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          " is a privately held collection of over 15,000 hours of live performance tapes. All rights of access to these tapes remain with the artist or their heirs."
          These performances were recorded starting on 5-27-1972 (when Charlotte's Web opened) and at other various venues in the Rockford, IL area:
          "Charlotte's Web, The Mendelssohn Club, Kanatorei, Singing Boys of Rockford, Rockford Symphony Ochestra, Fiesta Hispana, On the Water Front, Mozart Festival, Rockford Dance Company, Rockford Area Arts Council, Black Theater Ensemble, Ebone Players, Without Shoes Modern Dance Company, Trinity Lutheran Church."

          This Beloit, WI label has converted these audio and video tapes over to CD and DVD format. I don't know yet all of the artists who have, or who have not, given their permission to to sell these recorded performances. Only those artists who live, or at one time lived, in Wisconsin are listed here.

  * = All titles are available for sale with full permission of the artist
** = Artists who have declined to give their permission
available? = Artist's permission status unknown

          When I know this information, I will add in which format (CD or DVD) each performance exists. Only those titles available for sale to the public will be listed here.

   Cedar Wind available?
Cedar Wind   2-14-1999 (Christine Ibach, Al Jewer)
   Drake, David HB *
David HB Drake   4-24-2004 DVD {A}
   Free Hot Lunch! available?
Free Hot Lunch   9-02-1988  Music
Free Hot Lunch   9-01-1987  Music
   'Grass, Food and Lodging available?
Grass, Food & Lodging   11-01-1977  Music
   Kaske, Betsy *
Betsy Kaske                     6-30-2002  Singer-songwriter
Betsy Kaske                    11-10-2000  Music
Betsy Kaske                     3-21-1998  Music
Betsy Kaske                     6-29-1997  Music
Dan Voll & Betsy Kaske         12-20-1992  Music
Betsy Kaske                     5-04-1991  Music
Dan & Frank w- Betsy Kaske      3-09-1991  Music
Betsy Kaske                    12-16-1989  Music DVD {A}
Betsy Kaske                     1-15-1989  Music
Voltaire featuring Betsy Kaske  9-01-1988  Blues
Betsy Kaske                     9-01-1987  Singer-songwriter-Blues volcalist
Voltaire featuring Betsy Kaske  9-01-1987  Music
Betsy Kaske                    12-21-1979  Singer-songwriter
Jim Post w-Betsy Kaske         12-01-1979  Folk Music
Betsy Kaske                     8-08-1978  Music
Steve Young & Betsy Kaske       1-08-1978  Music
Betsy Kaske                     1-01-1978  Singer-Songwriter
Betsy Kaske                    12-31-1977  Music
Betsy Kaske                    11-21-1977  Singer-songwriter
Betsy Kaske                     9-17-1977  Singer-songwriter
   Larkin, Patty **
Patty Larkin   3-5-2004  guitarist
   Mayer, Hans *
Hans Mayer   1-20-2001  Folk Music
   McCutcheon, John available?
Holly Near w-John McCutchen   11-30-2001  Music (s/b McCutcheon)
John McCutchen                11-21-1998  Music
   Matrix available?
Matrix   7-02-1978  Music
   Miller, Bill *
Bill Miller  10-15-2004 DVD {A}
Bill Miller   2-17-2001
Bill Miller   2-17-2001
   Morgan Brothers available?
Morgan Bros.   7-05-1978  Music
   Navan *
Navan and the SandCarvers   7-24-2004 DVD {A}

   Newcomer, Carrie
   Deleted from here because she never lived in Wisconsin.

   Northern Lights available?
   Northern Light available?
Northern Lights   5-31-1986  Music (Bluegrass or "Northern Light", quartet from Princeton?)
   Pinney, Dick available?
Garth Waite & Dick Pinney   8-24-1979  Music
Dick Pinney                12-02-1978  Music
Dick Pinney                 5-05-1978  Music
Dick Pinney                11-21-1977  Singer/songwriter
   Piper Road Spring Band *
Piper Road Spring Band   1-23-2004 DVD {A}
Piper Road Spring Band  12-28-1991 "The Gravel Chub" CD {A}
  (recorded at Memorial Hall in Rockford)
Piper Road Spring Band   9-01-1988
Piper Road Spring Band   5-07-1978
Piper Road Spring Band   4-??-1978 CD {A}
   w/Randy Sabien and Rob "The Snake" Lorenz (s/b Lorentz)
   Porter, Willy *
Willy Porter  11-1-2003 DVD {A}
   Ray, Dave "Snaker available?
Dave Snaker Ray  3-01-1978  Music 
   Reptile Palace Orchestra *
Reptile Palace Orchestra   2-28-2004  bulgarian folk DVD {A}
   Sabien, Randy *
Randy Sabien, Corky Siegel & Frank Donaldson    11-13-2004  Jazz Violinist
Randy Sabien w-Nate Bradac                       3-20-2004  Jazz Violinist DVD {A}
Randy Sabien & The Brian Torff Quartet           4-05-2003
Randy Sabien                                     5-03-2002
Randy Sabien                                     1-22-2002  jazz violinist
Randy Sabien w-Brian Torff                       2-09-2001  Music
Jim Sullivan & Randy Sabien                     12-11-1999
Randy Sabien                                    10-29-1999  Music
Randy Sabien                                    12-05-1998  Music
Randy Sabien                                    11-01-1997  jazz violinist
Randy Sabien                                     2-24-1996  jazz violinist
Randy Sabien Quartet                             7-11-1992  Jazz
Jim Post w-Randy Sabien                         12-21-1991  Music
Randy Sabien Trio                                6-15-1991  Music
Randy Sabien Trio                                6-15-1991  Music
Jim Post w- Randy Sabien                        10-11-1989  Music
Jim Post & Randy Sabien                          2-02-1989  Music
Randy Sabien Jazz Quartet w-Clyde Stubblefield   9-03-1988  Jazz
Randy Sabien Jazz Trio                          10-10-1986  Music
Randy Sabien Trio                               10-01-1986  Music: Jazz Violinist
   Sandcarvers, The *
Navan and the SandCarvers   7-24-2004 DVD {A}
   Schmidt, Claudia *
Claudia Schmidt                       4-23-2004  singer, song writer, poet DVD {A}
Claudia Schmidt                       3-31-2003  Poetry-singer-folk music
Claudia Schmidt                       1-11-1993  Music
Claudia Schmidt                       6-01-1979  Music-Poet
Claudia Schmidt & James Lee Stanley   9-03-1978  Music
   Sons of the Never Wrong *
Sons of the Never Wrong   4-10-2004  Comptemporary Folk DVD {A}
   Thomas, Susan & Richard *
Susan Thomas               12-31-1979  Folk Music
Richard and Susan Thomas   12-01-1974  Folk Music

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