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      This Discography Bibliography page lists Folk album titles which have already been documented in print before by Wisconsin Recording Artists and Groups, and exactly where that documentation can be found. All artists on this page have lived in Wisconsin at one time in their lives.

      See the Wisconsin Discography page for another 1,000+ Wisconsin Recording Artists/Groups whose recordings have NEVER been listed in print before, and the Wisconsin Artist/Group Master Name Index page for the over 8,800 different Wisconsin Recording and/or Performing Artists/Groups listed on this Web site.

Recording Artists - Alphabetical:
      | Highwaymen | Patty Larkin | Randy Sabien |

    Recording Artists - By Genre:
    Discography Bibliography "Book Codes" used on this page - (#cx, #fq, etc.)
    Other Famous Musicians whose recordings documented in print have not yet been added to this page

  1. The Highwaymen (Not Wis.) - Discography (FOLK)
      Steve Butts is the only member who ever lived in Wisconsin.
    1. 1961 - The Highwaymen (United Artists 3125)
    2. 1962 - Standing Room Only! (United Artists 6168)
    3. 1963 - Hootenanny with The Highwaymen (United Artists 6294)

  2. Patty Larkin - Discography (FOLK)
    1. 1985 - Step Into the Light (Philo/Rounder PH-1103)
            (#cx513, #ej34, #fh507, #fm757, #fq464)
    2. 1987 - I'm Fine (Philo/Rounder PH-1115)
            (#cx513, #ej34, #fm757, #fq464)
    3. 1990 - Live In the Square (Philo/Rounder PH-1136)
            (#cx513, #ej34, #fm757, #fq464)
    4. 1991 - Tango (High Street 10312)
            (#cx513, #fh507, #fm757, #fq464)
    5. 1993 - Angels Running (High Street 10318)
            (#fh507, #fm757, #fq464)
    6. 1995 - Strangers World (High Street 10335-2)
            (#fm757, #fq464)
    7. 1997 - Perishable Fruit (High Street 10354)
    8. 1991 - Buy Me, Bring Me, Take Me: Don't Mess My Hair!!! [by Four Bitchin' Babes] (Philo)
            (#cx514, #ej34, #fm758)
    9. 1990 - Troubled Sleep [by Cormac McCarthy] (Green Linnet 2102)
    10. 1993 - Now You Are My Home [by Cliff Eberhardt] (Sanachie/Cachet)
            (#fh494, #fm743)

  3. Randy Sabien - Discography (JAZZ)
    1. 1983 - In a Fog (Flying Fish FF-297)

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