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      01-27-2002: When I turned 60 on 9-30-2001, I started to realize that I needed to decide how I should spend the rest of my life, discography-wise. I created a number of discographies (11-30-1991 - 1-23-1995) which are, or will be, installed here in the Folk Library Index. Most of them are for national artists who now, more than a decade later, have much more complete discographies elsewhere on the Web. I see my most important task for the future is to work on documenting the recordings of all local Wisconsin musicians, primarily acoustic musicians, many of whom have no Web site, much less any other on-line discography. So, for the foreseeable future, I will concentrate exclusively on Wisconsin-related discographies and leave the national artists to those discographers with more time left on this planet than I.

      To this end, although I like hearing about new recordings by non-Wisconsin musicians, I have no current plans on adding any information about since-1995 releases to any discography I have written for a musician who has never lived in Wisconsin. The only exception to this I can think of, is adding details about titles I have purchased. Please write , if you have information about any Wisconsin recordings that I do not list. Thank you.

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