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      The goal of this Wisconsin Labelography set of 31 pages is to eventually display every variety of every LP, 45 and 78 label used by a Wisconsin based record label. It will also display varieties used by out-of-state record labels which released one or more recordings by anyone who ever lived in Wisconsin at one time. The initial primary source of these scans is my own extensive multi-genre collection of recordings by Wisconsin artists and groups.

      1) Click on the Thumbnail, the filename, or the filesize to view the full size label scan.
      2) Click on the Label name to go to that Label's Discography.
      3) Click on the City name to go to that Label's primary informational entry. Note: the City shown here is the one printed on the label, which may not match with where the label is now, or where it was most recently located.
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20th Century Records, LP label scan
209.7 KB
20th Century
Los Angeles, CA LP
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