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   Solo Albums

#01)t 1999   It's About Time
#B) Full Discography (top/bottom of page) [number] = Actual albums I have seen "Owners" = Who owns, or owned, the album I saw (see the complete code list in library) Summary Discography (top/bottom of page) Owners ----------Mom and Pop Records ------ #01) 1999 It's About Time [CD: MPR-001] {A} --- All songs written by Martha P. Trachtenberg --- #01. 1 3:35 I Was a Star Last Night #01. 2 3:43 Why Do You Wake Me Now #01. 3 2:45 Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid #01. 4 3:30 Ticket Back #01. 5 3:50 Near Miss #01. 6 3:58 Close to the Bone #01. 7 3:05 The Touch of Your Hand #01. 8 3:13 If You Were Here #01. 9 3:22 Fear #01. 10 3:54 Something 'Bout Traveling #01. 11 3:52 Words Get in the Way #01. 12 5:08 I Choose You #01. 13 3:45 It's About Time Martha Trachtenberg: vocal, guitar, banjo, piano Jeff Berman: percussion Arjun Bhatt: tabla, finger cymbals Rina Brule: cello Eddie Gomez: bass Tom Griffith: guitar, 12-string guitar, pocket dulcimer Corrin Huddleston: harmonica Michael Johnson: harmony vocal Bob Mastro: violin Barry Mitterhoff: mandolin Marty Stuart: mandolin Tony Trischka: banjo Kristin Wilkinson: harmony vocal Dede Wyland: harmony vocal Judith Zweiman: harmony vocal and the Coconut Grove All-Stars:
              Tim Atwell, Don Bracken, Rachael Bracken, Darren DeGeorge, Jim Dexter, Shari Diamond, Michael Griffith, Tom Griffith, Mark Hubbard, Bruce Johnson, Henry Koretzky, Sonny Meadows, Michele Monte, John Monteleone, Samantha Monteleone, Mike Morrison, David Ray, Deborah Rizzo, Phil Sparacino, Sonny Speed, Jean Stainback, Frances Shabshelowitz Trachtenberg, Amy Tuttle, Nick Vermitzky
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Mom and Pop Records
P.O. Box 224
Huntington, NY 11743

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