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          These Gallery pages include the same Record Company names listed at Selection by Label Name A-Z, but in a graphical format. The Letters on this page are subject to change.

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Scans for Letters A-G letter H graphic Hal Leonard Publishing Corp., Milwaukee Happy Time Records, Wisconsin Rapids? HG Records, Franksville Hi Records, West Memphis, AR Hindsight Records, Burbank, CA HLF Records, Chicago, IL Homegrown Records, Plymouth Homestead Records, West Bend Hopewell Records, Hopewell, NJ letter I graphic Icebergg Records, Milwaukee IMR Records, Madison Insight Records, Burbank, CA Intrepid Records, city?, state? I.R.S. Records (International Record Syndicate), city?, state? Island Exchange Music, Washington Island letter J graphic Jack Rabbit Records, Stamford, CT Jaro Records (Rank Records), New York, NY Jay Jay Records, Chicago, IL JBM Sound Productions, Stevens Point Jewel Records, Shreveport, LA Jo-Cur Records, Madison Johnny Dollar Records, Nashville, TN Jolly Dutchman Records (Cuca), Sauk City June Appal Recordings, Whitesburg, KY Just Think Records, Milwaukee letter K graphic Kama Sutra Records, New York, NY Kandy Records, Milwaukee Kapp Records, New York, NY Key Records, Milwaukee Kick-Off Records, Eau Claire King Records (Gusto Records), Cincinnati, OH KL Recording, Hubertus Kovac Records, Milwaukee KRB Records, Stevens Point KWB Records, West Bend letter L graphic Lawrence University Records, Appleton Lawrence University Records, Appleton LB Records (Blue Eagle), Sussex Leaf Records, Janesville Le Ron Records, Menomonee Falls Lilyfern Records, Green Bay Lindy Records, La Crosse Lombardi Records, Madison Long Records, Wausau Love Day Records, city? letter M graphic Makin' Jam Etc. Records, Bowler Mammoth Records, Milwaukee Maple Twig Music, Madison MCA Records, Universal City, CA MCA Coral Records, city?, state? MCM Ltd. Records, Kenosha Mean Mountain Music, Milwaukee Mega Records, Nashville, TN Mercury Record Corp., Chicago, IL Mercury Wing Records, city?, state? Metro Records (MGM), city?, state? MGM Records, New York, NY Michaels Records, Milwaukee Michigan Archives, Bridgeport, MI / Appleton Midget Records, Hollywood, CA Modern Records, Hollywood, CA Mono Records, Milwaukee / Hartford Moo-Town Productions, Milwaukee Mountain Railroad Records, Madison letter N graphic Nas Drovia Records, city?, state? Nationwide Records, Jasper, AL New Records (N.E.W. Record Corp. or NEW Records), Appleton New Phoenix Records, Hartland North Star Appli. Records, Green Bay North Star Records, Green Bay Northland Records, Wausau Norton Filtered Fidelity Records, New York, NY Nuggett Records, Nashville, TN letter O graphic Old Homestead Records, Brighton, MI Old Tyme Jamboree Records, LaGrange, IL? Olivia Records, Oakland, CA letter P graphic P.D.B. Records, city? Pacific Cascade Records, city?, state? Page Records, Milwaukee Pageant Recording Co., Juneau Pal. Records, Palmyra Pathways of Sound, Inc., Cambridge, MA Pentagon Records, Milwaukee Pfau Records, Milwaukee Philips Records, city?, state? Pickwick/33 Records (Capitol), Woodbury, NY Pickwick/33 Records (Dot), Long Island City, NY Plowboy Records, Boscobel Polka King Records, city? Polkaland Records, Sheboygan Polka-Time Records, West Bend Polkatime Records, Fredonia Pop Records, Sheboygan Scans for Letters Q-Z
Selection by Label Name A-Z (text) - by Label Scans

          The Letters included on this Gallery page are subject to change. As this Labelography expands, if the pages become too large, say 150 scans on any one of the three pages, I will consider adding a new page. Then I would re-subdivide the alphabet evenly onto four pages instead of three. The URL's of the first three pages will never change, but the Page Title and the Letters included on each page would change accordingly.

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