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#A)   Summary Discography
#B)   Full Discography
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      Rockford, IL / Madison, WI / Cherry Valley, IL
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#A)   Summary Discography (top/bottom of page)
    t = Complete list of track titles appears in the Full Discography

   Solo Albums

#01)t 1980   Last Night in Town!                   Mountain Railroad  52788
#02)t 2000   Back to Blue                                          -      -

   Session Work

#03)t 1977   Devil Take My Shiny Coins             Mountain Railroad  52777
                by Dick Pinney
#04)t 1980   First Band on the Moon                Mountain Railroad  52795
                by Snopek
#05)  1994   Honky Tonk Man                            Drive Archive  41060
                by Steve Young

#B) Full Discography (top/bottom of page) [number] = Actual albums I have seen "Owners" = Who owns, or owned, the album I saw (see the complete code list in library) Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) Owners ----------Mountain Railroad Records, Madison, WI ------ #01) 1980 Last Night in Town! [LP: MR-52788] {A} --- Produced by Stephen Powers --- Recorded and Mixed at Shade Tree Studios, at the Playboy Resort, --- Lake Geneva, WI --- Andy Waterman: Recording and Mixing Engineer --- Additional recording at Sweet Jane Ltd., Cushing, MN, --- Dave "Snaker" Ray: Recording Engineer --- Mastered by Ron Lewter --- (all titles by Betsy Kaske except as noted) --- --- Author: #01. A1 2:19 Good News #01. A2 3:28 Moanin' Low Dietz-Rainger #01. A3 3:20 Gimme Some Kind of Sign Brenton Wood #01. A4 2:47 Shooting Star #01. A5 3:05 Fumblin' With the Blues Tom Waits #01. B1 2:34 Misery #01. B2 3:56 Cross Country Waltz Rod MacDonald #01. B3 2:06 Wild Women Don't Sing the Blues Ida Cox #01. B4 3:25 No Place to Fall Townes Van Zandt #01. B5 1:37 Heartache Let Me Go #01. B6 4:51 Bayou Blue Susan Thomas Betsy Kaske: lead and harmony vocals, acoustic guitar, slide guitar Mike Lucas: drums Jim Gorton: bass Sigmund Snopek III: keyboards, synthesizers, flute Brian Wiemann III: electric guitar, acoustic guitar Chuck Hedges: clarinet Jose James: saxophone "Conga George" Terzis: congas Will Donicht: bass Tim O'Keefe: harmonica John Beach: piano Dick Pinney: background vocals Bill Camplin: background vocals Jeff Laramie: background vocals Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) ----------Self Released #02) 2000 Back to Blue [CD: no catalog #] {A} --- Self Released --- --- Author: #02. 1 2:37 Baby Don't Ya Betsy Kaske #02. 2 3:48 Country Girl Blues Willard Robison #02. 3 4:13 Brain Cloudy Bob Wills #02. 4 4:06 I'd Try Betsy Kaske #02. 5 2:39 Walkin' Alone Betsy Kaske #02. 6 3:44 Ain't Been in Love Greg Brown Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) ----------Mountain Railroad Records, Madison, WI #04) 1980 First Band on the Moon [LP: 52795] {A} --- by Snopek --- Produced by Stephen Powers --- Music by Sigmund Snopek III, Words by Brian Wiemann III --- (there is no copyright date in the liner notes or on the LP, --- the date is from Sigmund Snopek III's discography on his Web page) --- #04. A1 3:39 First Band On The Moon #04. A2 3:22 Dr. Alles #04. A3 4:41 Living Out Loud #04. A4 3:44 Controller's Reply #04. A5 6:02 Highway Ghosts #04. B1 3:12 Avenue Motion #04. B2 4:39 Let's Take a Trip #04. B3 3:20 Armpit Shiffle, The #04. B4 7:33 Crazy Crazy Angel #04. B5 2:54 Ride In The Dark (Robotiko) Brian Wiemann III: guitars, vocals Sigmund Snopek III: keyboards, synthesizer, flute, vocals Mike Lucas: drums, percussion Jim Gorton: bass, vocals with Keith deBolt: vocals Betsy Kaske: vocals (A5) Ann Labotzke: harp (B4) --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #D) Simply Folk Playlist History (top/bottom of page) I have a collection of "Simply Folk Playlists" back to January 1995. The following is a list of Betsy Kaske songs played. Play Date Title Album ---------- ------------------------------ ------------- 03-11-2001 Baby Don't Ya Back to Blue 03-11-2001 I'd Try Back to Blue Playlists searched through 04-21-2002. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #E) Sources (for more information) (top/bottom of page) See my Bibliography for complete bibliographical information. There is no mention of Betsy Kaske in any of the sources I have seen so far. #02 CD "Back to Blue" is available from: Betsy Kaske P.O. Box 64 Cherry Valley, IL 61016 (815) 397-5290

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