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FolkLib Index - Authors, Writers and General Biography Bibliography
      Complete details in order by author and date

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      This page lists Authors, Writers and General Biography Non-Music Reference Books that are in my personal library. These books contain biographical profiles for many Authors, Writers, and other note-worthy primarily non=-music related people.

      New pages split off from my original Bibliography page
General biographies, and Author and Writer biographies

{..} = Who owns, or owned, this reference book (see the complete code list in library)

Non-Music Related biographies: books are listed in Title and Date order:

General biographies  

  1. #1p - The Cambridge Biographical Encyclopedia, 2nd ed. {A}
          David Cryst, ed., 1998, 1,179 p., 16,000 entries
          A-Z: Jeppe Aakjaer - Vladimir Zworykin
  2. #1q - The Cambridge Dictionary of American Biography {A}
          John S. Bowman, ed., 1996, 903 p., 9,000 entries, including:
          from the "Occupational Index", p. 825-863: 69 entertainment, 306 classical music, 379 pop music
          A-Z: Hank Aaron - Antoni Zygmund
  3. #1r - Encyclopedia of American Biography {A}
          John A. Garraty, ed., Jerome L. Sternstein, assoc. ed., 1994, 1,241 p., 1,000 entries
          A-Z: Grace Abbott - Florenz Ziegfeld
  4. #1s - Webster's American Biographies {A}
          Charles Van Doren, ed., Robert McHenry, assoc. ed., 1974, 1,233 p., 3,000 entries, including:
          from the "Careers and Professions Index", p. 1207-1233: 72 composers and songwriters, 47 entertainers, 6 musical authorities, 58 musicians
          A-Z: Hank Aaron - Vladimir Zworykin
  5. #1t - Webster's New Biographical Dictionary {A}
          Robert McHenry, ed., Frank Calvill, assistant ed., 1988, 1,130 p., 30,000 entries
          A-Z: Aagesen - Adolphe Zvon

Author and Writer biographies  

  1. International Who's Who Authors and Writers  
  2. #xb 1976, Lawrence, Alberta (Gale Research Co.). "Who Was Who Among North American Authors 1921-1939"   {A}

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