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      This page lists books that might include information about Opera Singers (recording artists). Other books which contain information about multiple artists in all genres of music can be found on the Folk Music Bibliography page. Except as noted, all books are in dictionary format with operas, composers, terms and/or Singers listed in alphabetical order. As my primary interest here is in finding books with biographies, discographies and/or bibliographies for individual Opera Singers, each book entry has a note documenting which of this information is, or is not, included in each book. I am in the process of indexing all the biography entries in these books for Singers listed on the Opera Singer Index page.

      New pages split off from my original Bibliography page

{...} = Who owns, or owned, this reference book (see the complete code list in library)
{A} = My personal collection -- {C} = Oshkosh Public Library -- {F} = Appleton Public Library
{I} = Forrest R. Polk Library, UW Oshkosh -- {U} = Seeley G. Mudd Library, Lawrence University, Appleton


  1. #kq - Hamilton, David   {A}{C} - cover scans
          "The Metropolitan Opera Encyclopedia: A Comprehensive Guide to the World of Opera"
          New York, London, Toronto, Sydney, Tokyo: Simon and Schuster, Metropolitan Opera Guild
          1987, 415 p., ISBN: 0-671-61732-X, ISBN-13: 978-0-671-61732-5, LC: 87-9705, no UPC
          composers, opera subjects, Singer biographies
        782.103 M594 (.C)
    Complete details in order by author and date (top/bottom of page)    Owners
    ----------------------------------------                             ------
    Hamilton, Mary. "A-Z of Opera", New York, Oxford, Sydney:               {C}
    #kr  Facts On File, 1990, 223 p., ISBN: 0-8160-2340-9, LC: 90-3115 [782.103 H219a]
         composers, opera subjects, Singer biographies
    Kobbe, Gustav (1857-1918), The Earl of Harewood. "The Definitive        {C}
    #ks  Kobbe's Opera Book", New York: G.P. Putnam Sons, 1987, 1404 p.,
         ISBN: 0-399-13180-9, LC: 86-18705 [Ref: 782.13 K752d] 
         Gustav Kobbe
         composers, no discographies, no Singers
    Mezzanote, Riccardo (ed). "The Simon and Schuster Book of the Opera",   {C}
    #kt  New York: Simon and Schuster, 1987, 512 p.,
         ISBN: 0-671-24886-3, LC: 79-1317 [Ref: 782.103 S596]
         opera titles, no discographies, no Singers
    Rosenthal, Harold & John Warrack. "The Concise Oxford Dictionary of   {I}
    #ko  Opera", London, New York and Melbourne: Oxford University Press,
         1979 (2nd ed.), 561 p., ISBN: 0-19-311318-X, LC: 79-318553
         (1st ed. 1964, 3rd ed. 1996) [Ref: ML 102.06 R67]
         Harold Rosenthal (1917-1987)
         composers, opera subjects, Singer biographies
    Sadie, Stanley (ed), Christina Bashford (Managing ed.). "  {I}
    #kn  The New Grove Dictionary of Opera", (4 volumes),
         London: Macmillan Publishers Ltd., 1992, 5324 p.,
         ISBN: 0-333-48552-1, ISBN-13: 978-0-333-48552-1, LC: 92-36276 [Ref: ML 102.6 N5] 
         1. A-D 1296 p.  2. E-Lom 1315 p.  3. Lon-Rod 1371 p.  4. Roe-Z 1342 p.
         Wikipedia - Stanley Sadie (1930-2005)
         composers, opera subjects, Singer biographies, discographies and/or
       2004, (4 volumes), 5448 p., Oxford University Press
         1: A-D, 2: E-Lom, 3: Lon-Rod, 4: Roe-Z
         ISBN: 0-19-522186-9, ISBN-13: 978-0-19-522186-2, LC: ?, UPC: ?
    Sadie & Tyrrell. "The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians"   {C}{I}
    #km  (29 volumes), 2001 (see the General Bibliography)
         [Ref: 780.3 N532, Ref: ML 100 N48]
         (in Birthday/Bibliography entries: ",km1:134" = Vol. 1, page 134)
         composers, musical subjects, Singer biographies, discographies and/or
         bibliographies for all musical genres
    #kv  1997, Slonimsky, Kuhn & McIntire. "Baker's Biographical Dictionary"   {A}{C}{F}{U}
         "of Twentieth-Century Classical Musicians"
         Theodore Baker (1851-1934), Nicolas Slonimsky (1894-1995)
         composers, operas, Singer biographies
    #ku  2002, Smith, Tim. "The NPR Curious Listener's Guide to Classical Music"   {A}{C}{F}
         2 of the 9 chapters list composers and performers, but 
         only one Singer

  2. #kp - Warrack, John & Ewan West.   {A}{C} - cover scans
          "The Concise Oxford Dictionary of Opera, 3rd ed."
          Oxford, New York, NY: Oxford University Press
          1996, 571 p., ISBN: 0-19-280028-0, ISBN-13: 978-0-19-280028-2, LC: 95-20904, UPC: ?
          composers, opera subjects, Singer biographies
        782.103 W286c (.C)
          (1st ed. 1964, #ko, 2nd ed. 1979)

Books to added above sometime in the future:
  1. Batta, Andras. "Opera: Composers, Works, Performers"   {A}
          2005, 925 p., ISBN: 3-8331-1881-4, LC: ?, UPC: 9-783833-118814

  2. Bourne, Joyce. "Who's Who in Opera: A Guide to Opera Characters"   {A}
          1998, 457 p., ISBN: 0-19-210023-8, LC: 98-7977, UPC: 9-780192-100238

  3. Ewen, David. "The New Encyclopedia of the Opera"   {A}
          1971, 759 p., ISBN: 0-8090-7262-9, LC: 71-148237, UPC: ?

  4. Orrey, Leslie. "The Encyclopedia of Opera"   {A}
          1976, 376 p., ISBN: 0-684-13630-9, LC: 75-46101, UPC: ?

  5. Osborne, Charles. "The Dictionary of the Opera, 2nd ed."   {A}
          2001, 384 p., ISBN: 1-56649-108-8, LC: ?, UPC: 9-781566-491082
          1st ed., (U.S.) 0671492187 / 83-004752, (U.K.) 0356097005 / 84-202036

  6. Scherer, Barrymore Laurence. "Bravo! A Guide to Opera for the Perplexed"   {A}
          1996, 292 p., ISBN: 0-525-94248-3, LC: 96-28304, UPC: 9-780525-942481

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