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      Thanks so much to the following people who have installed a link to the FolkLib Index Home Page, and to those authors who have mentioned the FolkLib Index in their published books and magazines.

      Known links to (Home Page - Link Page). Thank You.
      When you link to any page at my site, please do NOT leave out the "www." from your link. New sites I find which link to "/" may not get reciprocal links. Also, be sure to include the trailing slash "/" in your link to any one of my directories. For why, see
    "SLASH, SLASH, SLASH" by Matt Kruse [Archive].
Thank you for linking correctly.

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01-19-2003: Reciprocal links have been deleted for all sites that needed to change their links effective 07-04-2000 from:


      but for some reason have not updated their Web site since 2000 or before. I contacted or attempted to contact every Web site owner and either got no response or the only E-Mail address I could find for them didn't work.

Books: I would also especially like to thank those authors who have included the URL addresses of one or more of my Web pages in their published books.

Magazines: As far as I know, except for selected Artist Index File URL's in the Dirty Linen Tour Schedules [Archive] printed in the back of each issue until 2010 when the magazine ceased publication and went off-line, the FolkLib Index (and its former title, FolkBook Index) have not been mentioned in any other printed magazine. Known exceptions:

      Dirty Linen, #121, 12/2005-1/2006, p. 7 - " The Folk File: A Folkie's Dictionary is a folk music information site assembled by Bill Markwick, which has been offline since 2002. It has a new home at the FolkLib Index. Assembled by Doug Henkle, the FolkLib Index is a link site for folk music information, but also includes a good deal of other content. []"

      The Old-Time Herald, Spring 2001, 2-4/2001, Vol. 7(7), p. 5: "In Print, In School & On the Net - FolkLib Index, a library of folk music links has a new web address:"

Please send additions and/or corrections to Doug Henkle:
P.O. Box 331, Ripon, WI 54971-0331

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