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          One of these days I will list all track titles for all Larry Penn recordings here. Until then, this page just documents the group called "The Rose Tattoo".

[from the liner notes of the 2001 CD, "Trains, Tramps, & Traditions", by The Rose Tattoo]

Mastered at Cascio Interstate - New Berlin, WI, [this CD was] Recorded live at "Cross Currents 30 year Anniversary Concert" in Kansas City, MO [on] 11-14-2000, featuring: U. Utah Phillips, Mark Ross, Bob Suckiel, Diana Suckiel, Kuddie, Bruce Brackney, Larry Penn

The Rose Tattoo

          Well now, what is the Rose Tattoo? I am not sure. We are not an organization. We are not a band. We are not something - tet. We are our own community, a circle of friends who go 'way back together. We have traveled and played together for years, and share a common experience on and off the trains.
          I guess you could say that the Rose Tattoo is made up of old friends who sing old and new songs, bring forward in our lives the lore of trains and tramps and carry a rose tattoo. There are more of us than you'll find here; How many? Nobody knows. We're scattered out all over North America. There might be one standing next to you right now.
          -- U. Utah Phillips

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