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          This page lists Various Artist Collection albums released on mostly non-Wisconsin record labels. All albums contain at least one track by a current or former Wisconsin resident artist or group.
      Wisconsin Various Artists Collections - with mostly Wisconsin labels and artists/groups

Name = Artists/Groups in italics are from Wisconsin

Non-Wisconsin Various Artists Collections (In order by Title within Release Date)

  1. 1994 - On The Charts: I.R.S. Records 1979-1994 (CD: 72438-19833-2-4) {A}
          I.R.S. Records, Culver City, CA
          The Alarm, Belinda Carlisle, Concrete Blonde, Dada, The English Beat, Fine Young Cannibals, General Public, Go-Go's, Oingo Boingo, R.E.M., Wall of Voodoo
          Timbuk 3 - 4) The Future's So Bright, I Gotta Wear Shades (3:20)

  2. 2000 - Lifescapes: Solo Guitar (CD: CD: LS-2000-122-2) {A}
          Compass Productions, Minneapolis, MN
          ?, Dan Schwartz, Benjamin Woolman

  3. 2000 - Kampfire Kuts: Volume Two (CD: KRK-002) {A}
          Kerrville Acoustic Music Productions, Kerrville, TX
          Johnsmith, rest non-Wis.

  4. 2001 - Guitar - Fingerstyle 2 (CD: ND-50772)
          Narada, Milwaukee
          Muriel Anderson with Phil Keaggy, William Coulter, Peppino D'Agostino, Alex de Grassi, Laurence Juber, Pat Kirtley, Dean Magraw, Billy McLaughlin, Rich Niebaum, Al Petteway and Amy White, Don Ross, Artie Traum with Laurence Juber
          Dan Schwartz, Benjamin Woolman

  5. 2001 - TrueValue Happy Holidays, Volume 36 (CD: no #) {A}
          King Records, Inc., Nashville, TN
          The Belmont Orchestra, Ace Cannon, Children's Christmas Chorale, Christmas Chorale, Christmas Violins, King Karoleers, Nashville Symphony, Philadelphia Brass Orchestra, Richmond Christmas Band, Salvation Army, Tennessee Symphony Orchestra, Windsor Strings, Mac Wiseman
          Bob Kames - 6) Cantique De Noel (3:22)

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