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New JRank Search installed 7-16-2015 (replaces which is DOA):
7-19-2015, 12:00 pm CST Note: Searching is not available for use yet. The initial scan of my ca. 1,100 page site has been running for 82 hours and is not complete yet.

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New Entireweb/Exactseek Search installed 7-26-2015 (replaces which is DOA):

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Searching Hints -- Most Important Hint:
    lastname, firstname
is the best way to search for an individual musician.
         There are NO lyrics at this site!!

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How to Search this site using the search service:

  1. Enter your search word or words in the box above

    Hint 1: Due to the design of this site, where most individuals are listed as "lastname, firstname", to find all possible occurrences of a musician's name, you will need to enter the name as follows, including the quotation marks:
          "joan baez" "baez joan"
    Hint 2: You don't need to do this for a group. Just enter:
          "harmonious wail"
    Hint 3: Use quotation marks when you are looking for a musician's name or words that must appear together, otherwise you will get scores or hundreds of occurrences of each individual word.
          "folk alliance"
    Hint 4: Use all lower case letters. Using capital (upper case) letters will restrict results to exact case matches only.
    Hint 5: Excluded words: in order to make the search index smaller and faster, the following words are NOT indexed: "a", "an", and "the". Do not include them in your search string.
    Hint 6: Misspelled words: I have gathered a list of misspelled names and words and put them on a separate page with the correct spelling - Misspelled words searched for. Also - lyrics searched for in vain.
    Hint 7: Diacritical marks: Remove all accent marks, umlauts, tildes, smart quotes, etc. from your search term. If a character and the letter it modifies does not appear on a specific key on a standard American English PC keyboard, it does not exist anywhere on this Web site. All such marks in names and places are removed before they are installed here. For example, searching for a musician named "linée" will ALWAYS fail, unless you change it to "linee".
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04-18-2003 Notice: I just received from Support an explanation for the reason they do not publicize on their Web site what they charge once you exceed their 750 page limit on their Atomz Express Search free trial version. Searching 751 or more pages at the same time will cost you $15,000.00 for the Corporate "no page limit" version!

Searches that must be used separately because the entire 1,100+ pages at this domain cannot be searched in a single search.
      Search on-site discographies only for artist names, group names, album titles or song titles.
      Search UW Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Illinois, and other non-music related pages
      Search all Dr. Gerry Grzyb's "The Christmas Show" pages
      Search all First Congregational Church, Oshkosh, WI pages (both on-site and off-site)
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other features [Archive] FreeFind

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