ,id938 ~World Saxophone Quartet .... ,nw1393-4,3y1165-6,6a1603-4 ~Wormworth, Tracy 12-15-1958 city? Index|,oe87-91 Tracy Anne Wormworth ~Worth, Marion 7-04-1933 Birmingham, AL ,fl440-1 WR - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Wray, Link 5-02-1929 11-05-2005 Dunn, NC Index ~Wreckless Eric - - Newhaven, Sussex, U.K. ,7t314-5 Eric Goulden ~Wright, Billy 5-21-1932 10-27-1991 Atlanta, GA Index|,gh466,hb412 d. Atlanta, GA ~Wright, Ellen F. - -1942 city? Index ~Wright, Frank - -1935 - -1990 city? ,nw1394-5,6a1604 ~Wright, John - - - - city? ,6a1605 ~Wright, Johnny 5-13-1914 Mount Juliet, TN Index|,mr2733,fu893,gj523 Johnnie Robert Wright, Jr. m. Kitty Wells ~Wright, Laurie 2-03-1929 3-28-2010 Ware, Hertfordshire, U.K. Index d. London, U.K. Lawrence D. Wright ~Wright, Marva 3-20-1948 New Orleans, LA Index|,gh467 ~Wright, Michelle 7-01-1961 Morpeth, Ontario, Canada ,fl441 ~Wright, O.V. 10-09-1939 11-16-1980 Leno, TN Index|,gh467 d. Mobile, AL ~Wrigley, Bernard 2-25-1948 Bolton, Lancashire, U.K. ,vy310-1 ~Wrinkle, James Melvin 7-21-1931 Fox, AR Index|,qj20 ~Wroblewski, Jan Ptaszyn - -1936 city? ,nw1395 WU - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Wunderlich, Fritz 9-26-1930 9-17-1966 Kusel, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany Index|,nc441 d. Heidelberg, Germany Friedrich Karl Otto Wunderlich ~Wurzels .... Index|,vy311 ~Wuske, Scott 9-09-1965 Clintonville, WI Index WY - |top/bottom of page|Copyright Notice| ~Wyands, Richard - -1928 city? ,nw1395,3y1166,6a1605 ~Wydner, Art - - 7-31-1993 city? Index ~Wyland, Dede 1-06-1950 Milwaukee, WI Index ~Wylie & the Wild West Show .... Index|,gx232 ~Wyndham-Read, Martin 8-23-1942 Crawley, Sussex, U.K. ,vy311 ~Wynette, Tammy 5-05-1942 4-06-1998 Itawamba County, MS Index d. Nashville, TN ,bw288,cx482,dg787,dv170,eg307,mr2738,fh612,fl442-4,fo1095,fu895,ge490,gf89 ,gj424,wc221-2 Virginia Wynette Pugh ~Wynn, Albert - -1907 - -1973 city? ,6a1605 ~Wynn, Steve - - city? ,7t315 ~Wyton, Alec 8-03-1921 London, U.K. Index

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