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Fawn Kehl
Bill Kehl
Kristeen Griffin-Grimes
Phil Grimes

          Note: Northern Light gave their farewell concert tour in Spring 1993. The Grimes family, one half of this group from Princeton, WI, moved to Seattle, WA in August 1993.

#A)   Summary Discography (top/bottom of page)
    t = Complete list of track titles appears in the Full Discography
    p = Partial list appears, Northern Light tracks only

   Solo Albums

#01)t 1983   Along the Way
#02)t 1984   Colors of the Rainbow
#03)t 1987   Gettin' Better With Age

   Various Artists Collections

#04)p 1982   A Simply Folk Sampler
#05)p 1990   Simply Folk Sampler 2

   Session Work

         Fawn Kehl
#05)  1989   I'm Gonna Reach!                         Tomorrow River    003
                by Tom Pease
#06)  19??   ?                                                     ?      ?
                by Gerri Gribbi
#B) Full Discography (top/bottom of page) [number] = Actual albums I have seen "Owners" = Who owns, or owned, the album I saw (see the complete code list in library) i = instrumental, all others have vocals Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) Owners ----------End of the Trail Records, Waupun, WI ------ #01) 1983 Along the Way [LP: ET-7777] {A} #01 [CS: no label or catalog #] {A} --- Recorded at Madison Street Sound Studio, Waupun, WI --- Author: #01. A1 i 3:58 Along the Way P & K Grimes, B & F Kehl #01. A2 4:02 Prairie Life Kristeen Grimes #01. A3 i 2:49 Saltarello trad. (part A), --- P & K Grimes (part B) #01. A4 2:59 Mountain Magic Bill Kehl #01. A5 i 2:28 Celestial Serenade F & B Kehl, P & K Grimes #01. A6 3:44 Clear Waters Phil Grimes #01. B1 1:58 Greenback Blues Bill Kehl #01. B2 3:40 Whale Song Steve Grimes #01. B3 i 3:32 Dance at the Well P & K Grimes, F & B Kehl #01. B4 3:38 They Are Your Children Too Kristeen Grimes #01. B5 6:18 One Earth, One People Fawn Kehl, chorus adapted from the words of Oglala Sioux visionary, Black Elk Phil Grimes: irish harp (A1) harmony vocals (A4) mandolin (A1,B1,B3) 12-string guitar (A5) mandocello (A2,A3,A4) vocals (A6,B2) guitar (A2,A6,B2,B4) chant (B5) Kristeen Griffin-Grimes: guitar (A2) harmony vocals (A4,B1,B2,B5) dulcimer (A1,A3,A4) washboard kazoo (B1) vocals (A2,A6,B4) mandocello (B2,B3) orchestra bells (A5) bowed dulcimer (B3) Fawn Kehl: penny whistle (A1,B2,B3) piano (A6,B4,B5) flute (A1,A3,A5,A6) bass (B1) harmony vocals (A2,A6,B2,B4) kazoo (B1) boals (A4,B1,B5) bodhran (B3) tambourine (A4) Bill Kehl: bass (A1,A2,A6,B2) autoharp (A5) hammered dulcimer (A1) harmony vocals (A6,B2) 12-string guitar (A1) hambone (B1) percussion (A3) melodica (B2,B3) vocals (A1,B1) bodhran (B3) guitar (A4,B1) cello (B3) harmonica (A4) drum (B5) electric bass (A4,B4) chant (B5) Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) #03) 1987 Gettin' Better With Age [LP: ETR-5005] {A} --- Recorded at Madison Street Sound Studio, Waupun, WI --- --- Author: #03. A1 2:20 Gettin' Better With Age Bill Kehl #03. A2 i 1:59 Elizabeth in the Garden Kristeen Griffin-Grimes #03. A3 3:13 Cascade Phil & Kris Grimes #03. A4 2:33 Truck Drivin' Woman / Dishwashin' Man Si Kahn, --- add. lyrics Bill Kehl #03. A5 i 4:00 Swineherds Mistress, The Kris & Phil Grimes #03. A6 3:14 Old Ways Kristeen Griffin-Grimes #03. B1 3:40 Sweet Music Kristeen Griffin-Grimes #03. B2 i 2:03 Celtic Croissant P & K Grimes #03. B3 3:31 Every Ocean Breeze Phil Grimes #03. B4 2:22 Homesick Blues Fawn Kehl #03. B5 i 3:00 Mountain Home P & K Grimes #03. B6 2:38 What About Freedom Bill Kehl Fawn Kehl: flute, penny whistle, piano, vocals Phil Grimes: guitar, mandolin, mandocello, vocals Kristeen Griffin-Grimes: dulcimer, guitar, mandolin, vocals Bill Kehl: guitar, mandolin, mandocello, vocals Tom DeWitt; vocals Lary Barilleau-Griffin: percussion Francisco Lopez: Ann Fraioli: siku (pan pipes) Wally Messner: pedal steel Don Nedobeck: clarinet, cornet Dennis Reifsteck: acoustic bass Randy Sabien: violin Paul Thelen; synthesizer Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) ----------Self Released #02) 1984 Colors of the Rainbow [CS: no catalog #] {A} --- Recorded at Madison Street Sound Studio, Waupun, WI --- s = narrative story --- Author: #02. A1 : Good Times P & K Grimes, B & F Kehl #02. A2 : Place in the Choir, A Bill Staines #02. A3 : By the Sea Fawn Kehl #02. A4 : Whale Song Steve Grimes #02. A5 s : Molly McShannon O'Brien Bill Kehl #02. A6 i : McShannon's Jig trad. #02. A7 : Shamrock Rock Bill Kehl #02. B1 : Colors of the Rainbow Bill Kehl #02. B2 : Dirt Jon Gailmor #02. B3 : That's the Way it Is, By Golly Summer Raven #02. B4 : Woodchuck Song, The Bill Kehl #02. B5 i : Journey, The P & K Grimes, B & F Kehl #02. B6 : Children Send Your Songs Phil Grimes Philip Grimes: vocals, guitar, mandolin, mandocello, Fawn Kehl: flute, bass, penny whistle, piano, percussion, vocals Kristeen Griffin-Grimes: dulcimer, autoharp, mandolin, mandocello, percussion, vocals Bill Kehl: guitar, banjo, bass, melodica, cello, bells, bodhran, marimba, jaw harp, vocals John Baldus: drums (A7) Tom Washatka: saxophone (A3,7) Kid's Chorus: Brad Hanson, Kinlin Hanson, Autumn Kehl, Oceanna Kehl, Rain Grimes Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) ----------Wisconsin Public Radio #04) 1982 A Simply Folk Sampler [LP: 41061] {A}{C} --- 1990 A Simply Folk Sampler, Vol. 1 [CS: no catalog #] {A} --- (all 11 tracks are listed in the Simply Folk discography) --- #04. A2 : Prairie Life Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) #05) 1990 Simply Folk Sampler 2 (CS: #?) #05 [CD: 2240-CD] {A} --- (all 17 tracks are listed in the Simply Folk discography) --- #05. 2 3:41 River Song, The Northern Light --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #C) Articles/Reviews (top/bottom of page) Articles: "Northern Light: Music created by Princeton folk foursome" .Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, 4-17-83, p. 35, c1 "Group releases new album" (#03) .Oshkosh Daily Northwestern, 2-11-88, p. 18, c1 --------------------------------------------------------------------------- #D) Sources (for more information) (top/bottom of page) (addresses from Bill Kehl 2929 W. Wisconsin Ave. Milwaukee, WI 53208-3974 Fawn Kehl N1260 20th Ln. Neshkoro, WI 54960-8837

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