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#A)   Summary Discography
#B)   Full Discography
#C)   Simply Folk Playlist History
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#A)   Summary Discography (top/bottom of page)
    t = Complete list of track titles appears in the Full Discography
    p = Partial list appears, Eddie Allen tracks only
   Solo Albums

#01)t 1986   The Trempealeau Hotel
#02)t 1990   Faith In Gravity

   Session Work (None known)

   Various Artists Collections

#03)p 1998   Music From the Heartland
#B) Full Discography (top/bottom of page) [number] = Actual albums I have seen "Owners" = Who owns, or owned, the album I saw (see the complete code list in library) Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) Owners ----------Weary Wolf Records ------ #01) 1986 The Trempealeau Hotel [LP: WWW-DCT-004] {A} --- Recorded at OM Studios, Boscobel, WI --- Engineered by Jamie Goldsmith, Produced by Clay Riness --- --- (track times are not listed on the LP) --- All songs by Eddie Allen except as noted --- --- Author: #01 A1 : River of Life #01 A2 : Trempealeau Hotel, The #01 A3 : Sprague Song, The #01 A4 : Recurring Dream #01 A5 : No End of Love John Hartford #01 B1 : Hatful of Diamonds #01 B2 : Captain Walter Karnath #01 B3 : For You My Love Larry Long #01 B4 : Steamboat Lover #01 B5 : Lauren's Little Lullaby Clay Riness Eddie Allen: guitar, vocals Clay Riness: guitar, mandolin Big Al Byla: violin Hans Mayer: bass Daun Allen: vocals Tom Gibbons: vocals Victoria Riness: vocals Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) #02) 1990 Faith In Gravity [CS: WW-CAS-010] {A} --- Recorded and engineered by Jamie Goldsmith at OM Studios, --- Boscobel, WI in 1989 and 1990 --- "Longevity Blues" recorded live at the Pump House --- Regional Center for the Arts in La Crosse, WI --- Produced by Clay Riness and Jamie Goldsmith --- --- All songs by Eddie Allen except as noted --- --- Author: #02 A1 5:51 Flesh and Bone #02 A2 2:37 Last Night When The Cold Wind Blew Raldo Schneider #02 A3 4:26 Winter of '77 Jim Miller #02 A4 3:06 Marissa's Lullaby #02 A5 4:16 Faith In Gravity #02 A6 2:50 All My Songs Are Love Songs #02 B1 3:46 Maybe #02 B2 2:05 Natural Disater Loudon Wainwright III #02 B3 5:02 Longevity Blues #02 B4 3:53 Grandad's Song #02 B5 2:45 Hunter's Prayer, The #02 B6 3:27 Into Light Eddie Allen: guitar, vocals Clay Riness: guitars Hans Mayer: electric bass Algis Byla: violins Terry Nirve: percussion Gary Powell: button accordion Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) #03) 1998 Music From The Heartland [CD: no catalog #] {A} --- (subtitle) Live from the Great River Folk Festival, La Crosse, WI --- by Eddie Allen & Daun Allen --- Eddie & Daun's track was recorded at the 1985 Festival --- (all 16 tracks are listed in the Wisconsin Collections discography) --- #03. 4 4:07 Trempealeau Hotel --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #C) Simply Folk Playlist History (top/bottom of page) I have a collection of "Simply Folk Playlists" back to January 1995. The following is a list of Eddie Allen songs played. Play Date Title Album ---------- ------------------------------ ------------- 09-26-1999 Marissa's Lullaby Faith In Gravity Playlists searched through 04-21-2002. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #D) Sources (for more information) (top/bottom of page) Eddie Allen P.O. Box 224 Trempealeau, WI 54661-0224

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