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          The Madison Made Music Project was a 2007 CD project released by Porchlight Inc. as a help for the Homeless in Madison, WI. As I understand it, the project failed in its purpose due to lack of sales. Porchlight has deleted all information about, and promotion for the CD from their Web site. However, as of 6-12-2009, they still had about 350 CD's left for sale. Contact Katherine Davey, Resource Development Director for prices and availability. The preceding link page shows her E-Mail address, and Porchlight's telephone number is at the bottom of that page.

          Because Porchlight deleted all their information, this page was created and will remain on-line as a permanent record of the CD and the Project.
          Complete Track List

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          Liner Notes Page 6: To fight Homelessness and Poverty in Madison, Wisconsin, more than 150 musical artists submitted songs for a compilation CD. Fifteen artists were chosen for the first Madison Made Music Project. The songs here represent the diversity of Madison music, featuring Roots, Hip-Hop, Rock, Reggae, Jazz and Folk Music.
          [Webmaster's note: A complete list of all 150+ artists and all submitted song titles was never published anywhere, either in print or on-line. Because of this, the other 135+ musical artists who were not chosen for the CD, can never be publicly acknowledged and thanked for their participation in the project.]

          Liner Notes Page 2: With its relatively high salaries and low unemployment rate, most people think of Madison, Wisconsin as an unlikely place to find poverty and homelessness. However, the greater Madison area has experienced a growing disparity between wages and the cost of housing in recent years, resulting in significant economic stress on many households and creating substantial barriers to those who are homeless. Last year, more than 3,400 people in Madison experienced homelessness.
          Porchlight Inc. is a not-for-profit agency that addresses these growing needs by providing emergency shelter, food, employment services, and affordable transitional and permanent housing in the Madison area. Its primary mission is to meet the needs of homeless people through housing and services designed to foster the transition into permanent housing and employment. Porchlight is committed to ensuring that all residents of Madison have a place of shelter, freeing them from the fear and intimidation of life on the streets. Last year, Porchlight programs supported more than 14,000 individuals and families, and provided more than 144,000 nights of shelter. Your purchase of the CD helps to support the ongoing work of Porchlight.
          For more information, please visit:

          Liner Notes Page 3:
Thanks to the following sponsors:

MMM 105.5-FM
The Mic 92.1-FM
The Onion
WORT 89.9-FM
Sooper Dooper
Smart Studios
Ancora Coffee Roasters
Overture Center for the Arts
Cafe Montmartre
King Club
Brocach Irish Pub

Selection committee:

Sybil Augustine, WORT-FM Music Director
Jeff Burkhart, musician (and project organizer)
Jackie Colbert, Music Director for the women's choir at Mt. Zion Church
Charles Hughes, musician, writer and music student
Bill Malone, Music Historian and WORT-FM radio host
Wyndham Manning, Music Director, Wisconsin Union Directorate
Rick March, Folk & Community Arts Specialist, Wisconsin Arts Board
Andy Moore, Wisconsin Public Television Producer and musician
Gabby Parsons, WMMM-FM Music Director
Ben Sidran, jazz musician
Rick Tvedt, Editor and Publisher, Rick's Cafe
Butch Vig, producer and musician

          This project would have never made it off the ground without the hard work of the planning committee, including Francine Hartman, Jason Joyce, Danny Mager, Wyndham Manning, Rick March, Bill Malone, and Andy Moore. Special thanks to Steve Chappell, for his excellent artwork, poster creation and CD design. We appreciate your time and commitment to the project.

- Project organizers Jeff Burkhart and Katherine Davey.

(from Liner Notes Page 4)

#01)  2007   Madison Made Music Project [CD: no catalog #]              {A}
---          Isthmus "The Daily Page" 08/14/2007
---          (track times are not listed on the CD)
#01.   1   3:42  Hurricane                       JAH Boogie's Natty Nation
#01.   2   2:59  El Dishwasherero                Aniv de la Rev
#01.   3   6:43  Tangology                       The Randall Harrison Trio
#01.   4   5:53  Truth                           Roots Collective
#01.   5   2:48  Autopilot                       The Selfish Gene
#01.   6   3:40  Gary, Indiana                   Goat Radio
#01.   7   4:27  Gadjo                           Gadjo Players
#01.   8   4:00  It's Only Natural               Susan Hofer
#01.   9   3:18  Broke                           Adem Tesfaye
#01.  10   2:59  Homelessness                    Lou and Peter Berryman
#01.  11   4:37  Designed To Be A Fool           Corey Hart
#01.  12   3:28  Watching You Leave              The Bar Code
#01.  13   6:55  Mr. Mongo                       The Tony Castaneda Latin Jazz Sextet
#01.  14   3:33  Is It Gonna Be Funky?           Mark Croft
#01.  15   4:23  Somebody's Beautiful Baby       Calico Drifters
Composers: (from Liner Notes Page 4)
  1. Hurricane (Demetrius Wainwright & Aaron Konkol)
  2. El Dishwasherero (David Alvarado & Martin Alvarado)
  3. Tangology (Randall Harrison Hoecherl)
  4. Truth (Michelle Flood)
  5. Autopilot (Matt Allen, Eric Andraska, Mike Weber, Mark Marsh)
  6. Gary, Indiana (John Wiedenhoeft, Colin Mehlum, Tony Bitner & Brad Blazer)
  7. Gadjo (Mike Kratochwill)
  8. It's Only Natural (Dan Barker)
  9. Broke (Adem Tesfaye)
  10. Homelessness (Lou and Peter Berryman)
  11. Designed To Be A Fool (Corey Hart)
  12. Watching You Leave (Ryan Gronli & Brian Liston)
  13. Mr. Mongo (Anders Svanoe)
  14. Is It Gonna Be Funky? (Mark Croft & Eric Hester)
  15. Somebody's Beautiful Baby (Thomas Burns)

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